Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part X

Time for another one of these I feel.What are the chances of seeing these two fine fellows on the bank side at any one time? Not an awful lot in my opinion.

Here we have Alan "Cookie" Cook all round good egg who really knows his stuff and catches his fair share of fish.Though I suppose he is best known for his alter ego "Anne," who trod the boards of the old Fatwa World and the Pike and Predator forum.If you had seen all the PM's the lad was sent from desperate male anglers, wanting a day on the bank with "Anne" you would have been astounded.Or maybe not?"Anne" got a throb in many anglers rods a little like a new magazine that has recently hit the shelves.

And here we have the "Milky Bar Kid",currently on the Bfamwy home page.Now Bfamwy was set up a few years ago by some lads who were banned from Fatwa World.They get an awful lot of stick in some quarters.But the lads though piss takers catch some great fish. In fact the last week of the river season,two posters both had Barbel over 17lb and Chub to I think 6.11(on the float no less).This particular website is not for the faint hearted though.Actually only one of the 17's count as the 17.4 was caught while the angler was after Chub.And it was in this weeks Angling Times, anything for some free bait eh Stew :-)

The river season has been closed a little over a week now and our friends at Fatwa,are at it already.Threats of violence over accusations of photo shopped fish.The site owner said that he has a keen eye and no photo has appeared on the home page that has been photo shopped,but those who visit here know different.Bless him.

Posters are falling out over a possible new competition called "Barbel Champs".I'll not criticise this at present as the full format has not yet been made public.I think some posters have jumped in to quick before the full story is known.Shame on you.

And another thread that had descended into cheap jibes is....."Are Barbel the new Carp".God knows what will happen by this time next week?But I love and adore the website for all the wrong reasons as do many others.Keep it up chaps you really are a credit to yourselves.

Lastly this blog is a year old today,so I'm wishing you readers a happy first birthday in my own way.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Quality young Monty sir.... fookin quality


  2. Thank God for you Monty! BFW have a what rod rest thread now! Without you I would lose the will etc!!

  3. When you mentioned the end of season run in & great fish caught you forgot to mention the Bards results from the Severn, I'm led to believe there were some stunning achievements there?

    I also know there was a big brace of river Perch caught, 4lb & 3lb5oz in consequtive casts, both on lobworm dipped in a CC Moore bait additive :-)

  4. CC Moore sounds like a gay club singer. Avoid, say I.

  5. Stewie,

    Self praise is no praise mate ;-0

  6. As I sowed the seed does it mean my I need to get a bithday present for my boy?

    If so he will have a long wait.

  7. Cheers monty. Great read.. Bendsomecane.

  8. I'm almost sorry I've never caught a barbel.


    Well done Mont and thank for 12 months of blogs not about wanksticks and rigs. More cricket would be good of course.

  9. JAA,

    You are not missing much ;-0.On the train on the way back from a weekend away in Brighton with Mrs.Monty.