Friday, 18 March 2011

Dear Montgomery

I received a wonderful letter today from our Prime Minister,Mr David"call me Dave" Cameron.I have been quite bold I think?In letting this out into the public eye.

Dear Montgomery,

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I marvel at the way you seem to separate the wheat from the chaff.The way you are so succinct and damn right to the point in so many matters.You seem to have your own mind and do not curry favour as so many do!Good god man If you were to serve under me,not literately I hasten to add.We would achieve great things you and I.

I'm about to commit more of our troops to another over seas conflict in Libya,and oust the despot.I have recently seen your photograph and thought I may step up to the plate.With your skills in tact and diplomacy I'm sure I can nip this is in the bud.Here is my outfit for the warm desert sands.What do you think ?A fair likeness our cabinet feel ?

Yours with love In my eyes and my utmost admiration.Davey Poos.

Enjoy your weekend gent's and lady's.

Monty D


  1. The Late Spike Milligan19 March 2011 at 10:48

    Very funny that Monty.

  2. LMFBO Monty where on earth did you find this.always good to poke fun at oneself better than a stick in the eyeball.

  3. Blimey mate, you get everywhere LOL

  4. It was in last Wednesday Times newspaper,to good to not use I thought.;-0

    Almost as good as Rob Green yesterday,I'm sure I could see "Saggy Chops" twitching that badly from my vantage point.

  5. Story going around Monty is that Defoe still plays for West Ham??

    Young Parker as well as Green had a good game.


  6. Graham,

    Defoe I rate very highly always have.But he was not destined to score yesterday as he was playing with a T-Shirt under his top that read "100 Premier Goals" or something like that.Glad we got something out of the game,as the Rugby was hard to stomach.

    I've had this nagging feeling for some time now that S***s will win the Champions League,you will be beat Real Madrid over two legs I reckon.If you do win the thing, Christ I'll get some stick.

    I can see Mr.Pope,lording it on here for all to see.God I've got cold sweats already.Keeping with football I'm soon to watch the Celtic-Rangers game,always a cracker.Rangers for me ;-0

  7. Mont, you read "The Times"? I'm amazed. Or was it wrapped around yer pie and mash?

  8. JAA,

    Yes I do, indeed it is my daily paper of choice,but I know you are on a wind up ;-0. Fairly unbiased on the political front.Some very good columnist's.Camllia Canvendish,Atherton and my favourite Simon Barnes who is the chief sports writer.Though I disagree with his piece this week about Cheltenham.

    As for Pie&Mash,the food of gods,my son the food of gods ;-0

  9. Yep kidding ;-)

    Don't mind a pie myself, steak'n'kidney especially. Cold meat pies are the fishing snacks of the gods.

  10. Hi Monty.

    Yes a night at a gig at the Hammersmith Palais and then onto the Pie n' mash shop. Heaven.

    Now Monty, have you got your name down for the Barbel Match yet? It's apparently, alongside the Fish n'Tips magazine, the lastest venture of the Barbel Society Leadership.

    All in the best possible taste, m'lud.


  11. Cooke's have recently opened one up in 'arold'ill.

    We've had session

  12. Graham,

    Barbel matches are not for me,I can't see to whom they would appeal to?Especially as I'm rapidly going off the species.I sat and watched Monster Myths last night and I can't wait to start stalking some Carp again.


    I think they have one in Baslidon too ?My old man has been driving from Leigh-On-Sea to get his for him and Mum.Though they are soon to relocate to Suffolk so god knows what he will do then ?

  13. Carp are the new barbel Monty ;-)

  14. Dave,

    It's superb over on Fatwa at present.Barely a week into the close season and it's like a chimps tea party,with out the intelligence.

    And let us hope the pre-eminent Barbel forum in the land stays just so.