Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brighton Rock

Mrs Monty and I had a weekend away down in Brighton,arriving Friday and getting the early train home today.Nice place for us to visit as once we get a train into Clapham Junction from home,we can pick up the fast train to Brighton that takes just forty five minutes.

It can get very busy though with "Stag" and "Hen" party's.But for those of us who just want a nice old romantic weekend away with the better half,you can find some nice bars and bistros away from the carnage that the younger generation reap.But we were all young once I guess ?

It is a great place to people watch too.It's has it all, latter day Mods,Goths,Punks,Football Casuals and a large Gay community.Or you can shop till you drop and lord knows Mrs.Monty tried,she really did.

Just some photos.

Who ever said empty vessels make the most noise are wrong.This was silent.

We did find our way here though,it's situated in the arches area between the old pier and the newer pier.Mrs Monty was astonished that I had found the fishing quarter.

Early this morning I did something I've always wanted to do,I left the Hotel while Mrs.Monty was getting ready.Nipped down the beach and sat just like this lad here.

Then put my head phones in and blasted this out while I looked out to sea.

Come on I can't be the only one who has ever done this ?Great film,great soundtrack.Great little place to visit is Brighton.Now as Mrs.Monty needs a nap I'm going out for a cupla pints.Be rude not to.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Me thinks you spoil her "to much" Monty.

  2. The soft underbelly of Monty Dalrymple has been exposed LOL

    I have done a fair bit of work down in Brighton in the past Monty, it is a lovely place.

  3. I went there last August Monty with Mrs W. We had a week camping and toured from Hastings down to Portsmouth before heading home.
    Tbh we found Brighton dirty, slightly seedy and run down and overpriced, in fact, with the exception of Eastbourne which is beautifully kept, we found that to be the case with most of the Sussex coastal towns.
    If you want real peace and tranquillity try the Cambrian coast but don't expect to find many Costa coffee outlets.


  4. Biggun and Tom,

    We can all pontificate down the pub,on the bank or at football.Of how we wear the trousers at home.But we all know that is complete bollocks and we all need a good women behind us. ;-0


    For the money it cost I would rather have a weekend away in Barcelona or Toulouse.Your right it is a bit pricey,but we kept away from the crowds to an extent.

    I'll look at the link many thanks.

  5. I would just like to say that I have never been to Brighton but loved Quadrophenia despite the Mods.

  6. When it comes to the wife Monty, i am always wrong and always sorry................ 24 years and counting!

  7. "...despite the Mods."

    Says the man with a slightly ageing Bonny!
    I bet you wear black boots with sea boot socks turned over the top eh Tony?

  8. Black boots indeed with a zip right up the back, 70's stylee. No sea boot socks though.

    I could hardly be a mod being called Rocca now could I.