Thursday, 3 March 2011

Books And A Shameless Plug

The good old postman arrived at work today with my copy of "From Minnows to Marlin" the newly published autobiography by Mr.Dave Steuart.Obviously I have not read it yet, but I did have a quick flick through and the quality of the binding and pages are first class.You also get seven postcards of various items of tackle,with an explanation of the flip side of there use.And some photo's of Dave and his late wife Kay,who was a very accomplished angler in her own right.

I'll try and save this book to read until the old close season,but I reckon I'll have it on the train while commuting into work in the morning.It is designed and produced by Martin Mumby(You do a good job for a Yowie Martin) ;-0.Of Wye Angling Publications who also produced "The Fishing Diary's of Eddie Price". Another good book that is selling for nearly two hundred pounds at times on E-bay,and I've also been told that a copy of "Chevin" was sold for one hundred and seventy five pounds on Monday night.These books always sell out fast so If you like to read as many of us do,get in quick or you may regret it ?It seems us anglers are very lucky at present as there are more and more publishing company's coming to the fore.

NOW FOR A SHAMELESS PLUG....................

A mate of mine has this book coming out around May and it's looking very good.It's a book Jon told me in the week that he has always wanted to write.More information about this and other fourth coming books that are out later this year can be found on the link below.

I'm not sure where you find the time though mate with the job you have?Now that supreme bit of arse kissing is out of the way.Lunch on the sixteenth of April at the The Lands End is on you I assume ?No need to pay for all of us,just me ;-0.

Moving on.....................................

A lad on Fatwa is asking about using a camouflage hide, while Barbel fishing on a small river and plenty of people are offering tips and advice.I know though the lad in question is on a wind up.And it's not even the close season as of yet.Already though the Otter threads are getting into full swing.It promises to be a fun time in the next three months I bet ! I may offer up a small prize for how many "What" threads in each month,I'll think on.

I did though spot this on the Fatwa homepage........BFW recommends a camouflage smock.If I were to market this I would try and blend it in with the surrounding flora and fauna and not sticking out like a proud cock on a platform.Or perhaps it is just me?

No angling for me this weekend as I've got a family "do" to attend to on Saturday.I did try and sweet talk my Mother and suggest that it was the penultimate weekend of the river season.But was told a very firm NO!Mum knows best as I'm sure we all know.So I'll not be out until Friday week,with old man Biggun.

If you are out I wish you tight lines and wrap up warm.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Barbel Fatwa world, certainly makes me PMSL, anybodied think these people have nowt else better in life to do.



  2. what is a yowie ?

  3. Ying,

    Had a beer had we last night ?A "Yowie" are one of those fair folk that come from the Midlands.

    They through a birth defect cannot say the word YOU,alas they pronounce it as YOW.Hence a "Yowie",speak to the Bard he will explain all.After 08.00 though,as he breaks his fast most days between 05.00 and 08.00 ;-0

  4. See now, a smock that was "wood colured" would be more effective there. Perhaps buy a packing crate a cut a rod hole in the side?

    A really cynical view would be that the angler 'camos up' and then casts 93 yards off so it don't make any damn difference...

    Bostin' ta. Yow?

  5. See you at the Lands End then Monty.

  6. JAA,

    Some how I think you may have a point ?


    Look forward to it.Now being Friday I'm off for a cupla pints,it would be rude not to ;-0

  7. Hi Monty. catching up. Well done on your essox.

    Can you please let me have your address. best email me with it. or thru pm on BFW.



  8. I'll get my PA to contact you today ;-0