Monday, 14 March 2011

Adieu For Now.........

Well how was it for you ?Steady boys I'm not on offer just yet for some post season coitus!(Thought I would use an exclamation mark as they seem to be all the rage with some people).My season was pretty good up until around October,then it has been a real struggle.

I fished today for Perch from around 07.00 until 13.00 and we had a bastard of a frost last night.That was not forecast at all,still I was going fishing and that was that.Not a lot to mention to be honest on the fish front so I took a couple of photos.

I was laying on under this near bank tree.

And had this after a few hours, that at first felt like it would be my first ever 4lb plus Perch,but it morphed into this.Hooked firmly in the scissors.

I packed up at 13.00 as I'm of to Cheltenham for the next two days,so need to sort myself out though "Guido" the Scotties told me when it was time.I can't be the only person who has rods that talk ?Or is it my love of all things narcotic ?

That will be mostly it on the angling front until mid to late April as I enjoy a break.Plus like most of us the garden needs doing and the clubs are calling.I really enjoy my golf to but do not play as much as I should.

To all those who take me WAY to seriously,I'll doubt I will change to be honest.If you can't laugh at yourself then do not look in here.Pointless getting cross,life is a chore at times for us all.Those who know what my family are going through health wise, for these last 10 months are surprised I've still got a smile on my face.But shit happens and you can't change what is to be.Just get on with it and laugh,it cures everything.....almost.

I'm sending a cheque off to Stoney on Thursday for £150.00,up from the £118.00 that I originally thought.Though I'm still three pledges short,but will cover those until the cheques arrive.Gent's you have all been very generous ;-0

This is Monty Dalrymple signing off from Yat Rock for now.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Enjoy Cheltenham mate, though I'm sure you will. I'll be watching from the comfort of the sofa this year.

    Commisserations at the Irons defeat on Sunday.

    Be lucky


  2. Jay,

    Champion Hurdle looks harder than ever this year.Peddlers Cross,Binocular,Kyhber Kim.And the Arkle looks very hard too.Though as you are aware it is a great meeting.Just do not bet your bollocks off on day one.See you Saturday at the scum.


    PS you should never have showed the non fishing lot your blog you dopey prick you'll get us all over it.

  3. Great Job raising all that money for an excellent cause Monty.

    Real shame about the continued demise of the BS. Magazine failing, website pretty much defunct, another water being lost.

    Yes, their were some special days. Prolific Juniors, Good Fisheries, a vibrant website and membership, Good Regional meetings. Excellent committed supporters, well attended Annual Conferences, A well balanced high profile Committee.

    Fred, you destroyed all that. And you wonder why no one wants to send you any articles...


  4. A talking rod, now that's a novelty LOL

    It has been a long season mate, a couple of weeks off and then off we go again LOL

  5. Any "Fish and Tips" at Cheltenham Monty old boy as it appears that it's the new best thing since sliced bread.If it is good enough for Mick Brown,Ian Welch,and hold on Mark Barret who are writing serious articles then what is not to like.It the new BS marketing ploy grab 'em while you can.Young Damien is on a roll ;-0.

  6. Final total for the Stoney cheque for Macmillan was £160.00 someone was a little more generous than he should have been,but wishes to remain anonymous..........JAA well done mate ;-0.Yours came also while I was away Le Otterman.Just waiting on one more but the cheque is good to go.

    Oh well back to reality and work,the train beckons.Tally Hooooooooooooh.

  7. All funds for Stoney now in.A very kind gent sent a little extra,so the final total was £175.00 and not the £160.00.

    The cheque for £160.00 has already gone,so I will get another off for £15.00.

    Pub time ;-0