Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

Well that lasted a long while did it not ?To be honest the so called adult content did not offend me in the least.But to "Pull it off" after one magazine,at least people are aware when it is time to cut and run.

Are angling magazines passed there or is that their ?(Can someone please let me know as I always get this wrong) sell by date.The internet has a plethora of good angling articles and monthly periodicals seem to regurgitate the same authors and the same 'ol same 'ol.Before anyone jumps in with any snide comments.I think it must be hard to write in a new and vibrant manner for an angling magazine these days.But hey what do I know I'm only an average angler.

So Fish and Tips,we thank you for giving the bloging chattering classes,something else to moan about.

Lastly I'm hopeful to have the "Stoney" receipt in the next day or two,as some chaps reckon I gambled it all away.I may be a bit of a stroke puller(Fish and Tips again),but would never squander a charity's money.Good lord no!

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brighton Rock

Mrs Monty and I had a weekend away down in Brighton,arriving Friday and getting the early train home today.Nice place for us to visit as once we get a train into Clapham Junction from home,we can pick up the fast train to Brighton that takes just forty five minutes.

It can get very busy though with "Stag" and "Hen" party's.But for those of us who just want a nice old romantic weekend away with the better half,you can find some nice bars and bistros away from the carnage that the younger generation reap.But we were all young once I guess ?

It is a great place to people watch too.It's has it all, latter day Mods,Goths,Punks,Football Casuals and a large Gay community.Or you can shop till you drop and lord knows Mrs.Monty tried,she really did.

Just some photos.

Who ever said empty vessels make the most noise are wrong.This was silent.

We did find our way here though,it's situated in the arches area between the old pier and the newer pier.Mrs Monty was astonished that I had found the fishing quarter.

Early this morning I did something I've always wanted to do,I left the Hotel while Mrs.Monty was getting ready.Nipped down the beach and sat just like this lad here.

Then put my head phones in and blasted this out while I looked out to sea.

Come on I can't be the only one who has ever done this ?Great film,great soundtrack.Great little place to visit is Brighton.Now as Mrs.Monty needs a nap I'm going out for a cupla pints.Be rude not to.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part X

Time for another one of these I feel.What are the chances of seeing these two fine fellows on the bank side at any one time? Not an awful lot in my opinion.

Here we have Alan "Cookie" Cook all round good egg who really knows his stuff and catches his fair share of fish.Though I suppose he is best known for his alter ego "Anne," who trod the boards of the old Fatwa World and the Pike and Predator forum.If you had seen all the PM's the lad was sent from desperate male anglers, wanting a day on the bank with "Anne" you would have been astounded.Or maybe not?"Anne" got a throb in many anglers rods a little like a new magazine that has recently hit the shelves.

And here we have the "Milky Bar Kid",currently on the Bfamwy home page.Now Bfamwy was set up a few years ago by some lads who were banned from Fatwa World.They get an awful lot of stick in some quarters.But the lads though piss takers catch some great fish. In fact the last week of the river season,two posters both had Barbel over 17lb and Chub to I think 6.11(on the float no less).This particular website is not for the faint hearted though.Actually only one of the 17's count as the 17.4 was caught while the angler was after Chub.And it was in this weeks Angling Times, anything for some free bait eh Stew :-)

The river season has been closed a little over a week now and our friends at Fatwa,are at it already.Threats of violence over accusations of photo shopped fish.The site owner said that he has a keen eye and no photo has appeared on the home page that has been photo shopped,but those who visit here know different.Bless him.

Posters are falling out over a possible new competition called "Barbel Champs".I'll not criticise this at present as the full format has not yet been made public.I think some posters have jumped in to quick before the full story is known.Shame on you.

And another thread that had descended into cheap jibes is....."Are Barbel the new Carp".God knows what will happen by this time next week?But I love and adore the website for all the wrong reasons as do many others.Keep it up chaps you really are a credit to yourselves.

Lastly this blog is a year old today,so I'm wishing you readers a happy first birthday in my own way.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 18 March 2011

Dear Montgomery

I received a wonderful letter today from our Prime Minister,Mr David"call me Dave" Cameron.I have been quite bold I think?In letting this out into the public eye.

Dear Montgomery,

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I marvel at the way you seem to separate the wheat from the chaff.The way you are so succinct and damn right to the point in so many matters.You seem to have your own mind and do not curry favour as so many do!Good god man If you were to serve under me,not literately I hasten to add.We would achieve great things you and I.

I'm about to commit more of our troops to another over seas conflict in Libya,and oust the despot.I have recently seen your photograph and thought I may step up to the plate.With your skills in tact and diplomacy I'm sure I can nip this is in the bud.Here is my outfit for the warm desert sands.What do you think ?A fair likeness our cabinet feel ?

Yours with love In my eyes and my utmost admiration.Davey Poos.

Enjoy your weekend gent's and lady's.

Monty D

Monday, 14 March 2011

Adieu For Now.........

Well how was it for you ?Steady boys I'm not on offer just yet for some post season coitus!(Thought I would use an exclamation mark as they seem to be all the rage with some people).My season was pretty good up until around October,then it has been a real struggle.

I fished today for Perch from around 07.00 until 13.00 and we had a bastard of a frost last night.That was not forecast at all,still I was going fishing and that was that.Not a lot to mention to be honest on the fish front so I took a couple of photos.

I was laying on under this near bank tree.

And had this after a few hours, that at first felt like it would be my first ever 4lb plus Perch,but it morphed into this.Hooked firmly in the scissors.

I packed up at 13.00 as I'm of to Cheltenham for the next two days,so need to sort myself out though "Guido" the Scotties told me when it was time.I can't be the only person who has rods that talk ?Or is it my love of all things narcotic ?

That will be mostly it on the angling front until mid to late April as I enjoy a break.Plus like most of us the garden needs doing and the clubs are calling.I really enjoy my golf to but do not play as much as I should.

To all those who take me WAY to seriously,I'll doubt I will change to be honest.If you can't laugh at yourself then do not look in here.Pointless getting cross,life is a chore at times for us all.Those who know what my family are going through health wise, for these last 10 months are surprised I've still got a smile on my face.But shit happens and you can't change what is to be.Just get on with it and laugh,it cures everything.....almost.

I'm sending a cheque off to Stoney on Thursday for £150.00,up from the £118.00 that I originally thought.Though I'm still three pledges short,but will cover those until the cheques arrive.Gent's you have all been very generous ;-0

This is Monty Dalrymple signing off from Yat Rock for now.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saint Peter

A man stood at the golden gate
His head was bent and low
He meekly asked the man of fate
Which way he had to go ?

"What have you done"Saint Peter said
"To seek admission here" ?

"I have been a West Ham fan"
"For many a many year"

Saint Peter opened wide the gate
And rang the scared bell

"Step inside and choose your harp"
"You've had your share of hell"

Good day,great support as ever but not the result we wanted.Showed the lads in the mini bus this blog on the I phone on route.None fish but pissed themselves over the comments,they all thought angling was relaxing.See some of you at S***s away next Saturday.

Oh and Saint Peter any chance of a nice Perch tomorrow please ?Or at least a few winners at Cheltenham,I think you owe me ;-0

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 11 March 2011

Our Friends In The North

Well as I mentioned earlier Mike Berridge AKA Biggun was fishing with Gruff and I today,on a syndicate that Gruff and I belong to.I've not seen the man for a few years now though we do keep in touch regularly.And as we met up,it was man hugs all round as I know Biggun hates this kind of thing with a passion, being a rough chap from 'Ull.His first words more or less were "Get off you soft southern bastard" and Gruff just looked on perplexed as he does not mind my tactile ways.But then again he has been down south for years now.

The fishing,well it was hard today and with plenty of people out bites were at a premium.Mike had the one while I sat with him and chatted,we did a lot of that today as it was a social for me as opposed to I must catch,I must catch.But it came to nowt(it's rubbing off you see that );-0.Gruff had the one dropped take on his dead baits for Pike.I will not see Gruff now until we start our Tench fishing in mid to late April so thanks for a great season It's been laughs all the way,as it should be and perhaps one day I will take my angling more seriously and catch more.But in truth I'm happy as I am thank you very much.

I did though have more of these bloody things........God knows how many of the bait robbing sods I've had this season ?

And this fine,fine specimen here, the first for a good few years that sent the cane into an alarming battle curve.

But I did not mind we caught sod all really, it was just really good to catch up again Biggun and I'll see you in the summer,if not before.Now I've given out an awful lot of stick with various Doppelgängers and other stuff but it's all in good jest.So Biggun took this today of me so do your best If you want to,I don't mind ;-)

Now as we are on about our friends in the North I'll tell you about this......Last Wednesday I was in a branch like this in Mayfair where I work.

And I was ordering some lunch to be delivered to our office later in the day.When I over heard a conversation by two lads like this.

NM 1 "Why the fook can't they have any English food like pies,pasties and the like"
NM2 "Yeah or chips and sausage rolls not all this foreign shite"
NM1 "Fooking right or Pizza"
NM2 "God yeah I would love a Pizza now"

MD "Lads I think you'll find Pizza is foreign"

Cue a total blank expression on both of them.The mind boggles as what life oop Narf is really like for those poor folk ?Jokes aside I seem to get on better with the lads from oop Narf that I know,as they seem to bullshit less than people down here.Or perhaps I'm wrong

If you are out as many of you are this weekend behave,I've been told today about a Southern river that has "Barbel Trotting Fever" at present.In the week two GROWN MEN had a full blown punch up on the bank and the police were called to intervene.No this is not a wind up,it's from a source from someone who lives very near the river.Barbel fishing eh it just gets better and better ?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part VIIII

Well it's time for another one of these...............................

What are the chances of seeing these two fine upstanding fellows on the bank at any one time?Not much I reckon.Below we have the famous chap from the "Hamlet" adverts from days or yore.

And here we have Mr.Frampton the all round good egg who serves on the current BS committee.Though Will Golightly seems to be very quiet of late ?Any reason for this ?If anyone knows the tale let me know,at Yat Rock ;-0.As Will was always very prolific,shame as he was a sterling guy who posted a lot of sense.But he seems to have vanished like smoke up a chimney.

Well we are nearly out of time for this season, for those anglers who love to be out on the river.I'll be out tomorrow with old man Biggun and again on Monday.In between I'll be at Stoke on Sunday for our FA Cup game,some of us actually attend matches rather than "support"our team from home.Then early next week after the last day I will be spending two days at "The Festival".If you do not know about "The Festival" I'll come back to that next week.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Books And A Shameless Plug

The good old postman arrived at work today with my copy of "From Minnows to Marlin" the newly published autobiography by Mr.Dave Steuart.Obviously I have not read it yet, but I did have a quick flick through and the quality of the binding and pages are first class.You also get seven postcards of various items of tackle,with an explanation of the flip side of there use.And some photo's of Dave and his late wife Kay,who was a very accomplished angler in her own right.

I'll try and save this book to read until the old close season,but I reckon I'll have it on the train while commuting into work in the morning.It is designed and produced by Martin Mumby(You do a good job for a Yowie Martin) ;-0.Of Wye Angling Publications who also produced "The Fishing Diary's of Eddie Price". Another good book that is selling for nearly two hundred pounds at times on E-bay,and I've also been told that a copy of "Chevin" was sold for one hundred and seventy five pounds on Monday night.These books always sell out fast so If you like to read as many of us do,get in quick or you may regret it ?It seems us anglers are very lucky at present as there are more and more publishing company's coming to the fore.

NOW FOR A SHAMELESS PLUG....................

A mate of mine has this book coming out around May and it's looking very good.It's a book Jon told me in the week that he has always wanted to write.More information about this and other fourth coming books that are out later this year can be found on the link below.

I'm not sure where you find the time though mate with the job you have?Now that supreme bit of arse kissing is out of the way.Lunch on the sixteenth of April at the The Lands End is on you I assume ?No need to pay for all of us,just me ;-0.

Moving on.....................................

A lad on Fatwa is asking about using a camouflage hide, while Barbel fishing on a small river and plenty of people are offering tips and advice.I know though the lad in question is on a wind up.And it's not even the close season as of yet.Already though the Otter threads are getting into full swing.It promises to be a fun time in the next three months I bet ! I may offer up a small prize for how many "What" threads in each month,I'll think on.

I did though spot this on the Fatwa homepage........BFW recommends a camouflage smock.If I were to market this I would try and blend it in with the surrounding flora and fauna and not sticking out like a proud cock on a platform.Or perhaps it is just me?

No angling for me this weekend as I've got a family "do" to attend to on Saturday.I did try and sweet talk my Mother and suggest that it was the penultimate weekend of the river season.But was told a very firm NO!Mum knows best as I'm sure we all know.So I'll not be out until Friday week,with old man Biggun.

If you are out I wish you tight lines and wrap up warm.

Be Lucky

Monty D