Sunday, 27 February 2011

Stoney Love In

Friday night and we had seen a deluge down in the South so Gruff and I expected the Old Lake at Bury Hill to be fairly coloured,so we were hopeful for a Zander or two.Gruff picked me up at around 06.30 and we pulled into the car park around thirty minutes later.The lads were all ready about in large numbers and I think in the region of sixty anglers had turned up to support the day.

Every angler registered with the Stoney team and we all got a "Goodie Bag", containing long nose forceps,two free ready tied traces,some bait products and best of all a free pen from NatWest Bank.Then you just went and fished where you wanted.Gruff and I moved down the long bank and fished pegs 44 and 45 respectively.My day started badly as I broke the drop off arm on my buzzy thing(keep it schtum that I own such a thing,the GSC will go mad),so I had to improvise by making a light weight bobbin.You will see that later.

I cast the lead rod around thirty yards out with a Sprat head and a float rod about 15 yards out with a whole Sprat to drift about.And within 15 minutes I had a Jack of about four or five pounds on the bank on the float rod.I'm sorry about this dreadful photo as Gruff took the snap with my good self being totally unaware and then sends it to me in a zip file.That I can't unzip hence the piddly small photo.

And this was the only fish I caught,not a huge amount came out on the day I'm led to believe.A young lad fishing four pegs up from me with his farther had a Zander of 11.14 and a few more came out over the fishery.The young lad I'm led to understand will be on Sky next Friday on the Tight Lines angling show.More of Sky later............

As it was a social day and I caught early I was fairly relaxed about all things.But I've never been on a fishery where I've had or witnessed so many dropped runs.I had three and dropped a fish after a few seconds,as did Gruff.In fact it was happening all over the fishery and my thoughts on this are..........The barbless hook rule and the size of the hooks you can use,you just do not in my eyes get a proper hook up with such small hooks.But dems de rules,so you must abide by this.And David De Vere the owner has already given his go ahead for a repeat of the day next year.

Just a couple of photo's.

This is around two o'clock just as it stared to rain again.

And it got worse and worse over the next few hours.Notice the hastily modified bite indicator on the lead rod.

Highlights of the day ?Some really nice guys on the bank to chat to,the lovely EA man checking rod licences.Seldom seen on a river though,to hard that is it not ?And Sky TV and Gruff.The Sky guys were walking around the lake hoping to get some action of fish actually being caught.The two guys were chatting to me,when Gruff had a belting run and he came flying out from under his brolly.He was in and the cameras were rolling(this is all true I promise),he though was unaware of this.When the hook pulled yet again,he turned around with his face red with rage and uttered these now immortal words"Fucking,poxy,C*****ng barbless 'ooks".The camera then stopped rolling and I was in bits.I could not breath for laughing and to be fair the Sky guys were laughing to.

All in all a good event.Would I fish here for predators again ?Only on the Stoney do as It's not really natural enough for me.Wooden platforms and the hook rule put me off to be honest.I would now like to offer a few thank you's

All you guys who were kind enough to sponsor me.I make it I raised £118.00 with your help and I will get a cheque off to Stoney when I have the money in.He will issue me a receipt that I will put up on here to show I've not pissed it up the wall.To the organisers of the day thank you very much guys a well run event.Also the Walton branch of the PAC,who were on hand all day to offer advice and help to any inexperienced anglers,can't have been easy walking about in the pissing rain all day.And obviously Stoney himself he should get a knight hood for all the good he does ;-0.

Looking froward to next years event all ready.

Be Lucky

Monty D

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  1. Thoes who know me well will realise you edited my coments old bean. there were far mor expiletives than that. Just for a second or two it felt realy heavy.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time mate..................... if i remember i will sign up for the next one.

    Where would you like the cheque sent mate?

  3. Gruff,

    Ok mate you swore like a fish wife and them some.


    I'll bell you in the morning.Lads thank you for the text messages today,it looks like it will be some way over the £118.00 I first said ;-0

  4. "Just for a second or two it felt realy heavy"

    So have all the doubles I've lost.

  5. Address or means of getting payment to you, please, Monty.............


  6. Mike,

    Get it off Roca mate,he has it.A cheque will be fine can't PM you as that is not working at present for some reason.:-)

  7. Keep 'em coming lads just a few more now as I would like to get a cheque off to Stoney early next week.

    Many Thanks ;-0

  8. Just waiting on three more please lads ;-0