Monday, 14 February 2011

Stoney And Friends At Old Bury Hill

As I mentioned on Friday,myself and Gruff shall be attending the "Stoney Predator Day" at Old Bury Hill on Saturday February the 26th.So would anyone I know on a personal basis care to sponsor me to try and raise a few more pounds for a good cause ?I'm just to lazy to phone,text or e-mail you all ;-)

I know that things are very tight for an awful lot of us these days,so I am not asking for the earth lads.Maybe a £1.00 per Pike or Zander and maybe a £5.00 donation for a double.I'll say now that I have never fished here for Predators before, only the odd day from a punt in the Spring for Tench and Bream.

And looking at met-checks long range forecast for the Dorking area,it looks like the weather will be bloody awful.And the way I am fishing at present I could go through the lake with a trawler vessel and still only pull in an old boot.If I blank,I will chuck an extra 30 quid in the collection box.Tickets were a score a pop,and I'll need at least five pounds worth of raffle tickets.

Here is a little information for you to pursue at your leisure.

Now I must crack on a cook a wonderful,romantic dinner for Mrs.Monty.I do the majority of cooking at home as I arrive back at Chez Monty first.Plus I enjoy it, as it is a nice way to relax after a day at work.Glass of wine radio 4 and I'm sorted,very easily pleased that's me.

Roses,nope not a chance.I came out of the station after work and a dozen roses that will be dead in the morning were forty five quid.I do find the whole "Valentines" day thing a load of old bollocks.You should treat your better half with love an respect all year,not just go way over board for one day.But I have to make a little bit of effort,as Mrs.Monty is liable to go into full Jamaican "Yardie" mode.Kissing her teeth and god knows what else If I just slap down some beans on toast and squeeze her 'arris.Only joking babe ;-)

For those of you who are out having a romantic meal in a restaurant tonight,I've been there and done that.Not for many a year,as this is what you look like.........

I await a great out pouring of cash and pledges ;-)

Be Lucky

Monty D

Edit.......I'll keep the very kind offers up here for sanity's sake as it's easier to look at than scroll through the comments......

Mike Oz...A pound per Pike and five pound per double.
Rob Hilton....As Above
Popsy 4..........As Above
Mr.Fog...........As Above
Jon Berry........As Above
Graham Elliott..... Ten Pounds for a Pike
JAA...... Private offer
Yessling Ying.... Private offer
TP West Ham...... Twenty Pounds for a Pike
Tom H..................Ten Pounds for me blanking even ;-0
Tony Rocca..........Ten Pounds If I do not blank
The Otter.............Five Pounds all in
Bard of BridgEnorth........Five Pounds If I do not blank
Howsie.....................Five Pounds If I do not blank
Mike Joyce..............Five Pounds per Predator.
Gruff.........................Twenty Pounds for not blanking


  1. Monty,

    Put me down for your suggested rates per pike/zander and 'doubles', I'm sure the pension'll stretch to it, especially for the MacMillians! Good Luck.... can't do the same for Gruff.. I've seen photies of his capabilities recently... from don't know & don't care where, when or what bait.Lol


  2. welcome back Monty.


  3. Monty

    £10 if you catch a pike


  4. Monty,

    Put me down for the same mate. Hopeyou have a great day for a cracking cause.


  5. G,

    Kind offer thank you and well done on your latest capture ;-0


    Glad to see your on the mend mate,I know you had lot's of text messages and thank you ;-0

    JAA via e-mail and Yessling Ying via the phone today,once again thank you.

    I will keep this blog entry at the top until after the event and give a full run down of events from the day,as It's a well known place it will not impede on anyone's fishing in the future.

  6. I'll do your suggested rates too my friend


  7. Tenner from me mate................... even if you blank, the money is yours.

  8. ............ if he bluddy blanks he can forfeit the 'Barder' to a worthy Cumbrian cause!!! LoL


  9. A fiver from me regardless. (unless you catch or blank) ;-)

  10. Monty.What goes around.
    Rewarded for my £10 for Mcmillan, Monty with a Wye 10.10 not far from the Yat rock....

    It's a funny old world.