Monday, 7 February 2011

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Time for a break from this old "Blogging Caper" I think,yes I can continue to take the piss out of this and that.But I've never really felt comfortable talking about where I cast a line,or what I catch.And I've only really given half the story on what I have caught this season,the best writers will always hold something back ;-).But it's been fairly nice except on the Perch front(you and I both Bob).But to pop up on here with the full story just seems so odd,as I've been such a secret squirrel of sorts in the past.

I'll be back at some time next season,but angling means an awful lot more to me than the ramblings on here and I feel maybe I am leaving a trail for those fish chasing wankers, I despise so much ?It's not a snap decision as I have spoken to various people about this over the last month or so.Those who know me,are aware of my concerns as I can't have a blog that just takes the piss,or can I ?Of course I will still look about from Yat Rock,plus next season I'll be on a no publicity water for most of the summer,not for Carp though they only go into the low 20's and as we know that means nowt these days,for the "Munga Spod Brigade".But just for the general "float around a Lilly bed" angling.

So to all you Internet "know alls" you carry on, as you are wankers now and you will be when I come back as you can't change.To my mates you know where to find me(If I have any) ;-)

No need to post any comments,as they will not get published.So for now........

Be Lucky

Monty D

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