Friday, 4 February 2011

Six Nations

No pub tonight folks as I want to have a clear head in the morning,for a days Pike fishing on the river. But I would like to be down the pub to watch the start of the Six Nations in Caaeerrdiff look you butt.Or better still in the land of the Cave Trolls ;-)

I love Rugby union and I'm going to blow my own trumpet now, I played the game to decent standard in the position of flanker very apt that, is it not,look you.Can you imagine being an England player tonight walking out into the cauldron of hate that is the Millennium Stadium.All the Welsh have had a week off, as to beat us is all they care about and they will have been on the piss since,ooh Monday lunch-time.

The Celtic nations hate the English with a passion.They say it is all to do with history?Do not make me laugh.It is because you all want to be English,but you did not by the grace of birth get lucky,look you see.OK I'll admit that the Welsh National anthem really does take some beating and I've been to the old Arms Park a few times over the years great days win or loose.But or is that butt you all need to move on from being so "Chippy".WE FUND YOUR LIFE STYLE!

Who will win tonight ?England by a small margin, though I hope we give them a real caning and send them back to the valleys in tears.And I confidently predict a Six Nations trophy,though not the slam as I think the Scot's may surprise us this year ?

By the way do not watch the video,if you are of a sensitive nature,look you see.

I'm really looking forward to the game and the Pike trip tomorrow.So if you are out,good luck butt,look you see,isn't it.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. England by a BIG margin as it 'appens, isn't it butt.

  2. I disagree there butt,that's not a big margin at all.Seven points is tight in my eyes,you stick to your football OK ?

    I'm off fishing in about 20 minutes.Happy days ;-)

  3. But Monty why on earth would anyone want to be a Sassenach, certainly not me!

    I hear the Tweed beckoning, toodle pip dearest brother.

    A always A D-S