Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Toy And A Confession

Well I have been after one of these reels for a while now, as I owned one when I was around 16 years old but that was sold when I had a little sabbatical from angling for a few years, in my very early twenties.Now these have been going for daft prices on E-Bay for a while, with mint condition 55's at times making £150.00 and that is way to much for Monty to pay.

Plus I am not a fan of E-bay to be honest.I did phone a couple of people of late to enquire If they would be willing to sell me one,but they declined.Until I remembered my mate Pooh Bear,bought one a while ago from Shropshire Lad,no names no pact drill here.And fair play to Pooh as he sold it to me at mates rates, as he does not have any use for it.

I've given it a little clean up and some oil and it is all ready to go out on the bank. Thanks awfully old boy.
Now a confession.....I've always give it "Billy Big Bollocks" about not minding being somewhat challenged on the old baldness front.But various articles in the media seem to make us "Bald Boys" out to be some kind of pariah ? I decided to take action and have been looking for a real good "Syrup" for a while now,that's "Syrup a Fig" in the old rhyming slang that equates to wig.

Well I really hit the jackpot,the only time I have ever used E-Bay I won an auction.Yes this story in the press was totally true.

And I confess It was Monty that won the above.I now look like a real man again,so thank you Mr.Daniels for giving me my life back you are not just a wonderful magician but a kind man and I love it.

The pressure is dropping very quickly as I type and it does look very good for the weekend,apart from the winds of 30mph gusting up to 40mph.But I'll be out to try and end this horrendous run of catching very,very little.It was Candle-mass day yesterday and it was mild down here so I hope this winter is finally saying good bye ?

Pike or Perch what is it to be.Pike I reckon as I've not fished for them for a while and fancy watching that big float slide away,hopefully.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. .....and will you be buying an Austin 7 next ?

  2. Oooooo, I do like to be beside the seaside.....

    The way the gales have been here all day, Monty, I hope you weren't with the bubble-blowers tonight, for a nice 3-points!! The 'syrup' would've been seriously challenged, I'll tell you!

    Pilgarlics of the World Unite Lol,

  3. I'm something of a '66 man mayself, but I keep looking at the 55's and thinking I might try one out...

    I liked this post. Not a lot.

  4. very nice young Monty, very nice.

  5. Buying old reels, wearing a wig - are you trying to look like 2canes?

  6. Says a man with a grey beard and brown hair.

  7. Ying,

    Skint now butt.


    It would have been a right good "Jolly Up" had it been the weekend.Sent my love to Rob today,a good man.;-)


    Smooth and solid,very nice.


    The "Syrup" or the reel ?


    One 2Canes is enough,every millennium thank you very much ;-)

  8. Paris's long-lost-elder-brother has improved today, Monty; they've identified the culprit bug. He's still a bit poorly wi' double pneumonia though. Dead right, a reet good white rose lad.