Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lola The Pike Dog Her First Session

Well what can you say ? As ever when Gruff and I plan a session together things go wrong,it is him and not I rest assured.I received a text to say "Running late,bit of a drama but on my way".Gruff arrived and I peered in the motor to see Princess Lola peeking back at me.Mrs Gruff had to be elsewhere so Lola, the Ridgeback puppy who is only seven months old was to come with us.Anyone who has ever owned a dog from a puppy knows that after around two hours on their own they get restless,she will calm down as she gets older.

But is she not a real stunner,really well mannered to and I wish she was mine ;-0.

As Lola was with us we had to do a detour to another river,as where we intended heading originally do not allow dogs.I suggested an area on the river where we could tuck our selves away from the howling wind and keep out of sight,as we should not really have Lola with us on this venue like the first choice for a days Pike fishing.But what Pike angler does not pull a stroke or two ?

First blood to me was a small Jack about two pounds,while Gruff was still tackling up and we picked an area where we could both fish next to each other,casting into a large bay that I thought would hold some good Pike.I though only had the one jack.

About 09.45 Gruff had a take and his float slid off across the river and at first she did not really pull back.Then decided it was time to wake up and tore off downstream at a rate of knots,tail walking and shaking her head in anger.

"Good fish that Gruff" I said,but when your into a good fish you hear very little and just concentrate and pray the fish does not come off.Slowly she came back upstream and I netted her first time.We gave her a rest in the net and got the mat and scales ready.And what a stunning river Pike that went bang on 19lbs and two quick photos were taken,I had the pleasure of slipping her back as the banks were still very slick and gruff at his age is somewhat unsteady on his feet.

She slowly swam away,then as mates do big man hugs all round.Cracking fish that big lad and it was a real pleasure to see such a fish on the bank.We were due to pack up around 12.30 as Lola needed her bed the poor little thing,when Gruff had another take and a small Jack of around 4lbs came to the net.I cracked on with the unhooking as Gruff was busting for a piss,and as I took the hooks out the little sod kicked and this was the outcome.

It would not stop bleeding,so I had to let it dry and I took this photo when I got home.The larger fish are no problem to unhook as you can straddle them and you can open the mouth wide enough to work in.Little Jacks at times can be most feisty,but I'm not a huge fan of gloves as you do not in my opinion feel enough and can damage the very delicate gill area of the Pike.Each to their own though,Pike scars don't you just love 'em ?

Be Lucky

Monty D

PS I hear Fox have a patent out on lucky dogs.


  1. Nice going guy's, good fishing.

    No pike fisher man has scar free hands mate, with the cold air, the cold water and the anti-coagulant don't half make them bleed as well :)

  2. Hi i have been reading your blog for a while now and that is a great pike.well done!

  3. Result big un. Pleased to get the call this morning while I was jack bashing myself. I bet my 6 didnt even weight the same as the big girl....
    Still great fun to see the float disappear at regular intervals.

    Well done bud.


  4. Pike scars? wear 'em with pride mate :-) Better a little lost blood than looking like a twat with an armoured gauntlet up your arm.

  5. Mont, Gruff's not as ugly as you told me.

    Nice pike though, must go fishing.

  6. That's a big ugly slimy thing innit?
    If I were that pike I'd make it let go.

  7. Leave the Gruff alone he has caught some good fish this season,in what has been a fairly difficult Autumn and Winter for an awful lot of us.

    As for the Pike scars,bring 'em on shag ;-)