Friday, 11 February 2011

Like A Trout At Duffers

I had to bite did I not Bob ?But you would have been been bereft If I had just hunkered down under the far bank willow and let your dry flay that you cast so deftly,just drift on slowly by.But I have to bite as like you it is in my nature.

You did though make some salient points ;-)So here go................................

Ever seen these two guys out treading the bank at the same time ?I doubt that you will to be honest.Here with have Lembit Opik the chap who use to be a Liberal Democrat MP,who use to date if that is the right phrase one of the "Cheeky Girls".

And here we have self styled Doncaster demi-god and all round Northern Narcissus,Mr,for he is such a thing.Mr.Bob Roberts.

Olympic stadium is ours(West Ham).Do not bet your last bagel on it my boy.If we go down,please,please let that be the case.And we stay down we will not have the finances to run the stadium.It's a lease of 150 years and we will only have a crowd of around 15000 to 25000.That will not wash with the chaps who need the contract for the lease signing in 2013.So all is not lost.

Now a moan..................I stopped in a tackle shop near the Lawn Tennis Association on my way home.I bought a packet of 50 lob worms for some Perch angling over the weekend.I opened them up in the kitchen to transfer them into a bait box with moss and wet news paper and 14 out of the 50 are dead.Now firstly that is not good,but If I had left them over night in the original container would they have all been dead by the morning ?Not happy at all with this.

Bob I thank you my little "Choochie Face".Please note,no anti-Bob comments as he is coming to Upton Park with me next season.I want to see if he is man enough to eat a "Double-Double" and a bowl of stewed Eels.

Be Lucky

Monty D

PS you were right Rocca,would not last a week.


  1. At least its a good looking chub Monty.

    New you wouldn't last.

  2. Oi! That's my make Greg Whitehead you're confusing me with.

    Mind you, I've known a few cheeky girls in my time.

    Looking forward to visiting upton Park, although I'd be made up for you if it's only in the cup.

    You must be living your worst nightmare whereas we're living out a fantasy. No money, no crowds, just a well run little club with realistic aspirations and playing football how it's supposed to be played. At least when we've half a side fit.

    Not sure about the eels mind. Last time I ate them it was by mistake on an aeroplane somehwere over China.

    Somehow I reckon you'll keep on blogging. It's in your blood. But good luck either way.


  3. Tone,

    Yep you won,now behave ;-)


    I honestly think we are down,not a bad thing at all to be honest.WBA away on Saturday,a draw I think.I will be at UP for the FA Cup game the week after.As for the Eels,vile unless smoked,not in a pipe though.;-)

    As for the blogging,yes I enjoy it, but a phone call to a mate last Sunday,about "Gruffs" Pike was,well bollocks.Why do people need to ask where and what river,even when I blocked out the background ?

    I'll be out over the weekend for Perch.And on Saturday the 26th I'll be at the "Stoney Do",for Macmillan at OBH.I will blog that prior to the day try and drum up some sponsorship,so please lads loosen up your purse strings.A pound a Pike/Zander maybe ?Stoney and Friends work wonders.

    Be lucky all.

  4. Monty thank god you're back, yours is the only sane blog around, I kept checking to see if you had knew it made sense, everything in the world is O.K now well apart from the otters

  5. Good to see you back mon brave.
    Hoped your absence wouldn't be for long.

  6. Well, that didn't last long...

  7. Brother of mine, you have a voice and it must be heard.

    Must dash my connection to Thimbu is due to leave any time now.

    A D-S

  8. It almost as though you never left us. Welcome back old chap.

    Nice doppelganger, I don't know how you keep coming up with them ;-)

  9. I was privelaged to talk football with Mr. Roberts when he was kind enough to meet and greet at my shop last year. I think he was just happy to talk to someone who supported a team in a lower position to his...Nice to see you back Monty...regards Gurn...aka "Fish Chasing Wanker" ;-)

  10. Gurn,

    Knowing where your shop is,you must be a Luton Town man ;-0.While on the subject off football,may I offer Spurs my best,wish,wis,wi,na can't do it the words will not come out.;-0

  11. Oh no! The cahnt's back.

  12. LTFC...Man & boy Mont,man & boy.