Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part VIII

Time for another one of these I feel.What are the chances of ever seeing these fine two fellows on the river bank at the same time ?Very little I am afraid as one lives in a distance cosmos and the other lives in BridgEnorth.

Below is that dastardly character from Doctor Who,all round constant warrior the Sonataran who will not give up his goal of total angling domination.

And below is the Black Country's pie eating champion the Bard of BridgEnorth.Constantly getting harried into taking lesser mortals out on his boat "YamYam".

Upton Park the other night was good,though Burnley are a decent football side and knocked the ball around well.The score line of 5-1 did not really reflect the game in my opinion.Stoke away in the Quarter-Final of the FA Cup next and we play Stoke the week before at home in the league.The Britannia Stadium is never an easy place to go and get a result but I'm hopeful of making the last four in this competition.It just depends on what West Ham side turn up on the day ?

I've got all my tackle ready for our day at Old Bury Hill on Saturday.Now for those who do not know ?OBH practice a single hook policy no larger than a size 4 and barbless to boot.I have used single hooks before but in a larger patten,though never in barbless.But with the barb crushed down.I've made a few traces up this week,with size 4 and size 6 hooks and to be honest they look tiny.You do get given free of charge two "rigs" on the day and can buy more If you want from the on site shop.I'm sure they are spot on as well,but I've always made my own and I would be gutted If one broke on me that I had not tied and tested myself.Easy to make now as well with the various wires on the market and crimping tools.Or do you twist ?Some of the prices for ready made rigs from the Greys Prowler Range are extortionate.Four quid for normal dead bait rig with two size 6 trebles.Pah!

Though I'm led to understand the fish at OBH get caught on small baits.It will be an experience I'm sure.I've not fished a lake for ages,since last April in fact.And never with so many other anglers present,but as I have said before it is for a worthy cause.So I'll just go with the flow and see what transpires on the day.The weather is looking not to bad so I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a fish or two.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. It's Sontaran, yow dummy, Sontaran ! A very good spot though Monts, lmfco see ! Mind you, possibly a hostile gaseous planet in the Crab Nebula maybe mistaken for downtown BridgEy by a layman....

  2. Sorry ? ;-0

    Must get the Ackee and Saltfish on,TTFN.

  3. Top stuff as usual Monty.

    The very best of luck on Saturday mate, even if you do not catch anything you should be commended for taking part in a event that is of such worth.

    Cheers mate.

  4. "YamYam Boat" is that the same as a tramp steamer?

  5. Good Luck for the weekend Monty.

    Fill your boots.


  6. Gent's,

    I'm hopeful ;-0.And it's Friday so I'm now off for a cupla pints.

    Be lucky.

  7. Monty,shame on you.

    Picking on the fat kid.

    p.s £5 per predator (all the best)


  8. Mike,

    Wait until you see little "Richie Frampton's" and Stevie "Stacked Heels" Pope ;-0.Though they can wait until the close season.

    Very kind offer I thank you.

  9. Jason,

    I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    I very nearly wrote an article about barbel fishing look alikes years back, there is plenty of material out there thats for sure.

    I can live with Gere, Costner or Springsteen, all of whom I've been likened to in public by complete strangers - I kid you not!
    The price of fame eh, who needs fishing?!!!

    If you would post your own photo I might be able to reciprocate and get rid of this awful image I have of Matt Lucas down on the river.

    It's a worrying thought to note that I'm older than your dad, now that is scary.

    Nothing personal mate and all in the good spirit intended.

    All the best and hope the last couple of weeks on the river go well.

  10. Steve,

    The "Matt Lucas" image,is that when you are on your own with a box of Kleenex ? Nothing personal.I did try and upload a proper photo from the "Stoney Day" yesterday,but as I said the file is zipped.So only a wee one came out ;-)

    Tell you what I am led to understand you are going to be tagging along at Dave Steuarts book launch in April ?So you can take a photo of me and do to it what you will.OK ?

    All the best.

  11. Thats a deal then, I'll see you on the 16th.!

    Fair play to you on the Stoney stuff, he is a top bloke as you rightly say.

    We'll get some good shots on the day, might have my new 600D if its available by then.

    I don't do that on my own stuff, no need when you're as good looking as me!!

    Dave's will be a good do, he's another top bloke.

    All the best

  12. A question for you Jason.

    How did you develop an interest in someone like Dave?

    Back in the sixties when he inspired me with his writings you weren't even born!

    He hasn't been in the limelight in recent years although he gets along to the BS Show each year.

    Don't get me wrong I'm really pleased, most anglers under fifty probably think Dave played guitar for Annie Lennox.

    Should be a good turn out for his book launch, hope so, the man is one of the real greats.

  13. Steve,

    Easy I like to read.Age is a complete irrelevance to a books subject matter,providing you have an initial interest.

    JW Martin,Sherringham,Walker,Eddie Price,John Searl,Yates,BB,Ingham et al.All before my time but still I love to read about there exploits.Books can and do broaden your cultural horizons and are an integral part of an anglers life.

    Hope that has answered your question ?Bit pushed for time as I need to get my train into our fair Capital.

    Tally Hoooooooooooo

  14. Fishing, fame? Motivation? Interesting - please discuss.