Saturday, 19 February 2011

Always Listen To Monty

Well it looks like I've had as many offers of sponsorship for the OBH day next Saturday,as I'm going to get as most people are skint ? I'll add a little update of today's session.Though Kevin Colsten-Iles you will not get off lightly.But If anyone I know wants to add a few more pound then please let me know;-0.In truth I have not pressured or harried people for cash as that's just plain wrong,I do have a heart you know.

A later start than normal saw two of us head across country from Surrey to Royal Berkshire.Can it really be "Royal" when you have Slough in the county?Or worse still Bracknell ?Pray tell let me know as some stage.

We have had a fair amount of rain this last week and it is much needed after a Winter of low rain fall.We both aspired to a Barbel or two,as it will probably be my last Barbel trip of this season as I'm after a large Perch before the end of this river season.And Biggun is coming South the week after next,so I need to help him get a three pound plus Perch.Though I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, as I can't find the large Perch at all this season.The three pound plus fish are proving scarce when a few years back they were plentiful.

Anyway we pulled into one of the car parks and I suggested we did not park here as we would not get out again.That fell on deaf ears,so we parked up and went our separate ways on this particular beat.Myself upstream and my partner downstream.

Not a cold day,and quite pleasant out when the wind dropped.No Barbel today only four small Chub all around this size.I took a photo of this one as it done a good job of a Barbel bite,in that it took the rod right round.I thought my luck was in but alas not, I did christen the '55 though I'm aware it's had some use by it's previous owner.

Now the fun started.........We arrived back at the car and got changed and I unlocked the first of two car park gates.My mates very nice, expensive company car that was valeted and serviced on Wednesday was stuck fast.He of course put his foot down and mud was going everywhere,and the car was getting in a worse condition.So he had a brain wave,I push from the front while he puts the car into reverse.You know the outcome,me flat on my face and all I could do was laugh and that just got my mate a bit more wound up.After twenty minutes of us trying to put grass and unhooking mats under the wheels to try give it some traction,the game was up.

I had to phone this man............

The legend that is John Butler who looks after the anglers and shooting guys who frequent the estate.He was in the bath when I rang,but top man that he is was with us within twenty minutes.A few expletives where thrown our way but we were sorted within ten minutes and he dragged the car out,by his teeth no less.These country folk are tough as they come. He then bid us a safe journey home and do not do it again.Or words to that effect.

John I thank you mate,your good as gold :-)You see If my partner in crime had listened to me first thing.Then we would not have got stuck and John could have settled down in the bath with his copy of "What Tractor".

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Getting oneself stuck fast is unforgivable Montgomery but to get ones guest stuck also is unforgivable, the man is an oaf!

    I did how ever get the Landy stuck once in Patagonia but that was my own fault and a totally different story.

    As ever A D-S

  2. Getting stuck in the mud put me off of fishing the Loddon the other night mate................... scary when your on your own!

    Nice chub mate, was the 55 up to the job?

  3. What Tractor... haha, made I laugh.
    Which hydraulic oil?
    What exhaust flap?
    I'll stop now!

  4. Tom,

    The reel is fine mate though it is really for some floater fishing in the summer.But there is a sting in the tail of it's arrival.......

    It had not seen the bank since Pooh Bear bought it from Shropshire Lad.It arrived at work and as I unpacked the box I noticed a very strong smell,of what I did not know ?

    Anyway I gave it the once over and knew it would need a little oil and a clean.After around thirty minutes one of the lady's in the office noticed my face had gone very red.And I was having problems breathing.A quick look in the mirror confirmed this.I tried to phone Pooh Bear but got no reply.

    So I phoned Tony Rocca to ask if said Bear worked with chemicals ?He thought he may well do.I washed my hands and face in the gym at work and within an hour or so I was fine.

    It transpires that the box and reel were kept in a MOUSE INFESTED GARAGE,so I had mouse piss and shite all over me.To much glee the next day from certain quarters.It may explain why I was having trouble breathing as it's known that rodent faeces,has this effect.

    It will not go unpunished.!! ;-)

  5. No such rodent probs with my 55, tha knows ! ;)

  6. "Revenge is a dish best served cold"................. Monty Dalrymple 2011 :)

  7. WEll, there's taknig the pi$$ and taking the mouse-pi$$ it seems.

    What do you reckon to the 55 then Mont? Thinking I might get one myself.

  8. JAA,

    Yes mate very solid,get one.Off to football so I may or may not be grumpy in the morning.More so than normal ;-0

  9. Don't forget to give us a clue it's hard to tell the difference ;-)

  10. I suggest that next time you merely admire your new piece of tackle rather than giving it a big wet girlie kiss :-p