Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Well I did indeed end up at Upton Park yesterday after all,as we had to cancel Gruff coming around to do a little job for us as a certain young lady was poorly.When I phoned Gruff and told him not to bother coming around he sounded like a man who had won the Lottery. And with Mrs Monty playing at nurse I swanned of out the door.But not after I got my tackle ready for a few hours today.

We again were lucky,sure we should have been three goals up at half time.But you knew the second half was going to be a nervous affair.And so it proved and Barnsley had a cast iron penalty turned down.And hit the bar before we moved back up the pitch and scored, cue huge relief and we are into the draw for the next round.That is straight after the Man U-Liverpool game that kicks of in a minute.How can you do the fourth round draw when some third round games have not even taken place ? Back to Mondays on the radio please If you will.It does look like Uncle Fester,will be out of a job soon and the rumours are that Martin O'neil is wanted down at our gaff.

Anyway to the fishing,the last few days down here have been very mild and we have had plenty of rain so I expected to be in with a chance of my first Barbel of this year.That was until I woke up today around 05.00 and was met with a heavy frost.What's a man to do ? Swap your tackle for Pike gear,or just go and give it a whirl.As I've seldom done well at all for Pike on a cold and coloured river,it would be Barbel or bust.

That's what I did,I had four hours on the river fishing paste baits in various swims for not a sniff.The river was still up nicely and pushing through and a nice colour also.But it looked cold and uninviting.But I made a new friend and god do I need some,this little chap offered me advice on where to cast and how to bait up in return for some breakfast.In the end he was so cross with my poor angling he done an impression of Yosser Hughes(showing my age here).

And he took over for a while,while I just sat and watched.But no joy for Rodney either,but he will be on the river next Saturday he informs me,to offer more sterling advice.And it look's like next week is going to be very mild with temperatures up to 15 degrees in the day with plenty of rain.Shame I'm not retired yet,but I will try and get out after work on Wednesday If I can,that's after we stuff Birmingham on Tuesday night in the Carling Cup Semi-Final.

Still as ever nice to be out and in the sun it was very pleasant,so I'll not complain.Now I'll have to start getting the Sunday Roast on for my girls while having a bottle of wine or three.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Well I froze me bit's off for 3 hours trying for a carp, which I freely admit was 'barking'. Thouroughly nice afternoon.

    I'm planning to set up a kind of "rolling" forum for invitees only, but I need to do the actual work, but I'm not likely to add it to the diary page....

  2. Jay sorry i cant bring myself to refer to you as monty see you in the castle about 2 ish mate.ive lost my phone so look at this before you leave work.


  3. Just seen this TP,found you any way mate and now I'll have to sort a day off for the return leg in Brum in a couple of weeks ;-0