Saturday, 29 January 2011

Soon Be Spring ?

I had a short four hour Perch session today on a local river.I deliberated all week about fishing as I really fancied a weekend off at home with my feet up.Being busy at work and a couple of very late nights had worn me down a little.Chuck in the more or less incessant cold and I was all set to stay home and read a book.

Until I changed my mind last thing on the way home from work yesterday and dived into my local tackle shop and grabbed some rather mangy worms.Even when the alarm gave a shrill call first thing this morning,I had to force myself up and out of bed and into the shower.I get some right stick about having a shower prior going fishing,as some people just have a "cats lick" then go fishing.I though cannot wake up without a shower,nice not to shave on a Saturday though I can tell you.

Did I enjoy it ? No not really and it's the first time I've really dragged myself out of the door to go.Like most I love my fishing but I think the weather these last two months is maybe making me lethargic.I fished a couple of swims by trotting lobs worms close to the bottom and had one very and I mean very small Jack Pike.I was mostly on auto mode and I was glad to pack up at noon to be honest.A low grey and sullen sky,plus a biting North Easterly wind had done for me. The sun only came out briefly for around five minutes,so I grabbed this quick photo of the far bank cover that I was trotting past.I have kept it in black and white to go with my rather jaundiced view of the day.

Is a moral coming ? Yes like many have said in the past do not go if you really do not want to.It's a pleasure not a chore.And today was the latter and I was glad to get home.Although the "Gruff" is out again next week, after being on family duty's for the last few weekends so that will put a smile on my "Boat".

Where does the Spring come into all this.I got home and put my tackle away and went into the back garden to top up the bird feeders and change the water bowl.And I noticed the Croucus(God knows If that is the right spelling) have started to poke there heads up,so I'm hoping they know something I do not ?

Lastly as promised here Is a little video I made ;-)As ever a few profanity's and if this offends you then I offer no apologies.Just do not look in here please ;-)

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Paul 4 has give it bollocks!!!

    Hahahahaaaaaa LMFB&CO

  2. Monty,

    Right up-to-date an' all, with the Show news!!

    Following the 'thaw' after Nov./Dec. deep freeze I noticed daffodils poking through,; crocuses have been showing here since late October but they're awful stringy leaves, maybe not amounting to much, later on. Snowdrops in flower this morning though, buds just opening.

    Better sport next time, if you're in the mood that is.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Have to say the clips have made me smile, the voices are very good indeed.
    The snowdrops are already in bloom up here in the wonderful borderlands, as you say spring will be here very soon.

    All the best.

  4. I've added the use of the word "dub" to my list of things for which one should burn in Hell for all eternity...

    Snowdrops out in Anderson churchyard, another week for them to be at their best.

  5. ............LolTell the truth Steve, it made you cringe but you're putting a brave face on it....


  6. It's all just light hearted fun gentleman so please lets keep it that way.;-)

  7. Had to laugh Monty. It'll be a hole in my social calendar this year, but Grommit can do the Wallis now as I taught 'im over the park, so for a packet of Iams he'll be available.


  8. My take on life these days is to be chilled about everything, especially to the sort of stuff we find on some blogs and forums.
    If I took it too seriously I would be mightily concerned for those who enjoy acting like naughty schoolboys when they are not far off claiming their pension.
    Thats not to say the hand of friendship goes out to all and sundry, some bridges are beyond repair.
    Nothing too wrong with growing old disgacefully as long as one keeps a degree of rationale.
    So keep it going lads, you are very unlikely to get a bite from me anymore.
    Anyway I bet Monty is pleased to see the North Londoner's four nil down at half time!
    All the best.

  9. Popsy,

    I thought you may chuckle;-)


    I'm not looking for a "bite" as I said on the blog with the first two clips, it is just a bit of fun.And with the clip on this one I have also poked fun at myself,you and Jon "Guido" Berry and all others who view our pastime to seriously.

    As for the Spurs result,I did not know until I got home.But I did laugh,but as the late John Lyall once said........"The more you progress in a Cup competition,the bigger the disappointment when you go out of the competition" .And that is bloody true after Wednesday night.So take solace in that,well not to much.

    Now if people think this blog entry will turn into a slanging match,your wrong.I'm logging off now as I have lot's to get sorted before another week at work.

    So just smile and see this blog for what it is.A load of old waffle.

  10. ...and "boris" when used as a slang term for a Barbel.

  11. It's now getting mild again,so I'm looking forward to getting the Pike tackle out again this weekend.Did anyone see Country File last night ?Lee your a natural in front of the camera,I reckon Conrad is in that swim now.;-)

  12. "knurr and spell" a great game that's ripe for a revival anyone? Beer I think is required for nest performance.

  13. Monty, Steve will always bite if he thinks his ego has been dented he can't resist.

    As you say spring is around the corner and our attention can turn to better things.


  14. Beer is a great leveller in most sporting contests, When I was an airman in Germany 35 years ago we would occasionally challenge out American counterparts to a sporting evening in the bowling alley. They were considerably better than us but by adding a couple of forfeits in the shape of alcoholic drinks.
    Basically if a player scored a strike he would have to drink a pint of beer, down in one, if he picked up a split it was a half of beer followed by a shot of schnapps, the winner of each game also had to drink a schnapps for every ten points he won by, rounded up. Very soon the playing field was level......We had some great nights.


  15. I'll allow the one little quip about egos etc,etc.But not the few others that where a little nasty.

    Now leave me in peace I'm already in work,while you lot doze in your beds.