Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Foot On Wembley Way/Angling Gods

Well have we (West Ham) got one foot on Wembley way ? After last night I will stick my kneck out and make a very,very tentative choice and say yes.It was a good afternoon in the pub and in the ground catching up with people like you do.Chew the fat,tell lies and try and look important,shit I was in an angling forum in another dimension,but full of Cockneys going "Fack,Fack,Mug,Cant"

Not a classic game but a very good Cup Tie and I hope those who watched it at home enjoyed it.The first half I thought we completely out played Birmingham and without the heroics of Ben Foster we could have been two or three goals up at the break.I would love to know what Uncle Fester said in his half time team talk to be honest.It must have been something like this,read it if you will in your best Yiddish."Right,you lot it's nearly the Sabbath and I want a pay off,Oi Vai,Oi Vai,so before you go out for the second half please leave your brains in the bin".Blimey it must have worked as we were proper pony in the second half.

Sure Birmingham were going to come at us,but we were very poor.So I'll settle for the 2-1 win,with ten men that we take to the Midlands in a couple of weeks time.As for Avram,now he is not hated down at the Boleyn Ground.And Gold,Sullivan and as my mate so succinctly put it last night "That fat slag and her poxy column in The Sun have not one iota of class.We would rather get relegated than have "Fergies Rent Boy" down at our gaff".As Martin O'neil appears to have to much sense to step in.

We the fans want the following........Julian Dicks as defensive coach.Paolo Di'Canio as midfield and striker coach.Martin "Mad Dog" Allen as our manger.Sure it would go tits up but think of the fun you could have.All three getting sent to the stands each week,while the "Chicken Run",run amok.Happy Days ;-)

Now I mentioned last week, that the Bard of BridgEnorth was going to Doncaster with the mighty Wolves as a guest of Bob Roberts.Who would have thought two angling egos of such size,could be in the same room as one another.Let alone on the same table.

The Bard phoned me,to let me know he had e-mailed me the photo to use on here and he said........Read in a thick Yam Yam accent if you will.

"Monty mon,fooking bostin were it,that Bob is a fooking ledgend and great company too"."No expense was spared,I had pie and chips,pie and gravy,pie and diet coke and yeah pie and cake"."He is not the tight arse Yorkshire man that many would have you believe,he even missed Tony Rocca".

"Here is the photo I promised yow".

I'd like to step in here and say I hope you reciprocate the "do" when you play Donnie next season.Nice one Bob ;-)Top right at the back looks a little,like a slimmer Matt Brown ?

That's all your getting until Sunday,my tackle needs to be sorted for a full day on the river on Saturday.And "Baby Bakes" goes back to University on Friday so we will be out for dinner tomorrow evening.But I'll try and come back on later in the week, with some actual serious angling stuff for a change as a couple of points have been spotted from Yat Rock.Oh and also a brace of Double figure Barbel that hopefully will come my way on Saturday.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Im gutted Monty, was expecting a card from Bob today but posty brought nowt. Guess he doesnt love me after all.


  2. Valentines Day is coming,try not to fret just yet.

  3. It was a truly splendid spread by 2bob's.

    Although I'm not sure why he has such a long face.......

    Its a shame Doncaster shut two of the home stands, otherwise I'm sure they could have mustered up a song or two between them......

    Return leg soon..... I'll be taking bob to the best pie shop in town.


  4. Glad you enjoyed it Bard and the other people who left comments.Sorry vitriol no,it is just a little bit of light hearted fun,OK.

  5. Why's Scubes got that constipated look on his face :-)

  6. is that tom herbert extreme right in the black shirt ? a real anglers gathering wernt it?