Saturday, 22 January 2011

Keith Bleeding Arthur

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Mr.Arthur for jinxing my trip to the river today.Listening to Fisherman's Blues this morning,dear old "Keef" was talking about the Thames and it's tributary's.And how the mighty Thames was banging through but the smaller rivers should be in fine fettle for this weekend, now that they are fining down and some good sport should be had.

I just rolled my eyes and thought"You bleeding bock Arthur"Do not ever believe a word this old rouge says in future.It was very hard indeed.
Or is it just my usual session of gross ineptitude ?I started fishing in the dark around 07.00 with Lob worms and Bread Crust for bait,roaming about and staying in a swim no more than twenty minutes.It was bloody cold in the wind and also a few sharp showers chilled the hands,but as I was touch ledgering I had no choice but to tough it out,I know Stef,I know.

Dropping a bait in and out of various pools, eddy's,under cut banks and raft swims.I had my first very gentle bite at around 10.30 while bouncing a worm around a swim I call the "House Pool".But I failed to connect and after another ten minutes I moved back upstream and had a coffee.Even though the fishing was hard going I was really enjoying myself,all the anglers from last weekend had failed to show and I had miles of river to myself.Now you and I know how good it is to be an angler and I love to be on the river at this time of year,more so when all the lazy sods are at home in bed.

I tried a few more swims with no joy and had one more speculative cast around 11.30 and by now it was pissing down.Ten minutes later I had a savage bite and caught this little chap here,sure they do not count on anything other than a a bit of fluff,but it was the first Trout this old MKIV Avon had caught so I thought I take a quick snap as my mate Treebeard,much prefers to be fishing as opposed to just being hung from a hook on the wall ;-).

Apologies for the slight blur,as the camera was wet after being dropped on the floor while I tried to stop the little bugger flipping all over the place,before he went back.

Now as you can see I did not use an unhooking mat,and I feel really bad as already this lot have been making dire threats into the Yat Phone.

I do hope that I can avoid the BS when I'm next on the river,as I'm not really happy about a load of zealots chasing me down the bank throwing there plimsolls at me,while I flee with my creel and cane. I'm truly sorry guys and will use a mat for all species in future.I think it is now time for a beer.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Oh how very fortunate, just wait until you see my pictures later.

    How righteous am I?

    After a day on a soul-less reservoir I'm off to the river tomorrow to fish in much the same style as you did today Monty, albeit with even more ineptitude (of that I am certain), oh - and of course I can't afford any cane. Atomic mass of 12 for me old boy.


  2. Monty are you going soft old chap................ a cup of coffee on the bank!

    It is tough going out there at the moment mate.

  3. Con,

    Cane rods are not that expensive.OK I'll admit the Barder cost a few Bob,but after you pay the initial deposit you get 15 months to save up the rest.The Scotties Carp,MKI Avon and Avocet I got cheaply.You have had how many Carbon rods made over the last few years ?And you still want more.

    How about getting a "Scotties" made from brand new ?It will cost you about 400.Or Andy Silwa or Paul Cook ? Or bite the bullet and get a Barder my small,cuddly, honey loving friend ;-0.


    Man Utd were lucky yesterday mate.

  4. How I despise the smug "I use a mat and dab a bit of antiseptic on so I must respect fish" brigade.

    You carry on Mont. Bugger 'em.

  5. Nah Monty, be a long time before Conny is ready for a cane, he still thinks the stiffer the better, 2lb test at least for small Trenty splashers I tell thee.

    The force isnt strong in this one yet.

  6. That's not water on the lens Monty. It's camera shake. Bloody cold was it?

  7. Le Otterman,

    And what pray tell would you know about photography ? Go on,bore off ;-)

  8. Bloody, ruddy Keith Arthur! He is no Jack Hargreaves. Can't stand the arrogant, know-it-all, football manager, self-percieved expert-on-everything.
    I abondoned TalkSport (TalkFootball) ages ago when they muzzled Mike Graham on the night show, and was glad to be rid of Arthur's droning as I woke.