Monday, 24 January 2011

The Olympic Stadium Drama

Blimey I never knew this ?Seb Coe was once a "Top Boy" in our firm.

I've been talking to people about this for the last couple of weeks now.Not a soul I know wants us to move to the Olympic Stadium.And not one Spurs fan I know wants to move from White Hart Lane also.

It is the one time I want Spurs to beat us at anything.But I think we will win the bid,if winning is the right word.Now I'm not a fan of Harry Redknapp,but his article in The Sun last Friday was mostly spot on.Though the bit about West Ham fans not liking him now as he manages Spurs, is way off the mark.We don't like you as your a snide,bung taking,saggy chops,twitching wrong 'un.

But our wonderful Karen"Must Stop Eating" Brady, was as ever totally out of sync with her article today.We have 17,000 people on a season ticket waiting list ?Total an utter bollocks Karen as you and the other two planks know.All three of you have been totally graceless since you took charge of MY club.You lot have a "Business Model" of how things will go at the Olympic Stadium,bringing fans in for a day out.

Who in there right mind,wants to be at the best 45 meters from the pitch ?At the worst a potential 200 meters ?Who wants to spend the best part of the day being shown around the ground,have lunch,spend money in the shop and watch the game and then go home ?Not anyone I know!A corporate plastic jamboree is what you wankers want.When we go down you must expect around 25,000 average gates next season.If we are still down,when and If we move into the Olympic Stadium it will be a soulless bowl.

So good luck to the lot over in North London.

I will be at Brum on Wednesday for our second leg of the Carling Cup Semi-Final.Without a ticket to the game,we have sold our allocation of 6,000.But the police expect an additional 6,000 to travel without tickets.I'll try and get one off a tout,if not we will find a pub to watch it in.But with no fit strikers I feel it will go tits up.

Who cares,your West Ham right ?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Karen Brady?
    A woman?
    What the fuck does she know about offside?

  2. Can't see either Monty why the hell anyone wants to watch footy across a bloody running track. Trouble is after the shabby treatment of Avram Grant from certain quarters within West Ham nothing surprises me anymore.
    You used to stand for all that was good in the game, sublime proper football, a brilliant youth policy and players and managers (and the board) who behaved like gentlemen (aka the Greenwood era). Sadly some attached to your club seem to have no morals or ethics and are keen to dis associate and distance themselves from the feeling of the supporters and the history of Upton Park.
    Last time I posted I said that it appears to be indicative of the modern game and I envy those who support the afc wimbledons and even fc uniteds of this current world.

    All the best for Wednesday

  3. Le Otterman,

    Just because you played for Arsenal and in the twilight of your careerer Luton Town.There is no need to post and act like a sexist bore.Go open a pub or something like most old footballers.


    Can't argue with that.Must dash or I'll miss me train.

  4. At last, back home in Dail Riada, i have been away for far too long.

    Neeps, tatties and haggis shall be my faire this evening along with a note from dear old Rab to keep me company.

    O my Luve's like a red, red rose,
    That's newly sprung in June:
    O my Luve's like the melodie,
    That's sweetly play'd in tune.
    As fair art thou, my bonie lass,
    So deep in luve am I;
    And I will luve thee still, my dear,
    Till a' the seas gang dry

    Raise a wee dram and enjoy your evening.

    Yours as always A-DS