Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy Anniversary Fatwa World

Phew what a great first year for the folk of Barbel Fatwa World,or is it Bitching Fishing World(Thanks for that Deano).Plenty of back slapping and high fives since the board went over from Yuku.But is it for the better ?

Around eight maybe nine years ago, I guess many of us used to post away with gay abandon on where we fished and what we caught.Angling forums were new and vibrant and the share and care was a great blast.After a couple of years though some people myself included started to wise up and shy away from posting our venues.Not because we caught ground breaking fish,but because we value, if you work all week some peace and quiet, at the weekend to get away from the real world.Many people did and still do I would assume,trawl river reports to find out what is coming out and where.

As time moved on the moderation(yes I know it's a thankless task Jon);-),got worse and worse and very specific areas were left for all to see on the river reports.When people had a moan other posters would say......"It's not YOUR river,your selfish for wanting all the fish to yourselves" Insert toss pots icon if you want to.Even the "Gruff" and I used to argue like cat and dog.But he does now agree with me.It was not all the fish we wanted but as I've said before peace and quiet.Is there noting better in angling than arriving at a new venue and getting your walking boots on and finding out for yourself ? So very many want it all on a plate.This is not just a Fatwa world faux pa,but other forums.I had a chuckle in the summer,over a guy on the Cemex forum who wanted some good Tench waters in the Colne Valley.What ? Take your bleeding pick mate!

No I agree with Steve Pope(Who'd have a thought eh Steve);-0,but angling forums have mostly had their day.It's to easy to give away to much.The legend that is Dick Downing once said to me"You have to protect your own fishing".And he was right.Not all forums though as the Pike&Pred forum can be a laugh,as can Pure Piscator. One should not take ones self to seriously on an angling forum,just have a chuckle.Though good 'ol Fatwa gives me a real belly laugh each time I look.So please stay as you are you wonderful, self absorbed, font off all knowledge,bunch of know alls.Not all I may add,but most could start an Internet ruck,on the most daft of questions.Like.......How does Boris swim ?

Now to the Ashes,not an awful lot to be said except my 2-1 bet went down.But I'd rather have done my dough,as I have done and had a 3-1 win as opposed to a 2-2.Well done and I'm looking forward to the Indian and Sri Lanker Tests in the summer.

FA CUP third round weekend to.God I wish I could be at Upton Park, the first round three game I've missed for years.But the Gruff is coming around to Chez Monty in the morning,to do a plumbing job.But needs and must's and all that.I do know that the Bard of BridgEnorth is off to Doncaster tomorrow,as Wolves take on Big Bad Bobs's team .I did hear Bob has hired a box to lay on a spread for the legend that is the Bard.I await the photo's as confirmation over the next few days, if you would be so kind.It should be a good game that and I reckon a Donnie win 4-0 ;-).

It's getting mild now down in the South so all the Boris squad will be playing with there meat late into the night.I hope to grab a few hours out on Sunday,not sure where yet though ?So if your out on the bank this weekend enjoy it.Or even at football have a safe journey to where ever your heading.It's Friday and I'm off for a cupla pints.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I'll take 3-1 Monty, sorry about yer dosh ;-)

    I'm going to try go get out Sunday, first time for nearly a month, no idea's yet. I'll think of something, be lucky all.

  2. Things have changed a great deal Monty over the years on mots forums.The days of helping are long gone in some ways but they do still serve a purpose so i will disagree with you when you say they have had their day in the sun.Fishins and charity's are helped and that is a good thing.But the angling world would be a duller place without the likes of Colin Gordon and others who make themselves out to be demi gods on places like bfw.A belated happy new year to you.

  3. JAA,

    I hope you have a good day on Sunday and update your web site,you must allow comments ;-)


    Yes I will agree that things have changed,forums today seem to be inhabited, with people who want to prove that the rod that hold is bigger than another anglers.But who is the biggest prick ?

    It's all me,me and blooming me.Na fuck 'em ;-0