Sunday, 2 January 2011


Now I'm not going to gloat after our win over Wolves yesterday.I was,as I'm sure the Bard of Bridenorth will testify very restrained and did not wind him up to much.A few years back I would have been murder to be truthful.Why ? Because the Premiership is really a load of old bollocks.

I paid 46 quid for a match ticket yesterday,and with beer a bet and food it was a 100 pound day out.As I've said before I gave my season ticket up around six or so years ago as their are to many poxy kick off times .I only really like to go football at 15.00 on a Saturday,give or take the odd midweek game.The days of being able to walk to the Boleyn Ground are long gone and now it takes around ninety minutes.

Were we fortunate yesterday ? Most definitely as watching MOTD this morning you would have thought Wolves were not really in it.But we are both very poor sides and I think the three who will go down are Us,Wolves and Fulham.But does it matter to me,well not a bit.Football for me is now about going and meeting mates who you grew up with.We all started going alone to football from the age of ten years old,after our Dad's took us when we were all younger.So we have known each other and our family's trials and tribulations for a long while.Mates you can depend on if need be.Though looking around the pub yesterday,some should grow up a little and go to bed earlier on New Years Eve.Fourty year old men all moaning and shaking like they were in an ice box.Stay off the narcotics lads and go to bed like I did at ten o'clock.And god was I on form ;-)

So most people I know would like us to go down.As most games in the lower leagues kick off at 15.00 on a Saturday.Sky has really killed the game,and I refuse to pay for it.It's for people who want to sit at home and "Enjoy" the experience of football.What a total load of bollocks that concept is.You can't move in some Premiership grounds for "supporters" taking photos of various players.

Now for us,we have Newcastle away in the week.Then Barnsley at home in the FA CUP on Saturday.And I fancy Barnsley to get a result as we have "Brum" a few days later in the Semi-Final of the worlds biggest Cup competition and our minds will be on that.Then Arsenal at home on the Saturday.After that we do not have a home game at 15.00 hrs on a Saturday until I think March.Now to me that is very,very poor.So if anyone thinks the Premiership is the "Be all and end all",trust me lads it's not.But I guess some of you who go football know that.

Don't get me wrong I'll always love West Ham,it's where I'm from.The club along with most clubs are the fans.Not the owners or players,they come and go.But I fear Sky will just get stronger and stronger.So here is to going down and hopefully getting cheaper tickets in the future,as this is the worst West Ham side I've seen for years and years.And for the "Plastic" fans,who wear the shirts of various clubs and have never been in their lives.Take a look in the mirror,and tell me if you are true Man Utd,Chelsea or Liverpool fans.Na I thought not.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good to see though mate and yep we all get older but do not grow up much and unlucky with the lucky 15 but three winners at Cheltenham paid a few bob you flash git.Shame the last one came secound but you did say if we go down you would renew your season ticket but your were pissed when we left the pub.i will see you at the birmingham game.


  2. Very well put Monty. The "premiership" is all about money, corporate and the like, even the lower leagues are going that way to a certain extent.
    Sometimes I envy the supporters of the Wimbledons and FC Uniteds, they've got something that I had 20yrs ago. You know what I mean Monty, that feeling of being a real part of and making a difference to YOUR club.
    A couple of years back I even toyed with the idea of going to non league just to see if I could recapture that feeling, instead I too gave up my season ticket after 30 odd years and just went to the odd game when it suited.
    Can't really see me getting another season ticket as i'm finding it hard to even get the enthusiasm to watch it on the telly these days.

    Have a cracking New Year and keep up the good blogging

  3. Nought to do with footy, but:

    Tuesday, 22:00 on BBC Radio 2
    1/2. Nina's daughter Simone explores her mother's life and career.

  4. Forget Nina and Football for a minute.But what about the world changing events in The Archers yesterday evening ?

    Poor Nigel,still they will be making plans no doubt for him I am sure.And what about Helen,who had pre-eclampsia.Gave birth and made it up with her Farther.Wow.I love the Archers it puts the Barbel world to shame ;-)

    But yes I'll see you at the Brum,game mate.Got the afternoon of work.:-).Anon,who is your team or are West Ham too ?

    Lastly JAA,I saw that in the Times on Saturday and will listen on I-Player ;-)

  5. Oh Monty,i feel for you old butte.The beautiful game has been wrenched from the working man.How did you sleep in your leafy suburb,or manage to wet a line in the southern chalk streams with your Barder as such travesties were manifest?

    You stick your snout in the same trough as the "dirty digger",do you not?

  6. Wrenched from the working man ? Not exactly but Sky dictate most of the kick off times,they care not about the fan who travels to watch a game.Only for the Pizza and Budweiser brigade at home.

    As for the Barder and Chalk Streams,worked my nuts off to own the former.Work even harder to live where we do.Plus East London is not the most pleasant of places to reside these days.Well if your not into Sharia Law anyway ;-)

  7. Monty
    Not an iron i'm afraid although have always thought they played the beautiful game the right way (Dicks maybe the exception :-)).
    Been to the Boleyn a few times, Cups and all that, and you've been to Gresty Road a couple of times.
    Like I said, the corporate is evident even at our level, what with a players lounge now keeping them away from the ordinary fan and in the realm of the sponsor, corporate numpty and the clueless when it comes to picking a MOM.

    All seater stadia (for Christs sake it's a bloody ground)have been the death of it at our level. I spent game after game arguing the toss with the tin pot stewards who were telling me it was for my own good to sit down. We aint talking the top tier at Old Trafford here but a slightly sloping, fifteen row, Gresty End.

    Average 4,000 gates and then a full house when the big boys come in the cups, having to listen to the hangers on reporting you to the stewards because they paid to sit down (once a season)and can't see much because you keep leaping up and down like a demented lemming.

    Add to that the building of the National ground back in the outpost of Wembley (2 days off from up North if you want to watch the national side) and finaly the moving of Internationals to Friday nights to make it even more difficult. Then you've got a div like Rooney on quarter of a Mill a week, just about did for me. It's now so divorced from the true supporter and man in the street.
    Anyway that's wittered on long enough. Good luck in the Cup and do it for the proper clubs.

  8. Nothing sadder than critising someone who worked for what he's got, like it's some kind of betrayal of the working class. I despise that - at what ponit exactly while you're working you nadgers off for you and yours, are you crossing the line?

    Pray tell anon?

  9. Julian Dicks,ah the memories.


    I doth think he was just poking fun.In work all ready trying to find a spread price on the FTSE 100 going over 7000 at some point this year.;-0

  10. Ah. Apologies then....(looks sheepish, tries to hide under desk)...

  11. No need to look sheepish on here,no need at all ;-)

  12. Not criticising anybodies efforts Jaa.

    Find it amusing that the man who works for the big corporation is admonishing the big corporation for ruining football.

    Happy new year,by the way.

  13. A big Corporation ? Twenty core staff but with a large client base.Christ most boutique Hedge Funds do not go beyond ten staff.Private Equity Firms,have backers as do we.But do not have a huge core staff.

    Na you don't know an awful lot ;-)