Thursday, 20 January 2011

Doppelgängers of the Angling World Part VII

Well January is absolutely flying by so I thought it was time I dropped in another one of these.What are the chances of seeing these two fine specimens of mankind out on the bank side ?Well no chance what so ever.

This here is that nutty Doctor Harold Shipman,I don't really need to go any further with this one do I.

And this chap here is Lancashire rod make for the great and good,Dave "Lumby" Lumb.Who can be found most days at some stage,offering his very special form of sardonic wit over on the PAC forum and Pike and Predator forum.Rumour is that he smiled for the first time in two years recently,when England retained The Ashes.He does though make some really nice rods.

Moving swiftly on as I'm really pressed for time,but this tune here is creating quite a stir. It's a song called You and Me,by a band called Penny and the Quarters.Now it sounds like a classic soul tune from the 1960's.But it's not, it's actually a rehearsal tape from the 1970's that turned up in an estate sale five years ago.Nobody knows who really recorded it,as Penny the and Quarters was the name on the box.But it has a starring role in the film Blue Valentine that I hope to take in at some stage over the weekend.I think this song is superb,sure it's not polished but the lead vocal is wonderful.

I'll be out on the river on Saturday for a short five hour morning session and will just fish Lob worms and Bread Crust,for what ever comes along.Travelling light and keeping my interest levels up,as opposed to fishing static in a deep slumber of nothingness.If you are out on the bank this weekend,I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I can fully endorse Mr Lumb's rods Monty, i have one made for me by him that i use for barbel fishing and it is superb!

    Good luck on Saturday mate.

  2. It's 'This old heart of mine' innit Monty? Backing vocals at about 2:20 are like just before the middle eight on tracks of my tears by Smokey Robinson.

    Both are great songs and so I like it! Nice to hear a band actually rehearsing and performing a song as opposed to constructing it in the studio and then trying to recreate the intricate monster live that they made with machines.

    This weekend I shall be Perch fishing on a concrete bowl in Lincolnshire, I am picking up my 100 lobworms tomorrow. Might go for a few hours on my local river Sunday as well. If I do I will also be travelling light. I have some stuff to say about Trenty type static barbelling myself, if only I had the time.....

    By the way I reckon that mutual mate of hours is an alien, I'll let him tell you why.


  3. I had this tune in my head all day today ;-0