Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barbel Society Promotional Videos

While in work early yesterday morning I took a phone call from the new Steven Spielberg of the angling world.And he asked If I had seen the new videos the Barbel Society were promoting in order to attract new members and move forward.

I had not, so he e-mailed me these two over, this one being the first. Please be aware they both contain the odd profanity,so if your upset by such things please do not click on the links.

And this one being the second.

Just think of the fun that can be had with this lot over the coming weeks and months.You have to pay a small fee to get them "live" so to speak.But hell I can really go to town and some ideas are already germinating in my tiny pea size mind.

I got back from Birmingham last night at around 02.00 and I'm a little disappointed but that's football.If it was not for my fishing I'm sure I would have gone mad after following West Ham for the last 35 years or so.First ever game age 5,in 1975 with my old man still sticks in my mind.Thanks Dad,why did you turn left to Upton Park out of our estate, when as right turn would have taken us to Highbury ?Only joking you support who you do and I for one would not change that for anything.Going to be a long day at work today though.

Enjoy the videos I've a train to catch.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Superb observation there by who ever wrote them ! Lmfco !

  2. Didn't think it would take long ;-) Certainly brightened a grey morning. Wonder how long before they all get 'pulled'.

    Tough luck last night but it was a great cup tie for the rest of us.

  3. Monty, Monty, Monty............
    You'll soon have acquired a new nickname with this sort of thing... mmm...."Stiletto" maybe, cuts the pricks down to size.

    No mention of 'Dynamite' in either of the vids', so can't hear any explosions... though 'Reynard' gets a few mentions.

  4. I do know who made them but I am sworn to secrecy.I shall however have a little play in the near future.;-0

  5. excellent! Thanks Monty for making me laugh.


  6. Those are achingly funny (and I'm not a Boris basher at all). Off after some roach this week-end wish me luck.

  7. Wanker................. missed the 's' off the end of that!


  8. It's all good fun in my eyes,lest we take our pastime and ourselves to seriously ?Good luck where ever you cast a line this weekend.I'm off for a pint ;-)