Saturday, 31 December 2011

Out With The Old

Out with the old is the mantra for this time of year for many,but I quite like the old and nostalgia to be truthful.I debated yesterday as to whether to go fishing today as I've got the dreaded man flu.I woke up Thursday with a hacking cough and all that comes with it,runny nose,aching limbs and a complete lack of taste.And it puts me in a filthy mood,but well I had not cast a line since prior to Christmas so I managed a few hours.

I popped down to a local beat of river that seldom sees a soul,sure the bank side vegetation is mostly in a lethargic mood.But the grass,owing to the weather being very mild is still growing with aplomb and the lack of footfall from anglers and ramblers leaves everything nice and mud free.And I hate,with a passion getting caked in mud while on the bank.

Just a few hours trotting for me with two pints of maggots casting for what ever came along,I have said before my trotting skills are very poor.It's something I have always wanted to remedy but seem to get side tracked with other things.But I think this particular form of angling,when done correctly is one of the most skillful forms of coarse fishing.And I do not give it any kind of justice,more lurching the stream as opposed to a fluent trot.But I still somehow manged to hood wink some Dace and small Roach for my four hours.My back does bloody ache though after a while standing up and running a float downstream.It was a nice few hours with the sun peeking about from behind the cloud cover for around ten minutes.I'll have to put some more time in with the trotting tackle in the New Year for some Roach I spotted rolling at dusk,last season while Pike fishing.

And keeping with the old,this old boy winning an unprecedented fifth King George on Boxing Day.22,000 people packed into Kempton Park and the place erupting,it would have maybe rivaled the "Cheltenham Roar"as he came home in front and Kauto Star never looked in danger all through the race.The Gold Cup in March promises to be some spectacle If both Kauto and Long Run can arrive fit and healthy.And I hope to be here for this race also.Memories are made of things like this,If you love horse racing we can all look back and think of Best Mate,One Man,Desert Orchard,Denman etc,etc.But Kauto is very,very special and fingers crossed that he does himself and his connections justice in 2012.

So what would I like from next year?To see the Association of Barbel Fishers go from strength to strength.They have a good "team" and are open to the thoughts and concerns of there members and are well worth having a peek at with some very good anglers posting on there vibrant forum.I do not include myself in the good angler mode,I'm just average.Rejoin the river syndicate I dropped this season owing to work and a house move as I really miss casting a line here.And just continue to look at life through a glass "Half Full View" as opposed to doom and gloom.And still take the piss on here,anyone seen the FM "Barbel Forum" over Christmas?You'll know what I mean.

I will wish you a safe and happy 2012,time for some Lemsip for me.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Well it's that time of year again,the time for peace and good will to all men or is it?Yesterday I had a few brief hours out on the river and I mean brief.Gruff as ever had to cancel his angling trip with me at the last minute and trust me readers never have an angling companion who knows hows to fix broken boilers,as people crawl out of the wood work at this time of year for help!Thus scuppering our plans.

I'll keep it short but sweet a little like wee Jimmy Krankie,the filthy minx.I fished a local stretch of river to me and in the space of fours hours I had.......Slipped over in the cloying mud.Broken the tip of a John Wilson Quiver,tore my brace bottoms getting over a stile,landed four small Chub on my trusty Scotties cane rod.Oh and yeah,had a run in with a plank of a dog walker that resulted in the local plod actually tramping over fields,to find me as I told a delightful owner of a German Shepard that went for me,that if the dog came near me again I would throw it in the river.He phoned the old bill the prick.After his dog off the lead and him a good fifty yards way got very aggressive when it came across me.I love dogs,but my old boy was always under "manners".Oh and here was a wee Chub,caught in a rare moment of calm.

I could not wait to get home and that's about it.I will cut this short as it's getting on as I'm needed by my dear friend Mr.Claus to help deliver presents all over the world tonight.You see I love Christmas I really do and for those that do not,I feel for you.

So from high up on Yat Rock,enjoy your Christmas and keep the faith.Even if you use those dreadful carbon rod thingies!!

See you in 2012.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Still Water Barbel ?

What is it with Barbel anglers on Internet forums that this particular subject causes so much angst and incrimination?Why do people drone on and on,night and day,day and night.But when something more significant raises it's head in Internet land,lets just say a pollution incident for arguments sake,people do not seem to care?Am I missing the point here?

Take a look at this if you will...........It's now on 23 pages of posts that in the most seem just pointless posturing,insipid and spiteful comments and well, just down right a load of old bollocks.And you know what,it's has had myself and others in stitches all week.It's possibly the funniest and most pointless thread in Internet land at present.If you are still with it at the end,take a peek at a very barbed comment aimed at dear old Fred Bonney........

He was likened to a "One Man Bile Generator" by another poster.I've never heard of such a thing to be honest.We had some big storms in the UK on Thursday night and with the prospects of power cuts looming,I Googled "One Man Bile Generator" and lo and behold up popped this.

Your very own "One Man Bile Generator",retailing at a rather costly £1.99 and I think every home should have one.Just look at those fluffy ears,isn't he just adorable?But seriously guys those they have in the main taken part on that thread.......Thank you for making my days at work go much quicker.I know the team over on FATWA,are glad of so many banned anglers posting elsewhere and not cluttering up FATWA.

Anyway,moving away from mischief and going back to a more gentler age of angling,we have these books being reissued by the Medlar Press written by "BB".They are "Be Quite and go Angling","The Whopper" and "A Carp Water".All are being sold for twenty pounds sterling,very reasonable if you ask me and I hope Santa brings me all three for Christmas,as I've been such a good boy this year.

Back to Football now and my comments about Doncaster Rovers last week really came back to haunt me,after they beat Southampton 1-0 at home.I would like to point out that the comment "They were Pony" was not said by me,but a friend.So all the texts into the Yat Phone giving me stick,may I suggest YOU READ the blog entry properly before being mean to me.That's mainly aimed at you Ian "Hooter" Mac OK?Also we lost at home to Burnley 1-2 after I predicted a win,great league the Championship,wholly unpredictable and I for one hope we do not get promotion.I can't let the football go with out thanking Mr.Joe Coral for offering such delicious odds on both the Manchester teams,getting knocked out in the week and a nice tickle that was.

Sticking with the gambling tack and a good meeting is taking place at Cheltenham today,I'll be home in time from work for this after popping down to Jermyn Street for Mummy and Daddy's Christmas presents.Main race of the day is the Christmas Gold Cup at 14.30 and a very competitive race.I'm going to have a small bet in what is only a very tentative selection in Great Endeavour,that is trading around 11/2 at present.

That's about it,all this being in work at the weekends is getting in the way of fishing.But that's life and I'm always one to see my glass as half full as opposed to half empty.I'll be out again for a few sessions over Christmas,both socially and on my Jacks.For what species,well maybe a few Still Water Barbel.Enjoy your weekend and If your on the bank today I envy you it's a lovely day to be out.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XIIII

Nothing to report on the angling front this week from myself,way to busy at work.And I'm hastily doing this from my trusty lap top when I in truth I'm supposed to be getting a major presentation ready for next week.Who would honestly entrust me,to stand up and show what our company has to offer?The mind as they say simply boggles and I may not get out on the bank now until around the 21st when I lock up the desk and depart our bustling metropolis until the New Year.

But I have in quieter periods this week got the spy glass out and peered around from Yat Rock......First up is this little Doppelgänger that made me chuckle in the week and I hope it tickles your fancy in some way.Below we have Alexi Sayle that left wing so called "Comedian".

And here we have his twin brother Alexi Sayle also.I have not got a clue who this guy is,but I nicked this photo from the Fatwa gallery in the week.Who ever you are mate,nice scarf.And keeping with the real Alexi Sayle,I had the misfortune to catch him on radio 4 in the week and I do not find him in anyway amusing.Or his mate Ben Elton,I do so love a champagne swilling left wing comedian.It's very easy I would assume to be part of the Islington or Hampstead "intelligista"that loves to preach and tell us all how we should be more caring,while sitting in a gilded castle and that the nasty working class are bigots,for voicing concerns over immigration.I think you may know where I'm coming from on this.

Enough of the politics as it's a very emotive subject for us all at present,what with the country supposedly being on it's knees and it will be for a few years to come?So I'll get back to the football.We play at home to Burnley later on today and it's looking like it could be a good game.They came from behind to beat Hull 3-2 away last week and then demolished Ipswich 4-0 in the week.While we have also won our last two games.I think a 3-1 to us,shame I can't be there today but I'm going out to dinner tonight.And going football,then going out to dinner are not conducive really to a romantic night.It does look like poor old Doncaster are down already and I spoke to a Milwall mate of mine in the week and I quote"We are crap mate,but they are proper pony".All is not lost yet for Doncaster but I think it will be very hard for them and let's hope no other clubs try this so called "Experiment",where the agent pulls the strings.Oh and also Dirty Leeds(hello Rob) let me down for a treble last Saturday,then win away in the week mad that.I'll not say to much about Gary Speed,as this is not the place for it.I heard,while out having lunch last Sunday,very sad news indeed!Massive game also between Wolves and Sunderland tomorrow,a must win for Wolves surely and I'm sure all the plastics who post about their beloved Wolves on various angling forums will be at the game,as opposed to sitting at home in front of Sky.Yes you know who you are.

Lastly it's a cracking afternoons national hunt racing from Aintree and Sandown.Sadly the horse I wanted to back in the Tingle Creek at Sandown,Tataniano has been confirmed as a non-runner owing to conditions underfoot.I'll still be home in time from work to watch most of the meetings and can enjoy it without having a bet,I may have a little dabble if something catches my fancy.

That's it for this week,sorry for the lack of angling content.I could go out after work in the week and sit in the dark and wait for a Barbel to hang itself,just to post up a "fishy blog".Been there,done that and it bores me now.Much prefer to look around me but each to their own.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dead Baits At Dawn

I should have played golf,pure and simple.But I could not find anyone to take the day off at short notice and I did not fancy turning up at my local club on the off chance of finding a game.Lest I get caught with Alan "Calculator"Jones,he needs it trust me.Or his mate "Turbo" who has the most dreadful stammer.So I went fishing.

How many ways can you dress up a blog entry,to hide a mundane blank?Shall I wax lyrical about the sunrise.Who wants to read that,we all see them do we not.I could mention Kingfishers swooping and the gentle song of a Robin and the like.How I enjoyed the solitude and the "just being there".Total bollocks that would be and I was bored.

I arrived at the river just at the light was creeping across the horizon(cue romantic song interlude) and Pike were crashing about all over the place below a weir pool, I had chosen to fish.I thought my luck was in,but by 07.30 when the sun was out the place was stock still.And that was it.My float did not move my Mackerel went unmolested and by 13.00 I decided enough was enough.Packed up and went home then went for a few pints. Highlight of the day?A phone call from the venerable"Ousemeister" to enquire how I was getting on and was I fishing alone.And he said this and I quote...."Much better to fish on your own mate,be like me,a loan wolf,trust your gut instincts stay focused and hungry".He said this without the merest hint of irony!There is a word for you mate and it begins with a W and ends in an R and not is not wonder.Your needed on Fatwa mate,with drivel like that.

Christmas is just around the corner and I know times are hard for many of us at present,but if your on the look out for a new book.Try this,a cracking read it is to,pricey yes but most angling books are these days.

Now a little rant........How the 'effing 'ell can four,yes that is four razor blades retail at £8.12?Is there and international cabal of razor manufactures all in cahoots with each other.It's a disgrace and I'm going to try and find out why they are so expensive.I sound a right grumpy sod today do I not.Good!

That is all your getting today,a total boring and pointless blog entry about nothing.But an honest one I like to think.I'm off to West Ham later as we play Derby at home,with a 17.20 kick off and the chances are I will be pissed or partly pissed.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D

PS Well done to Yessling Ying on your capture yesterday mate,good to hear the elation in your voice.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Operation Ying And A Lucky Hat

After last weeks sullen and lifeless blank on our local river,the pressure was really on as Yessling Ying was travelling over from the border lands for a days Perch fishing with Gruff and I.Yesslings PB Perch stands at a very modest and dare I say honest weight of 1.14lb and he has looked on in envy at some of the Perch we have caught over the years.Oh and it was his birthday yesterday so nowt like pressure is their?

We needed a change of luck as our local river has been in a fickle mood of late,with very little coming out.It just seems so listless at present but I had a plan!It was time for the lucky hat to make an appearance for the first time this season........

I know it's not your normal angling tifter and I apologise for the over zealous advertising,of MIZUNO MAKERS OF THE FINEST GOLF CLUBS IN THE WORLD,cough.But it is my lucky Perch hat so in the rucksack late on Thursday it went.

Operation Ying started in earnest at 05.00Hrs yesterday morning as I drilled my worms in what to expect from the Mongol hordes of Crayfish.In fact it was the finest speech of my life to be fair and each worm was bedecked in Claret and Blue with the motto "These colours don't run".William Wallace 'aint got nothing on me.

We met Ying at first light and after hand shakes and birthday greetings it was straight off to the river.I chose the venue this week as I've had plenty of three pound plus Perch here over the years, the largest being 3.12lbs.I can't catch a four pound Perch for love nor money no matter how hard I try,maybe that's the problem trying?I suggested an area for Ying to fish as for me it's an absolute "banker" Perch swim,but he declined owing to it's proximity to some over head power cables.Gruff being some what older than us had dropped into the nearest swim he could,muttering away about how it's "To bastard hot for mesen" in his finest Donnie accent.

We went upstream to a wooded area and fished side by side chatting about this and that.Both laughing about the Barbel Forum on Fishing Magic and how it's like a home for banned Fatwa posters.No fish were fourth coming so after an hour we moved back downstream and I'll not labour the point I failed my mate.I tried,I really did want him to catch a new PB Perch but all he caught were Minnows from a variety of swims.Gruff had a Perch of about a pound,but what was odd and I'm not complaining was the fact that not even the Crayfish were active and this place is full of them.The river is so low at present it was hard work,even the Chub were quite and they can be a pain when targeting the Perch.

I suppose I better mention how I fared being as it's my blog.Well as Yessling did not want to fish my "banker" swim I fished it and was rewarded with three Perch and a Dace.The largest of the Perch being this one here at 3.1lbs a real fat Crayfish muncher this fish.All caught on double lob worms on a size eight hook,yes even the greedy little Dace.I've got a nice photo holding the fish(thanks mate),but there is a very prominent land mark visible in the background and I can't be arsed to photo shop it out.So this will have to do I'm afraid.

I also bumped off a good fish just after noon,I cast out and went to return the rod to the rest when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the 'Pin going round.I lifted instead of struck and felt a good thump and then nothing,I assume a fish had taken the bait on the drop.Sod it or words to that effect.Sure I was glad to get a nice fish yesterday,but would much preferred that the birth day boy did but he took it well.Always another day though mate and I'm glad you like our Southern ditch,totally different to your Wye and Severn.I'm not sure I will fish next week or not as we need some rain to pep things up a little.The levels as said before are dire and the rivers around here are looking a little dirty and dishevelled.I fancy some Chub fishing in the frost to be honest,but it's still very mild and so will maybe have a game of golf.

I'll put my feet up later today,bottle of wine and listen to Talk Sport.Must crack on now and get things done and get down the bookies and put a few bets on.If your out this weekend tight lines and if your not,then why not?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Armistice Day Angling

I did intend to give this blog entry the title of "Poppy Day Perch" as Gruff and I had a mornings Perch fishing yesterday.I took along a couple of extra Poppy's to place along side the fish we were bound to catch as I thought it would make a nice photo.And we blanked,not a sniff of a bite was to be had between us.

Conditions were text book for an Autumn Perch or two,low light levels and a fine drizzle and it just did not happen.Gruff's fault though as he wanted to fish a stretch of river that does not contain any Cray fish.It did not contain any fish either though did it mate,not a fish moved anywhere on the river.I fished five swims,one hour in each and the tip of the rod never moved while Gruff sat it out in one swim on the float for nixy poo.

Why was the river seemingly so devoid of life?I have not got a clue to be honest and spotted a rather forlorn Kingfisher dive again and again for his breakfast only to come back with nothing.A weir about a mile and a half further down stream has collapsed so the levels are very low that may be one reason.The EA says it's up to the Estate to fix the weir,the Estate say the opposite.So while they both argue the toss the river drops lower and lower on a daily basis.Here is the swim I spent the last hour in,tell me what self respecting Perch would not like to live here?Next week we have our mutual friend Yeslling Ying coming over for the day,so the plan is mate to listen to Monty and not Gruff.I won't let you down(have I ever),but bring about a 100 lob worms,as between the Cray fish we WILL catch some Perch.

Leaving the angling alone now for another week.I commute into central London for work on a daily basis.It's a pain as the trains get more and more unreliable,but the walk up from London Victoria has it perks at this time of year.I took this in the week as I go through Green Park on my way into the office.I like the old style lanterns as you can almost if you look very carefully see Mr.Tumnus step out on some mornings.Or is it just my furtive imagination.

Is it not really boring with no proper football this weekend,owing to a barrage of freindly matches.I'm not at all interested in England and have not been for some time.They play a pedestrian and bland style of football.Get back to the proper stuff next week!I did have a nice four timer go tits up last Saturday.BlackPool to beat Millwall at Evens,MK Dons to beat Rochdale at 8/13,Us to win away at Hull at 6/4 and Ipswich to beat Doncaster.Thank you Mr.Diouf you nasty so and so.

I'm not a James Bond film fan at all in this day and age.You can't beat Sean Connery in my humble opinion.It just bores me to tears as do many things to be truthful,my grouchiness seems to grow by the day.But..............Naomi Harris has been chosen to appear in the next Bond Movie.I have a huge crush on the lady she is gorgeous,hell I even fancied her in Pirates of the Caribbean and she had no teeth in that film.So I may be tempted,just may I said.

Lastly I've left you with this little clip above,it's still as poignant today as it was when it was first aired over twenty years ago.I'll be at Whitehall on Sunday as I normally am and would not miss it for the world.It just crackles with emotion and you don't need telling by the likes of me to wear your Poppy with pride.Or do you?

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn Gold

Mr Crabtree tells us that Perch are a species that are so synonymous with Autumn,with falling leaves and Autumn mists.And it was with a glad heart I jumped out of bed yesterday to arrive for a few hours Perch fishing at first light.The last time I cast a line on this particular beat of river was November 2009,and as I was walking across the fields great swirls of mists were rising in the chill morning air.You walk down about a mile or so towards the waters edge kicking up dew as you go along.

This particular beat has seen me fish for most species except Perch.And in the years I've been fishing here I have never seen another angler and yesterday was no different.All I had for company were the animals of the wood and an abundance of bird life.I set up in the first swim just as the daylight was breaking over the horizon intending to lay on with a juicy lob worm.But the plethora of leaves coming downstream,twisting and spinning like little upturned beetles made it difficult so I moved swims after half an hour.The second swim was no better also it was alive with Cray fish,time for a stroll to find another area.

I found around half a mile past this area a nice deep under cut and lowered in a link ledger.Sat back and then decided I needed to answer the call of nature,just as I was in full flow the rod was knocking away merrily and lunging for the rod missed the bite and managed to soak my left leg to.So I missed the first bite of the day added to that I pissed all over my self not really an auspicious start.

The wind was really picked up around 11 o'clock showering me and everything in a carpet of leaves.My rod top was constantly knocking with the rubbish that was floating downstream,so holding the rod was the best option and touch ledgerd until 1 o'clock when I packed up.No Perch showed for me today,but I was "Leted" out.

Chublets,Dacelets,Roachlets,Gudgeonlets, all to big to use as live baits for Perch.Around two dozen in total,gorging on my lob worms like it was to be a final meal.How they manage to get a large lobbie and a size 8 hook in their mouths is beyond me.I still had a nice six hours or so sitting in the sun and catching what ever wanted to be caught.Simple fishing really and will leave this beat of river alone until later in the season once hopefully the jack frost arrives.I'll not be able to cast a line now until the 11/11/11 as I'll be busy at work,thankfully though three consecutive Fridays after that date have been set aside for fishing.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday,I'll go out for a cupla around midday and wonder how many of the old boys will be grumbling that the Dukes Head has opened late?When in the truth they forgot to put there clocks back.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Quandary

Well this may be for some but not for me,let me begin.In the week I needed to have a quick phone conversation with the club secretary of one of the angling clubs I belong to.With that done he went on tell tell me that last Tuesday,he had to go and witness a large Barbel of over 19lb.A large fish most definitely and jolly well done to the capture.

I actually told him what swim it was caught from before he could tell me.You see there is a little section on a river I've fished on and off for the last ten years,no more than let us say 200 yards long that holds some very large fish.And I can say hand on heart that even though the fish live here,I have never had any inclination to cast a line for them.They seldom move and this section has anglers fishing cheek by jowl mostly seven days a week.It does how ever leave an upside as nearly six miles of river remain free for a few of us to fish in peace.Most of the club seem to flock for this small section and Oh it's by a car park.

I've been asked before why I do not fish this area.It's an easy question to answer for me as firstly I do not like fishing near people.We have,friends and I witnessed anglers fishing 30 yards apart along here.Would I like to catch a Barbel over 15lb?Yes mostly definitely,but on my terms.I'm a bit funny like that to be honest,as in my eyes it would mean very little to catch a fish from along this stretch.Would it make me a better angler to catch a large Barbel.Not really no,if you spend enough time here you will eventually bore one out.I'm not knocking people who want to fish this area and this area alone,but I'm not sure what pleasure you derive from fishing the same swims over and over.This group of fish have grown steadily over the years from 13 and 14lb.Fish we thought may move due to the pressure,but they appear to stay put.Perhaps it's all the pellet that gets thrown at them.So would you,the angler suddenly think............."Wow big fish that,I fancy some of that and I know the area" and shoot off down there.Or would you like me,just offer a wry smile and carry on fishing in peace.It's a quandary for some I guess.

As for me I've simply not had the time to get out this week as work as ever has been manic,I will try and get out Sunday afternoon though.Though conditions look far from perfect.Still he who dares Rodney,he who dares.

Moving on..................I had a call into the Yat phone in the week(I get more gossip than Max Clifford) about a well know angler in the Midlands and friend to some of us.It appears he has an unearthly fixation with people like this........

No not reformed coke heads,aliens.He has folders and folders of bumph in his spare room.He logs all information from all over the world on UFO sightings,alien abductions etc.Also the geek is going to California next year for a UFO convention.Now us anglers may seem a strange lot to some,but this is proper weirdo territory.A clue for you all,he supports the "Dogs Heads".

And keeping with the football theme.Did anyone listen to Talk Sport last night and the comments made about Doncaster Rovers.Apparently according to one wag they are a nothing club,with no fan base and that folk in Yorkshire support the likes of Leeds and the two Sheffield clubs.It's still there to listen to on the Talk Sport website.I had a little chuckle though as I know a certain blogger who follows the Rovers and wonder what his take on it is?

Lastly I work with a Stoke City fan,he left the lovely potteries many years ago and came south.Though he still gets to around half a dozen games a season.And he always brings back a copy of a fanzine The Oatcake.I had to take a photo of the front cover and put this on here.This lad crashed out,drunk as a lord for the whole 90 minutes when Stoke played away to Swansea recently.People tried to wake him,but alas to no avail and there but for the grace of god.....I doff my tifter from Yat Rock to you young sir.Your a legend.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Black Bin Bags

Sorry I could not resist this.

Posted on the laugh factory that is Fatwa World,home of aspiring Nazi anglers.Read the post by Wayne Glossop.Is it me or doth he take this angling caper a little to serious?Time in prison for a fish what ever next.

Now watch this,you can imagine two of the Fatwa World Team selling black bin bags at Asda in Swindon.

The pub will be open soon thank god.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Way Back When

Yesterdays angling trip was a little flat.My new fishing buddy was supposed to meet me around 08.00 as we had decided the previous week.Thursday night saw me tackling up with two Pike rods one for him and one for me.Friday morning I jump out of bed a quick shower and some toast and I'm off down the river for first light.It had turned a good deal colder overnight and I sat and watched the mist rising like a procession of spirits on there way to who knows where.

Anyway about an hour later Edwards daughter turned up and said her farther was feeling under the weather with a cold and could not fish.Nice of here to come down and tell me though,it does seem everyone has a rotten cold at the moment.Hopefully another time as I want to help catch him a Pike or two.I've got a few holiday days to take off in November so fingers crossed and all that.

I blanked yesterday and by mid morning the sun was belting down as it is today.The river seemed lifeless and in need of a drop of rain.The day passed by in a haze really and my mind drifted back to how and when I started to fish.My first rod and reel was bought back in 1980 from Woolworth's aged ten I was then.Black and White Shakespeare,snap lock reel seat and a rubber stopper at the butt end that hid a deep maroon colour glass rod.At ten feet long it was the bollocks.Chuck in a few sundry items and I was finally good to go.

No one in my family has ever fished and they assumed within a couple of weeks that I would get bored,and tuck the tackle away.I've never been blessed I suppose with what you would call an even temperament,suffering fools not.No patience either,liable to walk out of a bank Que rather than waste five precious minutes of my life.But here I still am today fishing 31 years later and if you asked me why I could not tell you.

I started out on the Regents Canal in Hackney.Here is a little photo(not mine) of how she looks in Haggerston now.I've spent a fair amount of time in my old manor over the last three months or so and the area has undergone a huge transformation.I can't believe a one bedroom apartment in Dalston Square will cost you £365,000.

Back in my day it was mostly large estates.Our was the Kingshold(big up the Well Street Massive).You had The Holly Street,Frampton Park,Kingsmead,Pembury etc. etc.But near these ran the Regents Canal.And I have a confession(I feel like an alcoholic here)......My name is Monty Dalrymple and I did not catch a fish for two years.No honestly I did not,not even a humble Gudgeon.You see I had no one to show me,no one fished or was interested in fishing.I went without fail most weeks come wind,rain or shine.Wrapped up in multi layers,five pairs of socks to try and keep my feet warm.We have all been cold over the years,but Christ did the wind whip down the Regents in the winter.I did not know how to shot a float properly,I can still see in my minds eye me trying to impale a gentile on a size 8 hook.

But I never gave up,kept going much to my Mothers dismay,she hated her fridge being used for bait.Until one day when and old boy came along the path and stopped and told me and I still hear these words today"You need to shot your float down son and plumb the depth".He may as well asked me to explain quantum physics.He said he lived close and would be back shortly and sure enough he was.He spent some time with me and off he went just like that.And that day I caught a Roach about six inches long.I was a fisherman at last and did not stop talking about it all night.Next weekend I caught eight small Perch,yes eight.I still smile now for when I told my Dad I had eight and the look on his face said......Of course you did son.I never got the chance to really thank that old boy for what he gave me,a gift.The gift of time and without him I may have well jacked it all in.That's why I always try and offer help to kids when fishing,though seldom see any these days.But will the anglers of today and there constant want,need,must have the best swim info on fishing forums still be around in 31 years time,maybe, maybe not.Try and fail but keep trying.What is the point if every thing about angling is so desperately easy.

Of course I expect he may be long gone now from this earth,though if he isn't I would assume he would be nearing 90 or so.I would like to think he was still walking along the toe path offering a few sage words when needed.But I walked not three weeks ago from Haggerston down to Colombia Road flower market on a bright Sunday and saw not a soul fishing.So he may always remain a very cherished memory.And I,unbeknown to him owe that man a huge debt of gratitude.Thank you.

Below we have my mate Yessling Ying with a Salmon of 10.7 he caught last week while fishing for Roach.Caught on a trotted Tare no less and landed on a 2lbs bottom.I have had to obscure his face as he serves with the finest regiment in the world.And is based at Creden Hill,in the lovely county of Hereford shire.Cracking fish mate,beats slotting the Taliban does it not?Or knowing you as I do then maybe not and I'll see you in a few weeks.

That's about it,lovely warm weather down in the tropical south.I'm off to West Ham later as we play Blackpool.So what ever you do,do it well.Perch next week at some stage for me,as Chez Monty has an abundance of worms.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Found Friend

I managed to wangle a day off from work yesterday intending to fish for Perch,but had a last minute change of plan as the lob worms in my local tackle emporium were crap.I normally order mine online about a 100 at a time and these keep if looked after for a few months.So instead I thought I would try and catch a few Pike from my local river.

I arrived at first light,my rod was already made up and cast out.Then an old boy came along and asked If I would mind moving as he could not walk far.I was set up in slow area below a weir and fancied it to produce a few fish.What can you do?I moved above him to this swim here,so he could feeder fish below me.

I had a chat with the old boy a few times in the morning and it turns out he was 81 years old and likes to fish every Friday.To be truthful he was utterly charming and a bit of a character.I was blanking though in fine style while he was getting silver fish a chuck.His daughter collected him just before noon,but before he departed he asked If he could Pike fish with me in the future as he had not caught one for many a year.I gave a quick call to work and arranged to take a day off next Friday,so he may appear here next week.He does have Internet access and as he said....."It's a real boon to us oldies you know Jason it is not all bed pans and blankets just yet".

With my new fishing partner gone I moved back to where I originally started.And between noon and 1300Hrs I had four pick ups that resulted in two Jacks about 5/6lbs and two lost fish one that felt much better than the stamp I had caught.I was trying something different as I normally use treble hooks for my Pike fishing.This rig here...

There has been a fair amount written over the last few years about the pros and cons of single hook rigs for Pike fishing.I will give it a few more sessions yet,but will dispense with the barbless hook and try a larger barbed single.No one likes to loose fish on a regular basis but If I keep dropping fish shall revert to treble hooks.Still a nice few hours though and I'm looking forward to next Friday already.

Moving on.......Here we have Rich,Rick,Richard?Frampton with his new PB caught in the week.Well done sir,you do though look like you have something on your mind?Maybe that nasty,unscrupulous ex(though it's not been announced yet) BS Treasurer chap.Who not only suffers from amnesia,he also mislays things......Allegedly

Lastly we go back to my old friends at BFW aka Fatwa and this wonderful thread here.No one disputes that we do not have a problem with poaching in the UK at present.But lads try and put across a lucid point or two,instead of a herd mentality.

Below are the Fatwa masses heading off to Poland in the Spring for there annual fishin.

That's about it.Enjoy your weekend if your out on the bank take time to look around you.It's not all about what you catch.

Be lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Speciman Angler Branches Out

You simply cannot keep a good man down or so it seems.My inbox here at Yat Rock is normally very adept at filtering out spam e-mails.But this one here managed to sneak in.

"Well known Coventry big fish man Phil Smith,has decided to bring out his own brand of sartorial elegance to the masses and has launched his own male grooming range""Phil was tired of Bivvy Tramps cluttering up Orchard Lakes when on bailiff duties and both he and that dapper don Marsh Prattley got there heads together and came up with the idea"

The blurb went on........"Phil thought he could teach all you balding men the art of a good comb over".Who would have thought it eh,sheesh what ever next?It's made me wonder what other well known anglers may plug in the future.I'm sure I can come up with a few though.

I also spotted this from Yat Rock recently...............

The Worlds largest sperm bank in Denmark is asking Scottish women planning to use their services to "consider a ginger" after revealing "a lack of demand" for red-haired children.Cryos,has stopped donations from red-haired men after it reached it's capacity of 70 liters(you can see where I'm going with this I'm sure).A recent study predicted that red hair could die out in the next 100 years and Ole Schou,a director at Cryos said"We would be more than happy to supply people in Scotland who are looking for a child with red hair.I know that it's popular in places like Scotland and Ireland".Look below would you and pray that the ginger gene does indeed die out.

Well it's the traditional start of the Pike fishing season today.But down in the South East of the country we are experiencing temperatures of around 80 degrees.What does it all mean?Is global warming true and not just a flash in the pan made up by some tree hugger who reads The Guardian.I remember when October used to look like this in the photo below.OK I did not take this last October,but December but you get the gist I'm sure.Will we get another really Arctic winter here in the UK,I hope not but time will tell.

No fishing this weekend as I'm off to football later as we are away to Crystal Palace this afternoon.Nice day for a few pints and to take in a game.Predictions from Monty,a draw I think.No tip for the Arc either,as the horse I would have backed Nathaniel,was pulled out in the week owing to the fast going over in Longchamp.I did tell the lads down on the Wye last weekend that may be the case.

So I'll wish you all a very good weekend and as ever.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Monday, 26 September 2011

Wye Trip

Last weekend twenty or so anglers made the long trip to the Wye Valley,to fish the beautiful river Wye and more so enjoy the social side of things as much as the angling.We were all billeted at the Red Lion Hotel and people travelled down from Yorkshire,Wiltshire,Birmingham and even one or two doughty souls from Surrey.

We left home at 0530Hrs and pulled into the Red Lion for a quick chin wag with Mike the owner at bang on 0830Hrs.That done we headed off to the river and had a little stroll to see where we fancied fishing.I hoped to target Pike on the Friday so set off roaming dropping a dead bait in various looking spots.I fancied a swim at the top of beat two yomped up from beat four,only to find old man Trusscott safely ensconced with his bait dropper,sod it!I'll keep the Pike fishing short as by 1500hrs I was shattered walking miles of river for no action at all.So I decided to get the Barbel rod out for a few hours.

I settled into this swim here,climbing down the bank to where I could fish and dropperd in some bait.There was a huge abundance of silver fish present.Perch were literally coming clear out of the water in sheer desperation to get at hordes of Dace and Minnows.I just had the one bite just before packing up at 1800,this little chap here of around maybe 7lbs.

Friday night in the bar was a real good crack,with various regional dialects all vying to be heard.The Cider and Guinness flowed,in fact so much of the black stuff was drunk that the Yorkshire mob went on the Red Wine,big mistake.Pissed as a fart was a certain man from team Yorkshire.I hit the sack at around 0300Hrs after being on the piss for around eight hours.I awoke at 0700Hrs feeling top of the world,in for breakfast and a nice fry up then out onto the river.But around mid morning it had all caught up with me and I had a kip for a while.

More fish were to make an appearance in the afternoon when we were not either sleeping,or gassing away to our hearts content.This Perch weighed in at a lovely 3.5lbs for my mate Mr.Double Decker.A new PB by some two ounces and well chuffed was he and the plaudits rained down on him all Saturday night back in the bar.Well done mate your perseverance payed off.

I managed one more fish before we all headed back to the Red Lion,to do battle once more with booze and the Pigeon Pie that was superb.If your down that way do try it.
This gave me a cracking fight and I thought it may be my first Wye double,but it was to fall short by seven ounces.Was I worried?Nope not at all.Chuck in a few Chub I caught I was a happy man.

Considering the amount that is drunk on these "Do's",not a cross word was heard amongst the assembled throng.Big thanks to Carl Salter for arranging this event and we will do it all again next Autumn.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still No Fishing

Shall I change the name of this blog?Here I sit in work again and I've thought about calling it "Monty Dalrymple and the view from Berkley Square",lap top to one side and work all over the desk.I have not fished this little in over ten years and it's really making me one miserable bastard.But I knew the early part of the season would be like this,what with the house move in July and work piling up and If staff at UBS can work all hours under the sun and loose 1.3 Billion(Swiss Francs I'd wager and well long in the market too),then it's good enough for me.Though as I mentioned last week,this will be the end of it after tomorrow.I should not complain to much as there are many,many people out of work at present.So I'll just crack on and take the piss a little as per............

This week I took a call into the Yat phone around noon,suggesting I point my spy glass in the direction of FishingMagic and a new blog.I've put a link up to the blog in question here,so you can have a read for yourself.I'll not be critical of any ones blog,as by doing one you are opening yourself up to maybe ridicule and general piss takes.I'm not fussed what people think of me,the old saying of "Bollocks to 'em"springs to mind.Others may be of a more sensitive nature,though I have not made up my mind If this lad is for real,or is on a major wind up?Either way a new Trent legend has been born...........Yes another one.

Here we have a little Doppelganger for you.Below is that Noddy Holder chap who hails from the bad lands of the midlands.And gets on my tits every Christmas,with THAT song.

And below we have all round Barbel legend Fred "Barbel can't smell"Crouch.And to be brutally frank,if this is what understanding Barbel makes you look like.Well you can keep it!

Twelve thirty today we play Millwall at the new Den.They only gave us two thousand tickets and for season ticket holders only.So I'll not be going to this one today,more's the pity.If you have never been to a game between us two teams,you have missed a real treat.The atmosphere crackles will pure malevolence and the days of old down at the Old Den,will long live in my memory.I've got mates who are Millwall and they desperately want to beat us.The banter has been flying back and fourth all week.Here we have the changing rooms down at that Pikey shit hole Bermondsey.

I know this is supposed to mostly be an angling blog and after my weekend away down in the Wye valley,angling will feature more prominently as things will be back to mormal.But as another blogger mentioned the other day......."Some bloggers seem to have got lazy or maybe have nothing to say".Well I do not like to dissapoint the old boy,sure he likes to come across all acerbic.But me thinks he just a big cuddly teddy bear really and he loves to get a rise.Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Abscess Angling

Last Monday night my old friend the tooth abscess decided to pay me a visit.Anyone ever had one of these?Face swells up,huge pain and much gnashing of teeth,crying to the heavens to make it stop.The last time I had one was about three years ago,so I know how to manage it until you can get to the Dentist.Lot's of warm salt water to try and draw the abscess up and out of the gum.You then give it a little nick so you can relieve the pressure.It works and helps,well it does for me though it's not for the faint hearted.

I managed an appointment at the Dentist for first thing Wednesday morning,not an awful lot you can do really.He gave me a prescription of Co-amoxiclav that last for five days, with the old no drinking line and it has cleared up.What it did allow me to do,was shoot off straight down the river on Wednesday.

And I spent six hours blanking.I'll not dress it up all flowery and say it was nice and wildlife were about in abundance.Because they were and it was.But there was a cold wind blowing across the fields and muggings 'ere was not best dressed for it.So when your not to comfortable you do not fish very effectively,well I do not.Still no fishing on the horizon for the next few weekends owing to work,which is where I'm typeing this from.Though I'll be out of here at noon to go to Upton Park.Do I dare have a cupla of pints seeing as I'm on antibiotics?It would be rude not to in my eyes.

But thank fully two weeks from now I'll be free from the constraints of work at the weekends.And twenty or twenty one of us will be down in the Wye Valley,for a jolly up staying in the Red Lion Hotel on Friday and Saturday night.Looking forward to this immensely,not so much the fishing but the social.You can bet your bottom dollar that Steve(Eelfisher) Richardson has a tale to tell or three.

Lastly it's the final classic today of the flat season.The St.Ledger at Doncaster although I've not had a bet yet.I will have a little flutter on Masked Marvel e-way at around 7/1 or 13/2 depending on who you punt with.I'll save the Rugby World Cup for others,though we will have it on in the office today.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Doppelgangers Of The Angling World Part XIII

I've not done one of these for ages,but while peeking down from my vantage point on Yat Rock today.I felt this was an opportunity to good to pass up.Below we have that delicate wallflower and some say cantankerous old cuss Ade Williams,or he may be better known to you as Titus Atticus?

And in the next photo we have that well known Barbel Demi-God(no not Chris Ponsford),but none other than Grumpy from Walt Disney fame,with his new Barbel PB of I think 16lb.Caught on some home rolled specials that Snow White knocked up prior to having a little kip.

Moving swiftly on as I'm pushed for time, this came into the Yat phone yesterday.I will set the scene..........You retire for an early night,all your assorted tackle is ready for the morning.You have a fit full nights sleep as thoughts of giant Roach swim in your subconscious.You awake early and load up your car for a whopping two and a half hours drive to your chosen venue.Life feels good,your not at work for the day and the weather is sublime.Some two and a half hours later you arrive at your venue of choice.You start to unload your tackle while on the phone to a friend(yeah great friend),and all of a sudden it dawns on you like a Rhino horn up your arse........."Oh for fooks sake I've left me bastard maggots in the fridge".I won't say who our intrepid piscator is though as he feels a right twat.Enjoy your weekend though folks.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Monday, 29 August 2011

Football Bloody 'Ell

Well the football season has been back with us for around three to four weeks now.And I'm enjoying being in the Championship.Our home crowds have held up well since relegation and it's a league that is highly competitive.Sure we got off to a poor start against Cardiff,good crack that day though.Beat a very understrength Doncaster Rovers,who look in deep trouble already.Beat Watford away,drew with Leeds at home who for a Sunday kick off brought large numbers of fans.Lost in the week to Aldershot and yesterday had a good result away to Nott's Forest that resulted in a 1-4 for us.

People asked me early on in the season If 5/1,was a good price to go straight back up as Champions?I said no,as I remember how difficult the league was last time.I for one would not mind staying in this league,as it's better to win a few,loose a few and draw a few.Than get a right canning every week.Our next two up are Pompey at home and then the big one.........Milwall away.And as ever I think we can expect a friendly handshake from our close neighbours.I did hear that both sets of fans tried to meet up in Surrey Quays for a dance,before the season even started.But were tumbled by plod.Most sensible people would have been lying on a beech some place,instead of trying to throw a few right 'anders about.Shame on you,you naughty boys ;-0.

Now to yesterdays two games in the boring old Premier League.I listened to S***s against Man Citeh on the Crystal Set with much mirth and tears rolling down my face.Every time I took a sip of wine,Citeh banged another one in.To loose 5-1 at home must have been devastating for the S***s faith full.Although Citeh did sound a class side,but they should do with all the money they have spent.Scotty Parker will end up at S***s this week and I do not think any of ours will mind really?He has been great for us over the last two years.So go break a leg Scotty I wish you well.

Had to laugh after though,as old Saggy Chops was bemoaning the fact that Modrick has been tapped up.And the boys head has been turned.Pot and kettle you two bob wanker.Oh and the lads phoning up Talk Sport after were class......"Sack Harry" seemed to be the cry.
Then when we thought we could laugh no more this happened.Man United turn Arsenal over a mighty 8-2.Arsenals largest defeat since 1927.What has happened over in that part of North London?Like all of us who enjoy football,Arsenal have played some great stuff over the last ten years or so.But I reckon they will struggle this season and not qualify for the Champions League.
Arsene knows is the mantra that Arsenal fans like to trot out,while looking smug.Not now he does not lads.Here he is yesterday.......

I bet it was fun in old Popsy4's gaff yesterday as his Arsenal and his better half is S***s.I reckon both Sunday dinners ended up over the back fence?Anyway enjoy your bank holiday,it's a long way to the next one.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Good Morning

Well the summer went very quick did it not?I'm at last back online after the house move and to be honest I have missed not being able to offer up a few thoughts,on this and that from my vantage point on Yat Rock.

I have not done as much fishing at the weekends as I would have liked.Work and sorting out the new gaff took over.So mostly I have been grabbing a few hours after work,two or three times a week.I've not caught very much to shout about on the fish size front,but have caught a fair few Barbel to a little under double figures without putting in to much effort.But if you looked at the forums..............No I'll come back to that later.

Perch and Carp on the river have also been fished for to no great avail.Gruff and I did have a Saturday after Perch a few weeks back and we saw not another angler.It bodes well for the Autumn Pike and Perch fishing that we are both looking forward to and this morning when I was out for a run,it was a real fresh morning.Yes I've been running again and been off the smokes for three weeks now.Long may it remain so!

Just a couple of photo's from the river about five minutes from home.Both these swims produced fish of various species.This was early July.
And this one here is from early August.A lovely secluded swim this and a favourite of mine to blank in. Now back to the forums as ever............................Fatwa World gets worse and worse.I did hear poor old Rich Frampton got banned over there recently.It's a sad loss as he always added good comedy value when ever he posted.How is you back Rich?His "Boss" is not happy either and has been swapping e-mails with Mr.Francis.And also phoning up one of the mods offering in his eyes sage advice.I hear it all on the Yat Phone.And keeping with the phone theme........What is it with BS committee members both past and present and inappropriate text messages?Blimey the ones flying around on Wednesday were very rude even to my eyes.Shame on you that you could not converse in a more civil manner.

That will do for now,I'll save the football for another day.Well until dear old Bob Roberts is about as he and I swapped a few e-mails recently.And I hate to say he was right about Doncaster.

It's good to be back.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Just A Quick One

I have had a few text messages asking what has happened to the blog?Easy moved house last Friday and that has taken up most of the time these last few weeks.But everything went very smoothly.But Virgin cannot get me back online for about four weeks,just as well as I'm skint and will not have the cash for a new lap top for a while.The one I'm using has it's rightful owner looking over my shoulder like a hawk.

I have managed a couple of trips out lately.A few Barbel and some Chub on the first trip and a rather nice River Carp yesterday.When I'm all sorted and have my own machine again,I can get back into this blogging caper.It keeps me sane getting things off my chest as so much needs to be pilloried.

I did hear though that an angler has been banned from The Royalty.He lumped into one swim,twenty five Kilo's of bait for a day session.But was caught fishing afters hours.Twenty Five kilos for a day,sheesh he makes the "Yam Twins" seem like armature's.;-).Also the Bard has been made a moderator on Fatwa world eh.They both deserve each other.

You'll not get to much out of me for a month or so.I'll still be looking around from work,but the great and the good will not be happy with me doing the blog from the office.So keep enyoying your fishing boys and girls.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Not really an auspicious start to the river season for me this year,although the first few weeks never tend to be.I had a few hours out near home after work on the opening day and made the fatal mistake of not taking an umbrella with me.Muggins here thought the rain had abated for the day.

And in a nutshell I got soaked in a short three hours session.Just a poncho on to shelter me from the heavy downpours.How people can fish like that on a regular basis is beyond me ?I did intend to move about and try and stalk some Chub that inhabit this stretch of river.But I hid under a tree with rain water running down my back for one small Chub about three pounds on corn.

Now Saturday never really got going,or someone never!I arranged to meet Gruff at 05.30 in the morning.I awoke at 04.00,had a shower and done a light breakfast and set off to meet the legend. Alas the old boy got his times mixed up.He did say in his defence that his old and forgetful and he was very,very sorry.I'll let him off this time but do I have to ring you five times a day in future just make sure your breathing.So I ended up in work doing yet more overtime,that will be the theme this coming weekend to.I'll doubt I will make a full day on the river until mid July what with the holiday season coming up.I'll have to console myself with a few short after work sessions until then.

Now to a subject that has set a few angling forums alight.The matter of pre-baiting!I'll not labour the point to much as it's mostly been said these last few days.People getting cross and toys being thrown about left right and centre. But guys you have a new bait team on the middle Severn.Here we have the "Yam Twins".

A word of advice If I may be so bold.If you do see two guys like this spodding out kilo after kilo of bait.Move as you can bet your bottom dollar the fish are not where these two guys are;-).Better luck next time guys I'm sure you will get your just reward.So much bait was put out that the flood defences were raised almost weekly.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A New Season Beckons

Well the waiting is almost over for those anglers who prefer running water as opposed to still waters.I'm sure many anglers have checked and looked at their tackle over and over these last few days.I was not going to cast a line until Saturday but have wangled an early swerve on Thursday,so hope to be on the river near home for a few hours after work.

The rains have come over most of the country after such a barren dry spell.And a deluge looks on the cards for the opening day of the 2011/2012 season.For those who will be on the bank in anticipation of the first cast at midnight I envy you.It's a very magical moment I'm sure many people agree.I doubt many of us grown up and very adult anglers will sleep well these last few nights.I never sleep well prior to going fishing as I'm excited and I hope that feeling never expires.

I shall tuck my self away and just see what comes along,safe in the knowledge that we have another nine months to fish.

I hope where ever you cast a line this season you enjoy it and make new friends and maybe build some bridges with old ones.But If you come across me,please piss off as in the name of the very famous actress......"I Vant to be alone".

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 4 June 2011

River Walk And Derby Days

Well the the river close season is nearly at an end and I'm glad of the sabbatical,I only cast a line once on a lake back in April.But the break has done me the world of good and I am looking forward to getting back out again.It has flown by and as I posted in the last close season,as we get older we mark the passage of time by our angling seasons,as opposed to those odd people who do not fish and who go by the real time calender.I feel sorry for those who do not to be honest as who wants to live in the real world?I much prefer to live the life of a dreamer.

I took a stroll this morning down my local river,it was sadly very low and looked in need of a good drink.But though the month of June looks set to be warm and sunny the rest of the summer should be varied.I hope for once the weather man is right but I shall not hold my breath.I spotted the occasional Barbel and plenty of Dace and Chub swimming in and out of the faster flowing water.But I was more keen to find some Carp in the slower areas as my target for the summer is a river "20".I've set myself a little task to only use sweetcorn,luncheon meat,or floating baits.Just a bit of fun for me really,as I do not need to compete against other anglers.I enjoy mooching about with the minimal of tackle.Not long now to the magic of June the sixteenth,though as I have mentioned before I shall wait a while to fish the smaller rivers......

Now to some scurrilous accusations.It appears five copy's,yes that is right FIVE copy's of this book have gone missing.I'm sure it is an administration error and not someone up to no good.I'm sure they will turn up soon as to loose seven hundred pounds worth of books is mighty clumsy.But I wonder why a certain person was enquiring recently If anyone was off to the Hay-on-Wye book festival.No comments on "Book Gate" please gent's as I'm embarrassed for the people as it is.And as ever I love to take the proverbial.

Now back to football.I've had plenty of people giving me stick recently about our new manager down at Upton Park.It's not an inspired choice really,but who is of sound mind and wants to come to West Ham with the mess we are in.But if you sing"Big Fat Sam's Claret and Blue Army" enough it grows on you.Here is our man in the dug out for next season.

And so to the Derby,last year I tipped the winner on here and as I'm blowing my own trumpet I also posted the Grand National winner prior to the off.This year I've backed Pour Moi each way at 6/1.Will it win?God knows as the race this year looks more open than usual.Carlton House the Queens horse is favourite and it will bring many a roof down and Epsom itself if the horse stays the trip,but that is the conundrum with the Derby.Rough race,undulating track that does not suit every horse and does not often give you a good luck story unlike the Grand National.I'm a romantic so much prefer my National Hunt racing though.Can it really be thirty years since Walter Swinburn won the Derby by ten lengths on Shergar.Where does the time go.If Carlton House goes clear in the final furlong expect to see this in your news papers on Sunday.I'll be at a different Derby later on today,Wimbledon dog track no less.

Lastly I went to see this band a few nights back at the Hammersmith Apollo the Fleet Foxes.They polarise peoples views a little like Marmite I though think they are superb.Great harmonies and song writing.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D