Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Barbel Worlds Milliband Brothers

Sorry about the two blog entry's in a day.But this has to be blogged.Here are two people who I'm sure do not like each other,and both are movers and shakers in the Barbel world.I give you Mr.Frampton and Mr.Joyce.

Separated at birth ? The Barbel worlds Milliband brothers.

Lovely hair boy's,you look well just peachy.On that note I'm off to bed but looking at the photo's you should both be best mates ;-)

Monty D

Own Up

Whom amongst you own one of these ?And call it Monty ?

I'll tell you why I'm a little perturbed.For the last three visits to the river I spent about four hours on yesterday it has pissed down with rain.I should have known better as it was raining when I left home,only lightly but it did not look good.By 18.00 hours it was a heavy.Then from around 18.30 to when I packed away just before 20.00 hours it was like a monsoon.It was truly awful to be honest,I've said before weekends no problem but on a school night fishing into dark like that is wretched.

Oh and I blanked too.Lot's of leaf litter had been knocked from the trees and an abundance of weed was coming down.I did not have the merest interest and I fancied the swim I was in to do a fish before I left.It has a good track record.I'll not say on here again when I'm next out as one of you sods have it in for me.Or maybe more than one ;-)

Anyway a big weekend of sport coming up.The Ryder Cup from Celtic Manor and it looks set to be a wet one.I'll be looking at a few spread bets in the morning but fancy Europe to win by around 2 to 4 points.Not huge bets just a little interest,I'll have it on the radio while on the river at the weekend(but lay off the voodoo doll please).As it's yet another sporting event on Sky,though I'll have it on in work on Friday.

Favourite Ryder Cup moment.For the softy's amongst us and that does include me.Darren Clarke's victory over Zach Johnson in 2006.Six weeks after his wife sadly passed away to cancer.Not a dry eye amongst the lads.And Faldo way back in 1995 against Curtis Strange and his fight back with two holes to go.Magic.

Also we have on Sunday the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.A cracking race meeting this and the start of the Autumn proper.I'll not forget See The Stars last year and the story of that animals carer.I've had a little bit of each way about Sarafina the other week at 10/1.It's now down to around 7/1.I'm not saying it will win but it should give you a run for your money.So Lot's to look forward too.

Enjoy your weekend,yep I know It's not Friday yet.But I'll be very busy tomorrow,so what ever you do,do it well.

Monty D

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pssst Got A Spare 15 Quid

Well if you have you can own ONE of these.

Yes that's right spend fifteen pounds sterling on a well known angling web site and you will get ONE of these free.Why ?Is it me ? But surly you do not need to tempt people to spend money, by offering them a pebble ?It may just be me who views these things with much mirth ? Or am I just borderline backward ?

I mean who thinks along these lines........"Wow a pebble,a real life stonze.What can I wank away 15 quid on to own such a smooth and well rounded pebble".

Sorry but this has really made me smile.I'm sure the marketing boys at Satchii & Satchii can sleep easy knowing they will live to fight another day.But for those chaps who do want to spend 15 quid.Purchase a few as they are good,but like the old advert.

Think before you drink,before you buy.

Monty D

PS Low pressure system on route so I'll be out Barbel fishing after work tomorrow.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Monday

They come round quick do they not ? Well I'm not too down and despondent this Monday as we beat the Scum(Spurs) at Upton Park on Saturday.So getting into work and locking the scum fan in the cupboard will be a joy to do today.Love to see Will Golightly's "boat" though.;-0.

But if you need a chuckle or two ? Have a look at the "Touch Ledgering Thread" over on Barbel Fatwa World.As ever,anyone who is anyone is mostly talking bollocks.How do they maintain such a high standard of self important shite,day after day.Week after week.One in particular who goes by the name of Colin,drones on and on in the most "stuck up his own arse" style.So Colin this is for you my friend,take it home and stroke it lovingly.


Chin up folks it will soon be the weekend again.;-)

Monty D

Saturday, 25 September 2010


I had a short six hour session on the river today for Pike.My first Pike trip since March.Got on the river just as it got light and walked a fair way to where some nice Pike have put in an appearance before.I enjoy float fishing for Pike and tend to fish dead baits.I'll admit live baits seem to catch you more fish on rivers,but I can't really carry the extra gear to catch a few.Though I may be tempted into getting a little whip in the week.

Is there a finer sight in angling,than a Pike float when it wobbles,dips and bobs and then slides away ?Here is the float sitting just right on a near bank undercut.First cast of this Pike season.

I never had a sniff here,then thought why.It's normally later in the year that this area produces as the prey fish move into the deeper slower water.So after an hour I upped sticks and moved.I dropped into another near bank swim and lowered in a Mackerel tail and five minutes later the float done a little waltz and slid away.A little Jack was the culprit. I roamed around a few more swims and had another Jack of around 8 or 9lb.So only two small Pike to start and I think I will leave them a few weeks yet.As I've a problem to solve with my Perch fishing and bait robbing crayfish elsewhere.It looks a nice and warm in this picture but the breeze was a tad nippy though.Lovely over grown banks and the reason is that it's a long way from the nearest access point.Anglers as we know are lazy and an awful lot want to fall out the car and fish.As I enjoyed myself so much today I'm going out again on Sunday,but for Perch.Well Mrs.Monty needs to be by her mothers side,and no point staying home and looking at the four walls is there ?

Lastly and I know Conrad is nicking my loathing of the word Campaign to describe angling trips.Conrad your a ponce ;-)But if you really do need to describe your angling trips as thus.Please get your arse over to these boys and fall in,you know it makes sense bruv.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 24 September 2010

Well It's Friday

As I've said elsewhere unfortunately the planned trip south for the Bard of Bridgenorth and his pal for Saturday,has been cancelled owing to the Gruffalow being called back north to Doncaster.Due to a family illness and needs and must an all that.Once again sorry gent's but another time.

So here I was today sitting upon Yat Rock,having my morning Espresso and looking through my binoculars.Could not see a damn thing as the mist hung low today.It was more like a scene from Rwanda,and I could imagine the spirit of Diane Fossy out their some place.

Anyway the local paper boy,Reece James delivered the weekly copy of the Yat Rock Yodeler.And while pursuing this fine work of literary genius, I came across an advertisement from the Rhly Sea Aquarium on the wonderful Welsh Coast.These fine people are looking for a diver to dress as a mermaid to hand feed the sharks.I have taken the liberty of sending this chaps CV off.

Fred It's yours if you want it ? You have always been good at swimming in shark infested waters.And you look stunning me old duck ;-)

Moving swiftly on.As the day out was cancelled I tried to get a ticket for us against Spurs tomorrow at Upton Park,but with no joy.So I've got the Pike gear sorted for the first trip of the season closer to home.Looking forward to that,but I had my mind set on a couple of large Berkshire Chub all week.So it's a little bit of an anticlimax.

If you are out on the river or lake this weekend wrap up warm and I hope you catch.If you are not and are at home ? May I suggest Film 4 at 15.05 and the film "This Happy Breed".A great piece of nostalgia in my eyes.As it's Friday as ever I'm now off for a cupla pints.

Enjoy your weekend Monty D.

PS As ever thank you to Le Otterman for the artwork ;-0

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Smart Arse

That's me an out and out smart arse.Always think I know best,ear to the ground and stroke puller par excellence.So there you are in work on Monday morning,fed up ahead of another tedious week of dross and boring talk from your co-workers(David Brent Speak)Crunts.Who you secretly loathe.Then you hear that the big "Bosses" are in the Middle East all week.

Your ears prick up and a much long forgotten dentist appointment, appears for Wednesday at 13.00.But you and I know, you are off to the river.Tackle was sorted out Tuesday evening for Barbel.Changed my mind today and got home and got the Perch tackle ready.Lobs out of the fridge.MKIV and 'Pin loaded with 5lb line and your off.

Your on the river by 14.00,wind in your hair if you had any.Life is good,you laugh in the face of the of those still at work.Then it goes tit up......

You land this after an hour on your Perch gear.Good fight,nice fish and swim recked to buggery.But you were left alone here from Crayfish unlike Sunday.Though it bodes well for another day.

You then move swims.And you get hammered by Crayfish.You swear,you gesticulate to the heavens and ask "Why me,why oh why".Then a small field mouse pops his head up and says...."Because your supposed to be at work that's why !"Bang to bleeding rights.He then saunters off like he owns the gaff.

What can one say ? I also had two Chub,but no Perch,it was like an early summers afternoon.Perhaps next week I'll go down with my Barbel gear and get a brace of 4 plus Perch ?

And the moral is ? Don't take the piss.

Monty D

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Don't fret troops I'm not ready to hang up my key board just yet.Some might think I'm a bleeding pain in the arse.And it would be a good thing ?No today I dedicate this blog entry to the real Pope.Not the Catholic one,who has just left this green and pleasant land.Leaving out the dirty industrial north that is ;-).

No this is for Mr.Steve Pope,head chap of the Barbel Society.Steve has posted today.....That his visit here is at an end.And he will leave this site for now.

Steve you will be missed and I mean that.I want to thank you for taking time to post on here and spend time with us mere mortals.Oh and to plug your bleeding web site any chance ya get ;-)

This is for you.

Monty D

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yom Kippur The Pope And Perch

Our wonderful and ever cheer full looking manager Avram "I love a brass me " Grant, was absent from the Bittania Stadium yesterday,owing to it being the holy day in the Jewish calender.This marks the end of 10 days of penitence.And trust me Avram,my boy.You have a lot to be penitent about,so far in your career at Upton Park.We got our first point in a 1-1 draw.Not a bad game to be honest.And I suggest you stay away more often,if it helps the team.How would you want Avram on the touch line while you were trying to play ?Eek.Shame about the early kick off time as you can't get to have a proper drink,but hey ho.Wolves away will be my next match in October.

Now the Pope is soon to depart and go back to the Vatican.Alas he has not managed to add to his flock of around 540,down from 900.He came and tried his best.Offering Papal Packs of.......Dynamite Baits,Buck Fast and Fried Mars Bars for the Scottish contingent.In fact he was heard to remark to Bishop Bonney "We need one million Souls,to keep us afloat.And keep Bransford, and Farther Frampton is on the case here with an open day".He was also caught on camera.

Oh yes the Perch.I arrived at the river early today and it was lovely sunny morning with the mist rising off the river,so I took this quick photo as I made my way about two miles downstream.

It's why Autumn is so great in our country,to me any how.It had clouded over by around 08.00 however.

It was a hard struggle today, as I only had three Perch, each would have been around two pounds.I do not tend to weigh Perch unless they look to be three pound or over.The Crayfish today were very active indeed.Constantly dragging the float under and grabbing either a worm bait.Or the live Minnows I also used,yes they are a pain in the 'arris.But they are here to stay,so you have to work around this problem .Though I do hope the cold weather will soon put the sods down ?All the fish came to laying on.Though if the Kray fish do persist,it will need a bait a fair way off the bottom,to keep my sanity.Problem is the river does not lend it's self to trotting being very overgrown.

I did some how foul hook a Perch.Around 11.00 the float bobbed up,then move across the river.A strike met solid resistance,but the hook pulled very quickly.And the biggest Perch scale I've ever seen was on the hook.This fish would have been a big fat,Kray fish muncher.Gutted to foul hook such a fish.But can't wait to get back down there.I fished through to noon with no more action.I think and early swerve from work this week is in order,as I had to leave and get the Sunday dinner on ;-).I did manage to bolt back a pint of Old P,prior to getting home.Well It's Sunday,come on.

Oh and next weekend I've got the Bard of Bridgenorth and a mate of his coming down for the day, on another river.So that should be fun.Must remember to visit the pie shop nearby on route.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

Monty D

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Look Back

I'm not really in the frame of mind today for a humorous blog entry,well in some eyes some of my stuff is.But not so within other peoples eyes.No problem on that front.Been thinking a lot the last couple of days about the past.What with "Baby Bakes" going away to university in the morning.I though have taken the cowards option of going to Stoke away,rather than accompany Mrs.Monty on the trip.Those who I spoke to this week,know full well I would have a little tear in my eye,that would set everyone one off.So I'll say my goodbyes later.

I've been thinking about how my fishing started.Now growing up as a kid in Hackney,we did not have a huge range of waters at out disposal.I started on the canals around my area.Not a soul in my family other than me has ever fished,in fact I used to look all the time at the tackle in the Little Woods catalogue where most of my mates and I, got our clothes from back in the late 70's and early 80's.In the end much pleading finally got me my first lot of tackle from Woolworth's in Harold Hill,where my Nan lived.Now I spent two whole seasons on the river Lea and various cuts without catching a fish.I did not have a clue.My float was shot incorrectly,hooks to large.Line to thick.But still I went week in week out on my "Jacks".Until one Saturday an old boy came along the toe path and showed me how to shot a float correctly.And that small bit off help set me off.That day I caught my first ever fish a Roach.The next Saturday I caught eight Perch,eight I kid you not.It left an indelible mark on my mind.To this day I still think of that old boy,and wonder who he was ?

That's why If ever I see kids on the river today and being honest I do not often,but I will always stop and try and help If need be.But adults today seem to want it all on a plate.Look at various forums and It's alive with people wanting to be put on fish.Where is the fun If someone tells you where a 14lb Barbel lives ? A large Perch,big old wily Pike.OK I may take the piss out of what Chair,Landing Net etc,etc.But that deserves it I think ?But surely the magic and fun of angling over the years is working it out for yourself ?Or am I wrong ?That's what keeps me going back over and over.It is the unknown to an extent.I turn cold If a fellow angler passes me and tells me so and so had an XYZ from here last week.I do not want to know.Not a rant just a generally feeling I've got today.That a huge amount of the fun is rapidly seeping away from our pastime ?Or is it all about "My Pricks Bigger Than Yours" ?As I've caught more,bigger,faster ?

Moving on....................As I say I'll be at Stoke away tomorrow and an early start for the 12.45 SKY FUCKING KICK OFF TIME!And Sunday I will be out after a few Perch on the river.If your out fishing have a good one.Or if your dropping the family "Baby" away at University,keep strong I feel your pain Brother or Brother'ess ;-).

It's Friday so I'm off for a cupla pints.Though I've stopped drinking this.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

A fleet of new luxury "Pope Mobil's",being driven at speed north, towards Scotland in readiness for his Holiness visit, to address the masses tomorrow.My Scotland correspondent,Hamish McClusky was in raptures as a motorcade of these fine automobiles swept past him.

He phoned the Yat Phone.Please read in a lovely Glaswegian burr.......

HC "Monty his really coming to the frozen north,the great one his Holiness"
MD "So I hear Hamish,so I hear!"
HC " I cannee believe it,really coming to teach us about his doctrine,what will he say,what will he do"
MD "I'm not sure Hamish old boy,but try not to get to excited"
HC "Pish man,I want to know how to bait with caster and hemp on a deep highland loch and how we may get more Barbel up here"
MD "As I say temper your excitement a little"
HC "Monty your an an agnostic,he will walk on water,heal the sick and denounce the Trent Carbellers,in fact I'm staying off the Buckie tonight for the first time in years.Oh and here is a close up of the Papal Carrier for you"
MD "Be lucky Hamish and be sure to let me know how it goes"
HC "Aye I will ya English bastard"

Monty D


Had a few hours,well just over three on a Thames Trib yesterday after work and into the dark.Its seems to be a recurring thing at the moment,in that every time I'm out fishing it rains.I had a text off Yessling,just as I was putting the brolly up to let me know thankfully on his river,their were no people canoodling today,and that he had caught his first Wye double this season.Well in shag.

I only bought meat yesterday,not used it this season and I looked in the freezer and I was out of my home rolled boilies.Best get busy again when Mrs.Monty is not here,as she hates the smell of Butric Acid,can't think why ? Although I have not used pellets for the last few years as the smell,does my head in.Catch fish yes,but not for me at all.

Anyway It more or less pissed down from 17.00 until I packed away at 19.30,hate getting my tackle wet in midweek trips,as it means I then spend time at home drying it all off,before putting it away.Weekends no problem,I'll do it in the morning.

Had one small Barbel around 6lb,typical of this stretch at 18.30 and a little Chub,with eyes to big for it's belly.Bitten off more than It can chew I reckon.

Left my camera at home on charge,so you will have to make do with a cane rod photo.;-)

This has to be the most tedious and boring blog entry I've ever made,so with that I'm off to work.

Monty D

PS Came home to a very interesting invite,on the PC from a single species group.Who an earth would want me,in their merry band.?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pope Watch

Well the pontiff arrives in the UK,on Wednesday I'm led to believe ? Ready to preach the gospel according to St.Springstein,to the masses.So I'll try in the next couple of days to keep you abreast of what his Papal one is up to.

But for now a little help is needed,and no it's not what landing net,head torch or fecking chair.It as follows............A chap who post's on here was roaming about on the Wye,(Not Dave Burr)late on Sunday afternoon.He was about to drop into a favoured flood water peg,but was stopped by doing so,because of a young Pakistani couple in his words "Canoodling".He text and asked me what should he do ? Oh and he said "She's got a great pair of tits".I was eating my dinner so could not help,but maybe I can now if it happens in the future.

Do you.....

A.A gentle cough to let them know you are around ?

B.Slyly have a quick one of the wrist ?

C.Take a photo of said "Bristols" and sent to all your mates ?


D. Contact your local Imam,to arrange a so called honour killing ?

Any help guy's would be great.Off to work now so enjoy your Tuesday.

Monty D

PS Stop digging holes at Topcliff you naughty folk.Your fisherman not Badgers ;-)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Barbel Blank

Up at sparrows fart yesterday,for a short six hour trip on the river.Arrived around 05.30 and the air temperature was 16.5 degrees.Confident of a fish before my scheduled departure of noon,owing to a few things needing doing.I was fishing by 06.00 and quickly put the brolly up as it was pissing down.

Not a touch I'm afraid,not to despondent as I'm on a beat at present hoping for a decent fish or two.As opposed to numbers of smaller fish.Plenty of leaf litter and weed coming down.The bird life here is great to watch though.An Owl flew just above me,going to home to bed as it got light and between the heavy rain showers,watched plenty of tits(my reflection in the river ?)Red Kites,Kestrels and a couple of Wag Tails.And of course Kingfishers.Nice short trip regardless of a blank.Shall not be back here for a couple of Weeks now,so will be Perch fishing elsewhere.

Now last night, I watched the "Last Night of the Proms".Not as good as it used to be.But I loved Dame Kiri te Kanawa singing from Puccini's Opera,Madame Butterfly.It brought back memories of my 30Th Birthday way back in April 2000 and a trip to see Miss.Saigon,at the theatre.Based on the Opera and a great show it was too.And I've mentioned on here before that I like Maria Callas,so had a quick look on YouTube for her singing Madame Butterfly.But the videos are not good.

So I've uploaded this one.A simply in my opinion, great piece of music.

Guess I may get some stick over this ? For not being what "Geezers" listen to ? Well I've always done my own thing,so tough titty.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D

Friday, 10 September 2010


A big weekend coming up in the Barbel world,well the Barbel Society world anyhow.As mentioned last month they have a meeting of the great and the good tomorrow,to thrash a few things out.

Alas the "mystery guest",has had a knock back.Apparently two of the current committee resented him being their, to offer an alternative view.One reason is that he is a lapsed member,the other is that he was indiscreet(happy now Bob),in mentioning it and that it ended up on this blog.Well you two who ever you are ;-),he did not mention it to me.Another chap did.Anyway the "mystery guest" shall now be walking the Malvern Hills,with his young "Skief".Lucky escape old chap.Not all the committee shall be in attendance,as some will be away on a little soiree with others BS folk,no doubt having a good old natter.I hope though Mr.Frampton starts as he means to go on.Good luck Rich,I think you may need it.

This song is for you,mate.Mystery Guest,not you Rich.I'll do a dedication another time.

Also my lot will be at home to Chelsea,and I can't see further than a loss of 3 or 4 nil.I'll be at Stoke away next weekend the 18th,for a good day out.Such a welcoming place is the Potteries,when you visit for football.

I shall instead be on the river.I did want to have a go for a few Roach on proper tackle,but it looks set to piss down on Saturday.So I shall be stuck under a brolly,hoping for a Barbel or two.In truth I'm a little bored with Barbel now.But trotting a float in the pissing rain is not my idea of fun.In fact my Biggleswade correspondent said in the week"I don't know If I'll cast a line for Barbel this season,the whole scene gets on my nerves now"And he has a point I think and I'll come back to this another time.

That's about it.As ever it being Friday I'm off for a cupla pints.So enjoy your weekend and I hope you catch.

Monty D

PS Happy Eid to all my Islamic readers,such nice and misunderstood folk.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More Tube Strikes Please

Just a very quick one here,as I left work early today owing to the tube strikes,in our great Capital.I was on the river by 14.30 and away by 19.00 as I've left my radio at home and wanted to listen to "Wayne and the Pro's" play football.So the river was up a little,with a few bits of decaying weed coming down.One bite at 17.30 ish resulted in this fish......

It weighed in at just over 7lbs,thought it might go bigger.But on reflection it's fat but short,like who ;-) Sorry for the poor photo but it was such a tight swim I could barely sit down.You may wonder why I blog my angling trips so quick ? Easy I forget things so quickly if I wait until the next day.Nice to swap text messages with Mr.Pope and Mr.Frampton earlier about certain issues.As I say I'll let you know in due course ;-)

Now a serious matter.Last weekend a section on the Severn done an absolute lump of a Zander.I know when and where it came from and at what weight.And as such I've been inundated here at Yat Rock for info,a little help here and there and what bait etc,etc.This from guy's who reckon they know it all ?

So for you guy's here is a picture of the fish.I hope it helps ?

Fucking fish chasers,happy now ? Good work from my Hergest Ridge correspondent.

That's it till Friday.Be lucky.

Monty D

70 Years Ago Today

Sure I'm way to young to have been there.But I did however have family who were bombed out of there homes in Bethnal Green and Hackney.And they always told the me there stories,with a large slice of humour and always a few swear words bandied about.

I come from a large East London family,my late Nan had eight sisters,who all had kids,who had kids.We only get together now at funerals and weddings.But I reckon there must be about 200 of us knocking about,in the UK and over seas now.And I'm one of the sensible boys I kid you not.

So today I'll get a train in,then stroll into work,as there is a tube strike on.And I hope to god none of the local media mention the "Blitz Spirit".It's not, we are just going to work.But I'll have a smile on my face remembering all the family "do's" we had when I were younger.And how it was always the lady's who used to drink gin and scotch by the bucket full.Get pissed up and swear like fish wives.

But to my late Nan Glady's and all her sisters,Aunt Tiny,Aunt Win,Aunt Lil etc etc,I'll have a large scotch for you later.

For as Nan would have said......"We were not letting some German bastard ruining our fucking lives"

And I ain't letting that left wing Trotsky's Bob bleeding Crow either.

Monty D

Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday Morning Blues

I hope this puts a smile on your glum face then ?This was sent to me by my Craggy Island correspondent,Farther Ted Crilly.

"For fecks sake Monty,will yer not give the fecking,feckers somtheing to smile about,so it is ?"

"So what your saying Farther Ted,is that Monday mornings are a rake of bollocks ?"

"Yes for Fecks sake,Jesus,Mary and Joeseph,just fecking get on with it"

So I did.

Monty D

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Booze and Book Shops

Lazy Sundays eh ?I could have gone fishing today what with Mrs.Monty being over her Mothers,and Monty Junior being out with her mates,away at some shin dig for a few days.But could not be arsed.

Popped into my local Yat Rock boozer at 11.00am for a full fry up and a pint of Guinness.One always need to fortify ones self,well on a Sunday.Then had a mooch around the local second hand book emporium.Life is so much easier now the Hay-On-Wye book seekers have pissed 'orf for the summer.Lot's of Stoke Newington,Church Street, Vegans they are to.All lesbians called Matilda,Doris or Earth Sapphire Moon Beam.Those who know Church Street in "Stokie",will understand I'm sure ?

I paid the princely sum of eight pounds sterling for these three.

Now I've heard of Anthony Buxton,H.D.Turning but do not have a clue about this Bailey fellow ? Some people say he is fairly well known ?Indeed I've been told you can have a days Roach angling with him for a "Monkey" ? Pah,I'll take you out for a four pack of Stella.And I'll throw in a few laughs along the way.

I was worn out after a visit to this shop.In truth it's a cracking old place.Books from floor to ceiling,over two floors.It's like the "Old Crooked House",that used to be near the "Curzel" daan at Sarrfend.Anyone remember that place ?So I had a couple of pints of Spitfire in another boozer.And now shall cook me Roast dinner,and relax.

Be lucky.

Monty D.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bloody Carp

Fished today and following JAA's advice,that being, there is still plenty of time for some good Carp fishing,I set off down the river first thing with my Carp tackle.Bloody chilly morning again,put the old Bib and Brace on for a few hours to ward off the damp.

First swim that has produced fish this season,was barren a little like our strike force at UP.Stuck it out for a couple of hours until the sun got higher in the sky.Had a mooch about and found a shoal of six Carp about a mile away.I felt like the Fonz,all strut and big bollocks.The hard work was done.

Fours hours later and they had done me.Bottom bait no interest, nor on a floating bait.One of these fish was a very nice Mirror indeed.They were as usual following a set patrol route,and were just below the surface.Every so often picking I would assume,snail and other aquatic insects of the now decaying Lilly pads ?But no interest at all in my bait.Tough shit eh ? Still good to watch them move about though.

So this says it all a dry net.

But I'm pleased to say no other anglers about,and that is the way I like it.Walk far enough and you can find some peace.No more angling until next week now.

Anyway enough of this fishing stuff.Who said this..............

"I have this weird thing that If I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity through my vagina"

Lady Gaga.What a trooper that gal really is.

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Few Words For A Change

Not a rant or a sermon tonight.Fished today and it was a chilly start that greeted me, upon my arrival at the river.

But the day soon warmed up and gave me a good catch of Roach,this one being the largest.Fairly pleased for the start of my Autumn angling for Roach,notice I did not say "Campaign" please gent's.Already I've noticed angling forums where anglers are getting ready to start their Pike "Campaign".Yes you the Bards mate,you know I mean you.

Who needs pesky Barbel,when these are about ? Roach Head Society anyone ? No egos,no wrong'uns and sycophants.No political agenda,just real anglers for real fish ;-)

Monty D