Friday, 30 July 2010

You Can't Handle The Truth

Yeah I said I would not,but hell the Yat Phone has been ringing off the hook again.

Happy Now Campers

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Best Ending To An Angling Book ?

I'll put July's Blog pages to bed today,as I'll be a little busy until early next week.Now July has been a really feisty and juicy month.A little like a cheeky Sauvignon Blanc (Oyster Bay is not a bad drop),some like it some don't.In fact I've been asked by my older readers who are aged over 45, to tone it down a little.As there pace makers can't hack it.

And I agree.August will be like a slow meander along your favourite river,and I'll stop to smell the Roses.Just to keep the Status Quo you understand (crap group by the way).Unless something pops it's ugly head up,like a Gopher,in Caddy Shack.Then who knows ?

Is this the best ever ending to a an Angling book ?.Read along with uncle Monty......

"It was only the flagstaff on the highest point of the mountain,that the rising sun behind and below threw out in bold relief.Those mighty hills were between me and the rising sun,hence the deception.It looked beautiful-just the tip of the mountain flooded in one glorious halo of light,and the valley where I stood all darkness and gloom".

"I have never forgotten it; when I retraced my steps and sat down to that morning meal the ham and eggs and the cups of tea were all the sweeter.The holiday was all the brighter;the grayling fought that much better;The chub of those "Celtic fringes",as great as a statesman once called the country,seemed to have redder fins,and leaped with more freedom than their brothers of the Trent"

"It was that flagstaff that caused the difference.I have made it my motto ever since.If all seems dark and gloomy around my feet I look up,and can still see that shaft of light,pointing upwards from the gloom,and read in it a bright message of hope,and joy and peace."

Who wrote those very evocative words ? I'm sure most know, and have delved into this wonderful book,over and over again.For those who do not,you can get this very cheaply from the Medlar Press.It will not teach you an awful lot tactically,but read it and between the lines and you'll see not an awful lot has changed.

Until next week,be lucky.

Monty D

Monty Promo Presents

Roll up Roll Up......Monty D Promotions features the fight of the Century......

In the Blue Corner.....The HPS Slugger Tony Rocca!

In the Red Corner...... The Welsh Pool Warbler Steve Pope!

Keep it clean guys and get it on.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Look What Monty Found

Now I'll hold my hands up here.It is not often that things I publish on this blog just happen to fall into my lap.Little tales that I sometimes embellish to make a story, do require some thought from my amoeba like brain.

Sure my angling trips are an honest and somewhat dull account,if the truth be known.But the politics,sport and what ever else, I some times have to look for.Well not today folks........

While sitting upon Yat Rock and reading the Times newspaper I happened upon this.It's one of those "You could not make it up " moments.And very topical I would say right about now ?I deliberated for about,ooh ten seconds before I thought to "Blog" it.

Thank you Mr.Editor of The Times you have made my day.I'm off now to play golf,not a whole 18 holes.Just the back nine,then a pint or two.Don't fancy fishing this week as I've been out at least twice a week since the season started.So I'll leave the angling until Saturday.As there is more to life than just angling,for me anyhow.

Monty D

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thought For The Day

"It's the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought,without accepting it"


Monday, 26 July 2010

Well I Love This Song

But don't cha just hate it when people phone you,but don't let you talk ?Oh and Chas K,this is for you mate ;_)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bean Sticks And Barbel

Had a cracking day out today with my mate "The Gruffalow",or known as Donnie Kev to others.Why I do not know? His been Daan Saarf since I was 4 years old.That makes him older than Tom Bombadil.Who ?

No rush to get to the river today,I got up and went for a run to stretch the legs.It's where I miss the dog to be fair,as you can run over the common like I did today at 06.30 or you can walk a dog and your fine.But If your a single male, who just wants to go for a walk at 06.30, in the eyes of the law YOU ARE A RAPIST.

Anyway "Gruff" picked me up at 08.30 and we had a poodle across the country, stopping for a fry up where many other anglers go.Now I spoke to Popsy in the week about the said cafe,and had to take a peek at the loo's as he suggested.I'll say right here,right now I've not seen a "Shit House" look that rough since Keith Moon were alive.And no way will "Gruff" and I be eating there again.Trust me 'Pon Dat,dread.

The fishing ? Well we got lucky today with the weather,last night a large dollop of rain had fallen.It's not made an awful lot of difference to the levels,but may have pepped it up a bit ?We both started to fish at 11.00hrs and packed up at 18.45 hrs.And we caught all through the day, from a variety of swims both roaming, on a separate beat of the fishery to my visit last week.

Not rocket science to be honest as neither of us are good anglers,just average like many.What did we both look for ?A decent depth off the rod tip and some cover to draw the fish out from.Simple baits and simple rigs and a bit of stealth and that were it.

"Gruff" had five Barbel and I had six,to 9.1(though the pic is obviously not of the 9.1,but that doth show the swim),hence It's not on here.Now five and six respectively, may not seem a lot for a day, for you chaps who fish the Trent,Wye,and Severn ?But on small rivers down Saarf It's not a bad return in the summer.As when we packed up, a fair few anglers were arriving and saying "Your missing the best time lads,you'll have one or two in the dark".Of course lads,of course.

So that's about it to be honest,though I did tread in dog shit,while getting into the van,and thought about starting fishing again.But how greedy do you need to be ?

Just one of mine from today.

Monty D

Friday, 23 July 2010

That Was The Week That Was

What a week in the Barbel Society world eh lads ?It had it all did it not ?Well almost all, as the Yat Phone has some sad news.Mike Berridge AKA Biggun has stood down from the BS committee.

You can read why,on Mikes blog.Mike you have my utmost respect and no matter what other people think,when ever I asked for BS "gossip" he told me to "fook off".Top man is Mike.Who next ?Mike Oz ?Rob Hilton ?Will G ?

Change ? Na not in my lifetime I reckon.Mike this song is sent to you with love and kisses and I hope to see you In October if not before ?They would have to be large wings though Mike ;-)

I'll be glad to get on the river tomorrow,for a well earned rest.Lastly,are all you BS members happy about whats going on ?Who cares It's fucked.

With a nod in the direction of Steve "Eelfisher" Richardson....

Yours with respect(most of you)

Monty D

PS Added a link to Mikes blog,have a read you may be surprised

Thursday, 22 July 2010

So To Autumn

After an absolute tumultuous few days in "Forum Land" I thought I would take a moment to offer some peaceful contemplation,to ease ones troubled soul.We are now soon to be entering my favourite time of year.

I'll be getting a few floats like these and a 'Pin ready to trot for Roach and Dace and hopefully some nice fish,will grace my net ?

This is another syndicate water I have access to (sorry I get guest tickets) so please do not think I'm "Considerably richer than yow".Now this syndicate water, is not a million miles from a Barbel Society water, that some advocate getting rid of to cut costs ? When I were a member, I thought the stretch involved was given to the BS,by a wonderful chap,who is a BS member for nowt ?I doubt that has changed ?So why get rid of it,if it does not cost the BS ?Perhaps I'm wrong and the members who wanted "shot" of it,have it right ?I did say I had until Sunday,you know ;-0.

Joking aside It's a lovely part of the world and I can't wait.

Monty D


Three new moderators for the Barbel Society Forum, due to the mass resignation last night of Messrs Berridge,Osbourne and King.No experience necessary as we are sinking faster than a lead balloon.

Apply via Monty D and he will pass on your name and number.

PS Thank's for the text into the Yat Phone ;-)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Enough Is Enough ?

No names and no pact drill here,but you lads who wanted a "Proper Row" on another Forum tonight should all take a step back and think.........."Mmmmmmm maybe I do look a right prick ?".Everyone who is anyone knows,that If someone needs to look a total prick,then I win hands down.

I'll agree some people don't look good in others eyes ?And maybe some places are best served by others ?But take a step back and remember,before this stupid,poxy Barbel "War" started, were you not friends ?

I'm bloody serious now and you know who you are,so pick up the phone,please.It's hard to admit your wrong,I've been there and can look back and think "Monty you total Wanker".

Pride.Pride has done for more people, than I can shake a Cane rod at.I'm not saying you will ever make eyes over a pint(though some I'm sure would love to try).But have a think eh ?Now I know you all look in here,piss takes yes,threats of violence no.I mean could any of you really go one round ?Na I think not.

Here is a proper row......Best three rounds ever IMO.

Oh and I had a few hours trotting a float after work today,on a Small river and It was lovely.

Monty D

PS Any snide digs and I will not publish them,but be men and speak eh ?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I simply Had To

While drinking my coffee this morning,and sitting upon Yat Rock,in the distance I spotted something that made me chuckle like hell.As did many others I'm sure ?In fact the first text message into the "Yat Phone",read like this......."Monty have you seen it yet ?Fuck me It's unbelievable" or "It has to be a wind up,no ?".

Then the phone went from an old chap I know from Bromyard,named the "Double Troubler" so good is he at catching large Barbel.He could hardly speak, through crying with laughter the old boy and indeed I heard his false teeth,fall onto his wonderfully tiled kitchen,he was in bits.

What brought on this mass hysteria of mirth ?Well one must look once more, to Barbel Fatwa World(Sorry folks,but bloody hell),for this absolute gem of a thread.

"What Rods For Droppering".Holy cow I thought Yat Man,this is to good to miss.I mean come on guys how hard can it be ?I've since looked and no it's not a wind up at all.As ever the Fatwa World stalwarts,are now in deep discussion and are dissecting this thread in minute detail,with the merits of certain rods coming to the fore.

This is an absolute top thread, of biblical bollocks of the highest order.And you guys who are taking part deserve this ward from Montys Culture Corner.Enjoy it,but take care if your intolerant to "E" numbers.

Still do not believe me ?Well go take a look,but take care It's pretty messy over that way.

Good day from Yat Rock.

Monty D

Sunday, 18 July 2010

News Just In

I've just had a call from the Bard of BridgEnorth.....As ever read this in a thick Yam Yam accent.And mine in Ray Winstonesque.

BB "Bloody hell Monty,the BS 'ain't got enough members to put themselves into the hat for various Committee places"

Monty "Fack off,they have plenty of members do they not ?"

BB "Monty no man,It's not all Rosy in the garden,since he left" "They are even asking the members to cough up quick for the BS waters,or it looks bad for next year"."Glad I never renewed mate,fooking bostin eh ?"

Monty "Whats Bostin"

BB "Well they plan to Head Hunt the members,to go on the committee,my moonney is on Mr.Frampton" "And Bostin yam thick coont is just Bostin,like"

Monty "Dot on the card that son,dot on the card"

BB "I found this online,about sums it up bud,sweet,now get on and cook yam Sunday dinner while the family are away,though you would shake 'em up bud"

Monty "I think not to be honest,the senate at Rome was more friendly,can you imagine it,fuck me no and thrice no"

Well what next ?

Monty D

Barbel Bream and Numptys

Nice day in the sun again yesterday,catching a few fish and listening to Radio 5 live and The Open.Monty's bets have blown out though as I backed Rose and Poulter each way.Never mind eh It's only money.

Anyway caught a few Barbel and a Chub and a single solitary Bream,all in daylight hours I hasten to add.No "noddy " night fishing for Monty this week,guile,stealth and a large degree of luck is my mantra.

But where does the numpty come in.About 15.45 another angler walked past me and settled in, two swims up.No problem I thought,though why so near me when you have literally miles to go out ?I'll be honest now, one thing I do not like to do while on the bank, is to encroach on another anglers enjoyment.Anyway within 5 minutes I heard "Sploosh",this then went on constantly I kid you not,for the next hour.I now had the fucking 'ump.I walked up to enquire in a polite manner how he was getting on."Maggot feeder mate,its the way to go in conditions like this".Yep he was right,but instead of a dropper he was casting and re-casting a large FOX (That's a Tenner please Cliff),feeder,again and again.I went and got my gear and moved,can't be doing with that racket on small rivers.At precisely 17.15 he walked back past me and said "It's shite mate,rivers out of sorts"He then left for home.Now I blame Stef Horak for this debacle,in the right hands It's a deadly method.But by Christ a little knowledge is a bad thing.So CAT and Stef,would you please in future give away a FREE bait dropper ?And an idiots,step by step guide on how to use it ?I thank you.

Here is a little picture of a narrow stretch I was on yesterday,so you can see what I mean, does It really need a dirty great feeder over and over crashing into it ?

And to show I'm also a numpty,what was going on in this photo ?I don't take an awful lot of fishy pictures,but felt I must put my exploits on here,to show I also go fishing a couple of times a week (Even with a full time job,you Sussex dole ponce) ;-).As well as piss and moan on here.Crap picture and very much how not to do it.

Anyway droned on enough,enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D

Friday, 16 July 2010

Fridays Choon and Other Stuff.

Well things are looking a little more stable on the Mother-in-Law front so I can fit in a little time on here.Fridays "choon" comes curtesy of "Curtis Mayfield"See what I done there. ?

I'll be out on the river tomorrow to hopefully catch a few fish,but not to worried If I don't.I'll just enjoy the day.Now some people sit by the river bank and get quite depressed If they are blanking ?If this is you ? Pray you do not get a visit from Gazza.

I can imagine it...."Monty-It's Gazza don't shoot man""Alreet Monty man,bought jiz a rod,some chicken and a dressing gown,man".So just look happy on the bank for Christ sakes and try and smile.It's ment to be fun!Or not,well you probally know the outcome.

Be lucky and enjoy your weekend.

Monty D

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Good News

I picked up the Anglers Mail today,and on page six they had an article on the viewing figures for "Catching The Impossible".Week one started with 77,000 viewers.This rose to 228,000 by the third episode.

In percentage figures it rose from 3 per cent to 9.6 per cent.That is good in my view.I'll be honest I've only seen a few, what with working over time on a Sunday,or out fishing.But anything that brings "real angling" to mainstream television and not the dross, that Robson Greem peddled is a good thing.I've borrowed the collection from a mate on DVD,they are shot very well.But will never be as good as a "Passion for Angling".Though I think many of us view this series with such love,that we loose sight that time does move on ?

I've seen "Four Season on the Avon" so many times now it's unreal.Watched "Bobs" underwater specials.Both are good.Guy and Stew etc,etc.So if we can get any decent angling programme on the "box" It's a good thing.

How many of us remember "Hooked" ? Wich used to be on the television,maybe BBC 2 ?I must have been,god I reckon I were 11 or 12 ? Was it in 1981 or earlier,I'm not sure to be fair.Though I do recollect watching Ivan Marks,Benny Ashurst,Tommy Pickering,Dick Glegg.I'm not sure if Frank Barlow was about though ?Even younger, I think back and see Jack Hargreaves on television.Pipe going and fishing for Pike,Trout and Tench,I also luckily have the whole series on DVD.Always on,around Sunday lunchtime while Dad were down the "Boozer".Strictly 12-14.00 those days and woe betide anyone in our house, who were late back for Sunday Lunch.(Dad still bears the rolling pin scars)

Then we moved on to John Wilson.Where am I going ?Just be thank full that we the angler,are getting a platform again for our pastime.After some very barren years on the regulation "channels" and not those that prostitute themselves to the great god "Sky" ;-)

Right I must get my tackle ready for after work tomorrow.Oh and It's a little cooler and that has already started to switch my mind,to Roach,Perch and Pike from rivers like this,for the Autumn.Mellow Mists and all that.

Monty D

PS "Barrington the Dark" my Badger mate,"Rock on son,Rock on"

Monday, 12 July 2010

Close But Not Close Enough

Well Spain won the World Cup.And earlier in this blog I mentioned I backed Argentina to win it at 13/2.That went down the "Karsi".

But I also mentioned that I backed Spain to win it at 4/1 and David Villa to be top goal scorer at 8/1.The double would have paid 45/1.

Alas there were four joint "Top Scorers".So I only got 2.25/1 for David Villa,as the odds get split four ways.So instead of collecting £450.00,I picked up today £162.50,like I said close but not close enough.

While on the subject of football and money.How much do you think a 20 year old reserve team player at Liverpool FC gets per week ?A grand ?Three grand ?A chap I know has a son who is at the club,not a friend just someone I know.I bumped into him today.His lad is on 8 grand a week.If he is called into the first team,he gets another 3 grand.And If he plays he picks up another 3 grand on top.Plus an apartment free of charge for a year.After that he has to support himself.Nice work If you can get it eh ?

That's the football out of the way.Let's get back onto fishing.I'll be out after work on Wednesday,not sure where or for what yet.I'll wait and see.

Monty D

Sunday, 11 July 2010

For Rich Frampton

Rich mate now look here.Going bald is a fact of life for some of us of a certain age ?While others look good in a "combe" over (think Phil Smith) others do not.I plead with you and do the right thing.

Here am I in the conservatory at home.Poor photo I know,but Mrs Monty the mean old lady that she is (sorry love don't hit me,ouch),would not help with the photo as she said "Your all bloody mad".

Go for it mate,you know you want to ?Every ten days get a "Zero",It looks much better.
The we can "strut" our stuff together.

Monty D

PS Well done on your PB.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Montys Culture Corner

Afternoon from Yat Rock,and what a bloody hot one it is too.Not much to report for six hours down the river with a bag 'o Chum Mixer.The Carp on my very lovely stretch are spawning again.I had to scrabble around in the bottom of the bag for some old bottom baits.

I knew I would not catch,but shit happens.I even fed a whole load of mixers too,not to actively try and catch the Carp,but to just gage there reaction.They were completely disinterested.So I just sat back and relaxed,wound in an old boilie, packed up and went home.Was it a waste of time ?Nope because I have come up with a new award,as Wanker of the Week is frowned upon.

It will be Montys Culture Corner,for the most mundane and ill thought out,self pompous, load of hot air and utter shite that I,or my panel spot over the course of a week.

They will win these two,every week.So there you have it, coming soon "Montys Culture Corner".

Time for a beer I reckon ?

A good day from Yat Rock.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Wanker of the Week and Bloody Iranians

Sorry lads and lasses but I was down the pub and took a call from Mrs.Monty who looks at my blog.Someone complained about Wanker of the Week ?So I've come back to edit this.So there will be no more Wanker of the Week I'm afraid.

I'll stick with Wally of the week in future.Sorry guys,but I'll not get this blog pulled as I enjoy it.

Right before I go back down the pub,bloody Iranians! Just when you want them to do something right they cancel the ritual "Stoning".So you have to stay with this.

Anyway enjoy the weekend,I hope you catch the fish of your dreams Monty D

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Did I Imagine This ?

Ok I've kept this quiet but feel it must be told...............

Last Saturday down the river I was in my element.No anglers just wildlife and my own dreams.Around 21.00hrs I heard "Oi Monty can I have a word ?"I looked behind me and saw not a thing.Mind playing tricks again Monty old boy.Then again "Monty,please we would like a word"

I looked around again,nixy bleeding poo as Del Boy would say.Then a tap on my shoulder.It was a Roe Deer,"Excuse me please Monty,but the animals of the wood and stream would like a word"."Would you mind following us ?".Who could refuse such an offer?

I walked along and went through a Copse and into a large clearing.A large round table was surrounded by various animals.Otters,Fox,Badgers,Rabbits and even a Unicorn.I must be honest and thought "Acid flash back,Acid flash back".

The Unicorn addressed the masses."I bring you man to vent your anger,but be kind as he can see beyond the rants of the Forum Clown".Bloody hell I thought is this for real ?

Mr.Badger who went by the name of "Barrignton the Dark" was the first to address me."Mr.Monty look we are really pissed off being blamed for Bovine TB,It's you humans and intensive farming,what say you ?""Well I'm not sure to be honest Barrington, but will look into it OK ?"That seemed to placate him.

For the next hour I listened,to the concerns of the various animals and there thoughts ,each had a good point.Rabbits,Squirrel,Muntjac,Weasel etc,etc.

Then lastly Mr.Octavius Otter(who had a very substantial mustache),got up and stood on the plinth to speak."We Otters are not to blame Monty,for your downturn in fish stocks on various rivers"."Oh yes we are far,far to many now you know,but bloody mankind has deemed it best to intervene again"."But how can I be happy to see my people culled, due to mankind's meddling ?"

How could I argue ?Mankind in Montys opinion,always rapes nature for financial reason and then seeks to blame others ?I could not disagree with the animals sentiments.I was then told by a "Wood Sprite" that I could get a ride back,on the Unicorn,as way of thanks for listening.

We trotted back through the now darkening wood.And I was back at my swim,but the Unicorn who went by the name of "Farsong" told me "This will be but a dream,but remember Monty,It's mankind and not us,It always is"."We just want to excist,not to expand,that is mankinds way".Then she was gone.

Mankind eh ?It's a sod.

Monty D

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Working 9 to 5 ?

Not I and not today,that's the beauty of having a good boss(arse kissing extraordinaire that I am) and working flexi time.Anyway went down to river number three this season.Arrived just before 15.00 hours and sneaked into a swim, that I've not fished since last season, around August I reckon ?It's not really a swim to be honest,as you have to literally crawl under a tree on your belly to reach the river.

The Barbel and Chub live about twenty yards down stream under a bush.Anyway this is where the hard bit comes on how I fished it,as it's odd for me to be sensible.I dropperd in three Lot's of hemp and two of home rolled boiled baits.Not rolled round,but square.left it alone until 16.10.I had a smoke and a little day dream and thought about a few things.

Firstly why do I always take the first couple of days of the season off ?Invariably they fish poorly ?But my old man summed it up who is a non angling fellow "Boy, It's a rites of passage,even when you were supposed to go to school,you never did on the 16th of June".And I thought I were a sly dog at 14 ?Older dog and new tricks I reckon.Then I thought about my old wood work teacher at school Mr.Robertson who also was an angler,who apparently was never at school on June the 16th.Now many kids thought he were a miserable old sod.But engage him on the subject of Roach and he was away.Why I thought of him today, after so many years is strange.But in my minds eye, I can still see the geezer showing the disaffected youth of Hackney E9, how to use a Chisel in it's correct manner,and not to taunt your mate with.

Now the mundane bit,well for me anyway,as I'm better suited to waffle as opposed to being pragmatic.Gently cast out around 16.15 and at 17.00 had this little fellow.

Obviously not weighed,though judging by some of the claims in forum land, It's a good double ?(Yeah righto Monty)Had another cast after and had a small Chub and that were it for me.I said I think last week ? That "smash and grab" Barbel sessions in the summer heat were not my forte.But It's cooled down a lot these last few days.So I thought why not ?

Back on the Carp for me this Saturday,as It's warming up again.Let's hope I can fool a few more off the top ?

Monty D

Five years ago Today

Some utter scum decided to blow themselves up on Public Transport,thus killing themselves and other Innocent people and wounding many.I remember it very well as London's phone system also collapsed due to "over use".So no body could call loved ones and friends etc.

When we had to leave our offices,I remember the long walk past Buckingham Palace,past Victoria mainline station and out over Vauxhall Bridge.Most of the mainline station were still closed as the Police, still did not really know what was happening.But what will always stay in my mind,people were walking with no pained expressions,or fear.Just a look as If to say "You won't beat us ".

And you know what they were right.I was blown off my feet by the Bishops Gate bomb,back in the 90's as we were at work on the Saturday.We went to get some breakfast not more from a 100 yards from where it exploded.And whooshhhhh,what a mess that made.But we got back up and carried on with our daily lives..

To those that died,you have Montys thoughts today.But you see folks Londoners do not do cowardice,never have,never will.They will try again no doubt.But you won't win!

Have a good day folks Monty D

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

For The Barbel Society Members

Don't fret you poor,weary and possibly disenfranchised members who still have the faith ?Just listen to Uncle Sam,belt out a real good old fashioned "Movement Song".Will change ever come ?I'm not sure to be honest.

But one thing I do know, I'm not Tony Roccas sycophant as posted elsewhere about people who post on El Spaniards blog.Ain't that right Tony ?Tony you there ? ;-} I genuinely do want to renew but I'm not sure If I could hold my tongue.And fuck me my mouth is big enough,no doubt to get me in trouble.I actually like Tony,yep he speaks his mind and so do I,maybe not always in the right way ?But hell at least some folk have an opinion.

Smile chaps It's just a little poke in the ribs.

Monty D

PS the comment thing is still playing up,so don't fret you'll get your say when the E-Blogger folk sort it arrttt.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Water Abstraction

In yesterdays Sunday Times,there was a good article entitled "River life threatened by water company greed"Now I'll not go into the article in to much length on here.As no doubt you can view this article via the Times online,but It is well worth a read in my opinion.

The Mimram and Beane rivers that rise from the Hertfordshire chalk,and join the river Lea at Hertford are drained of about 55m litres a day.

The Kennet is also drained of about 35m liters a day.Now you read an awful lot of people both online and in the press,moaning about the problem of Otter predation etc,etc.

But is water abstraction a bigger threat ?How much water do your regions loose per day through broken pipes and "natural wastage" ?Also If you do look at the Times online ? Another very good article by Brian Clarke appeared in today's Times news paper.He writes an angling article on the first Monday of each month.His words summed an awful lot for me.And I would guess many others also ?

Where am I leading with this ?Well If this dry and hot weather continues ?Will you still fish for let us say Barbel,in these low water conditions and lack of oxygen in the water ?It's a difficult one to be honest.Not everyone follows the Barbel Society's handling code.Which is probably the best thing they have online to try and educate others(that's not a dig at the BS),it's mild praise.

Try and read both articles and form your own opinions.I have to add a photo as always.My favourite stretch of the Hampshire Avon,let's hope all our rivers continue to flourish,and flow in this most arid of years.

A rather sensible for a change Monty D

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Saturday Night Sunday Morning

Had a really enjoyable day on the river yesterday,through to about 01.00hrs today.Mrs.Monty thinks I am mad, getting up again at 07.00hrs to go for a "run".But I'm not the best sleeper once the clock goes past 06.00hrs.My Mother used to say "His too wicked to sleep that boy".She meant there were to many mischievous and wicked thoughts going through my mind,keeping sleep at arms length.And who am I to argue ?

Anyway,caught a few Barbel in both the daylight and nocturnal hours.None were of the size that needed to be weighed.Mostly all long lean fish,like the one I took a quick snap of,to put on here.All fought well and were in great "nick".

Listened to both World Cup games on my wireless(proper retro word)turned down low,so you could not hear it more than five yards away.Least I get "bashed up",by a certain poster or two,from Barbel Fatwa World who think having a wireless on the bank,is akin to mass genocide.The rivers are still so very quiet though ?I'm not complaining,but the first Saturday in July and there were no bugger about.They can't all be football fans ?Perhaps after last seasons harsh winter where most of us struggled,they have departed,never to return ?CARP PUDDLES RULE OK ?Not sure to be honest with you.

Anyway took a call from "Biggun" yesterday,on his way back from the BS Committee meeting,he was in fine form and looking forward to his angling trip.But the things you learn eh ?

Lastly enjoy your Sunday folks,I must take Mrs.Monty out for lunch, as It's not enough that she gets,her reward in Heaven for putting up with me.Nope,she wants Italian for lunch today.No Patience these women ?

Monty D

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wanker Of The Week and Fridays Choon

Warning this blog entry has some near the mark language,so look away now If you are of a sensitive nature!

Time for something new gent's and Lady's.I'm awarding a "Wanker of the Week" to the most inane "cunt ism"(that's for you Mr.Berry);-),that has been spotted in Forum land in the past week.

Looking down from Yat Rock I spotted this on a mixed species forum,that has something to do with concrete."At Hampton Court last night and still there,I had 1 bream and my m8 1 Bream,and that's it.May do another night we shall see"

Why has this won the inaugural "Wanker of the Week" with Monty's panel ?Simple what kind of person post's/blogs or has any thing to do with the real world, when on the bank ?Phone calls from home in an emergency permitting.I go fishing to forget the real world.I never think about work,bills,family(sorry Mum) or any thing other than fishing,when on the bank.

So we the panel,have awarded this poster with the award.Oh and he sneaked in some text speak in his post!Grrrrrrrrr

If your out this weekend on the river or lake have a good one.But please save it till you get home eh?

Now to Fridays "Choon".A Pwoper,Pwoper couple of foot stompers.And some really fit(and some not so),girls who dressed well back in the day.

Monty D

PS Wanker of the Week is just a light hearted bit of banter,but will no doubt upset one or two!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Night Fishing

I thought I would chuck this in, as I'm planning a longish session for this Saturday,well for me anyhow.Planning to get to a different river from where I've been Carp fishing,for around 15.00 on Saturday and fish to around 02.00 Sunday morning.I've not really done these long sessions for the last twelve years or so,owing to the dog we had.But now his no longer with us (three months yesterday) I thought I would make the most of the summer.

Now some people do not like night fishing ?They get jittery in the dark and don't feel comfortable with the night.I love it,only once did I get spooked and I'll come back to that later.I have a mate who I do not get to fish with,to much these days owing to him being self employed.Two things stick out.....

About 7/8 years ago we got to the river after work, on a Friday and were planning to fish until around 23.00.About 21.00 I took a stroll about 150 yards downstream to see if he were OK ?I saw the light before I got to him.He had one of those giant head torches like a Miners Lamp,going full beam.It was like Portland Bill had landed on the river.I just pissed myself to be honest,but he said "Monty I hate the dark did I not tell you ?"As It were a large swim I got my tackle down with him,and out went the light.Job done and after our chat I thought we had cured his "Night Terror".Non.

Two years ago in November,a nice mild Saturday we got to the river about 11.00 and were going to fish through to around 19.00.I was just listening to the football results coming through around 17.00,when he appeared behind me all packed up."No touches mate so I thought I would sit with you for the last couple of hours".I packed up though as It's not really fair on your mate,is it ?

Now my turn.Many years ago I was doing an over night session.Another guy who I was fishing with left the river around 23.00 as he had work in the morning.It was a warm July night,but around midnight the mist rolled in across the Fields.I could hear foxes killing rabbits and deer "Barking".These are just the sounds of the night.I pulled on my Bib and Brace as it was getting cold and damp.Poured a coffee and put my little radio on.The first station was discussing the merits of the Ouija board.I was in a trance watching the tip,then snapped too and quickly changed channels.The next station was discussing the Devil,I promise you this is all "Gospel".Well by now my mind went into melt down.I could hardly see 10 feet in front of me due to the mist.I got up,put my head torch on and jogged around the Field for a good 90 seconds singing"I'm forever blowing bubbles,pretty bubbles in the air,they fly so high,nearly reach the sky".You get the idea ?Christ knows what I must have looked like ?Anyway I sat back down,and thought "You dozy bastard fancy getting in a right two and eight like that"Since that night I've been fine.But like I said earlier I can understand it,if people don't like night fishing.The mind is a potent force.

Moving on a little.A couple of people have asked me why I do not write more expansively of my angling trips ?Simple reason is that others do it far,far better than I.Many blogs describe there bank side experiences,with real aplomb.Plus If we all did it the same way,would it not get boring ?That's not a criticism of anyone,I just tend to try and mix it up a little.Each to there own.

Lastly make the most of the fast fading summer.Before you know it,these conditions in the photo below,will be upon us.Though I for one much prefer the Autumn and Winter.

As ever It's just my view from Yat Rock.

Monty D