Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Whooo Hooo

That's me now finished work until the 05/01/11 and I'm feeling as festive as an Ebenezer Scrooge who has been giving a second chance on Christmas Day.Sadly the trip to the Hampshire Avon has been postponed for tomorrow as the snow and ice coming late in the day,may get the Gruff and I stuck eighty odd miles down the M3.But it is being reschedule for the New Year so fear not JAA you do not get off that lightly ;-)

So what book's do you chaps want for Christmas ? May I be so bold as to offer two of my favourites for your list of festive reading.Now I touched on this book Blood Knots, on this blog way back in May. I've now read it again and in my eyes you would be mad not to buy,beg or steal a copy of this book.Everyone who has read it has been blown away by the nature of the book.Various other bloggers and Internet forums have also offered it huge plaudits.You can pick it up in soft back for the princely sum of £8.99 at present.It's not your typical angling book but a charming story of a different era.Buy it or forever be cursed to damnation.

And this book is also from a different era and slightly more pricey coming it at a hefty £60.00 and a little at under 500 pages.

The Carp Catchers Club,produced by Medlar Press.I'll admit 60 quid for a book is quite expensive,but like most Medlar books it's produced to a very high standard.In essence its written in the form of a rotary letter,complied over the course of seven years from 1951 to 1958.And in this day of e-mail ruling the roost I doubt we will see this sort of book again.It has the illustrious names of Walker,Ingham,BB,Jack Smith,Harry Grief,Bob Richards,Pete Thomas,Venables,Fred J,Gerald-Beth Jones,Dick Kefford and John Norman.

It's really about the inception of how Carp angling took off in this country,with some lovely line drawings and photographs from days gone by.How the gent's pooled together thoughts on tackle,bait,bite indicators and the general behaviour of Carp.If your interested in the history of angling and Carp in particular I think you will enjoy this book.The closing chapter by Maurice Ingham makes the book worth buying in my eyes ,a sad lament if you will to lost friends and a lost time.

Moving on swiftly to our old friends at Barbel Fatwa World.We have had the monikers of "Boris","Beards","Old Whiskers" to describe the plain old Barbel.Well it hit new heights of mirth last week when a new poster described Barbel as ........."Bearded Brutes".It gets better though another poster welcomed him to the forum with this beaut......"Welcome to the circle of trust".Sounds like some homo erotic daisy chain for Boris forum folk.Still what ever makes you happy.

I hope to get another angling trip in early next week,but it's all dependant on the weather at present, like that for many of us I suppose ?So I'll make do with listening to the next Ashes Test from Australia and a wee dram or two for now.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. The CCC is a great read, you'll enjoy it. I've got 'Woldale' and 'Tactical Piking' in the stocking, so will have to wait unitl the big day.

    If you havn't got "Drop me a Line" get one, I think it's better than 'The CCC' myself.

    Out piking on the Frome tomorrow...I will of course post picture of large pike in a smug way ;-)

  2. Hopefully there will be a book or so under the tree for me this year Monty old chap.

  3. Oh to be a banker!
    How lovely it must be to spend your ill gotten gains on frivolities.Put your spare cah in the poor box and assauge your conscience,shame on you.

  4. Monty
    You mean you didn't enjoy reading the 6 pages of how to drop a swimfeeder into a river, the 3 pages of an advert devoted to fishing guiding, or even the 6 pages and 3 pieces on the same French holiday by the same person(that'll help out the pension)in the latest Barbel Fisher magazine?

  5. If the bloke who has so much to say about the way other people should do things, was to put something together himself instead of telling everybody how good he is at correcting spelling, then perhaps we could read his pearls of wisdom too.

  6. JAA,

    I've got the CCC book ? Or did I misconstrue your post.


    You'll get "Barbel.....Bollocks to That"

    The others,

    Conscience ? Me ?

    The last two and it's pretty obvious as to who you both are.Please pack it in,I don't get the BS magazine any more and have not done so for four years or more.

    Madame has just phoned and she will be from University in about two hours.And I cannot wait so please go and play elsewhere ;-)

  7. Monty, no I was endorsing your view on the CCC, really very good.

    Piking didn't come off today, bu88er it, forgot the landing net then it pissed down when I went home to get it.

    Ponting must be dreaming of what he's going to do when he's lost the captaincy.

  8. JAA,

    Gruff did that the other week,age you know.Just been looking at the nice folk on Barbel Fatwa World getting in a lather again about things they no fuck all about.Priceless that lot and they can expect an award next week in the inaugural "Dalrymples" ;-)

  9. An award you say Montague old boy well looking at the thread about guiding and Matthew Hayes I suggest a large flame thrower over the whole flock of lemmings.Keep up the good work and let them have it as you see fit.


  10. ...I went and looked at the thread (sorry).

    Some folk really need to get out more and I don't mean with a guide. If you need a specialist to deliver the "dalrypmples" and leave no forensic evidence I might know someone ;-)