Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trotting Again

I thought I would have another go, running a float down the river again today and I arrived at the water around 07.00 intending to fish through until about 13.00.Nice mild day today with the air temperature around six degrees and did not even feel the need to wear a coat,just the bib&brace with a ruby shirt and a fleece. Obviously the ubiquitous warm hat was needed for those of us who are bald and indeed feel no need to have a comb over to cover this fact.Unlike others and you know who you are gentleman.

I baited a couple of runs with liquidised bread as it did not get light enough to run a float through for another three quarters of an hour.Shit myself a couple of times roaming about in the semi dark,as roosting Pheasants went belting off at all angles made jittery by my head torch.They got their just deserts later though,by the lads who were out shooting.

I've said before on here and to people I know that my "Trotting" skills are probably not as honed as many others.I'm fine on the slower rivers of my youth,with a small stick float.But the more vibrant and fast flowing rivers I struggle a little. Obviously not the Test and Itchen for those Trout and Grayling are a piss easy even for me.

Today I fished bread flake below a large Balsa float,and really enjoyed myself.After a couple of hours I seemed to be getting into the rhythm of things catching a few Dace and just trying different depths and stuff like that.

I also had this lovely Chub,I moved to a swim I baited earlier.Went a little over depth and more or less bounced the bait past a over hanging hawthorn bush.The float went under first time and a great scrap on light line and the 'Pin.Quite and odd shape this one and I reckon it may have munched on a few Crayfish in it's time ?So all in all an enjoyable few hours after the last few blank trips and it's nice to get the rod bent.I'm also due on the Hampshire Avon on Thursday all being well on the weather front.Not sure what to fish for now,Pike,Chub or Roach.

Moving onto Roach and anglers who REALLY know how to run a float through a swim,if you have not got this book it's a good read and by John Searle and friends.His second book after A Brush With The Avon.

I got this last Christmas from a mate of mine.Some of the Roach in this book will make you drool,and then some.Some great Roach anglers passing on their views,a mate recently had the pleasure of watching Dave Howes fishing and said he had never seen angler run a float through like it.Elegance personified were the words he crooned,or was that swooned ?

Now it's time for a wee dram I reckon.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. You faired rather better than me and the Hobster Monty. Mind you when you see the state the river Derwent was in on my blog later you'll not be surprised.

    I was interested to see that you were wearing a ruby shirt, that's not very stealthy Monty. After the stick you gave poor Jon Berry as well.

  2. Con,

    Jon had a pink "I'm ever so camp" hoody on mate.That deserves all the stick going.;-)

  3. Seasons greetings young Montgomery, there is no place better in the world to spend Christmastide that good old England, alas the Palometta and Permit will be keeping me busy on the Sian Ka'an bioshere this Yuletide.

    A thought for all those at war with one and other.

    It is not the fish that we catch but the act of fishing that we should rejoice in.

    Yours as ever A D-S.

  4. Have wee dram for me mate, dry net again :)

  5. Froze as usual but did mange a score each or roach and rudd on the W's toastie, so not all bad.

    Can't decide myself for Thursday, will have to bring everything....

  6. At present mate the Met Office are predicting heavy snow for Thursday,we would get their OK.But the getting back up to Surrey from Hampshire would be hard.

    I'll bell you Wednesday early to let you know what is going on ;-0

  7. Monty, don't worry, it's a short drive for me and the day's booked off on hols anyhoo. Just give me call whenever you like on Wednesday, leave it unitl late if you prefer to see what the weather's doing, and we can arrange a time and place to meet (or not).

    They call her ADS
    In Dungeness
    Where she's known for her fondness of Snickers,
    But you know how things are
    In the rear of the car
    She'd willingly show you her Scrapbook.