Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Thank You/Merry Christmas

Just a very short one now as I guess most of us are pushed for time as the "Big Day"approaches.And after tomorrow I will be off line for a few days.Under the threat of "Go near that pissing blog of yours and your dead,OK babe"What can a man say to a request like that?

Firstly a few thank you's.To everyone who has looked in at my blog since it's inception back in March.To all those I've mocked I'll continue to do so,as I also mock myself.I have had, as I type this 42,446 page views in the last seven months.Not bad really for someone who is just a very average angler.I had to stick up the photo,as a certain individual who shall not be named,think Voldermort,queried If I had really 20,000 back in in the summer.Happy now ;-).But seriously I do hope you find something to amuse you a little.Be it jokes,the odd story or just honest accounts of my angling trips and it's often gross ineptitude.Blanked on Sunday and still have not got that Chub in the snow photo I covert so much.

Special thanks must go out to...........Tony Rocca who suggested I start this back in March as I did not think I had it in me.Being as my grammar and spelling are so poor,I'm a numbers man pure and simple.Thanks for giving me a push old chap.

Yeslling Ying,for the Yat Rock photo's as that is really him up the top.Cheers Butt.

Le Otterman,for his photo shopping skills never a request turned down.

And lastly Big Donnie Kev AKA "The Gruff",for all the running about you do for me.It's very much appreciated mate and I hope we can get out on the bank next week.Plus I want that poxy rod back ;-)These comments must not be read like Halle Berry's Oscar acceptance speech,well maybe just a wee tear.

And that as they say is that.I will leave you all now with my very favourite Christmas Carol of all time.Sung how it should be.

This is Monty Dalrymple,from up high on Yat Rock, wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas to you and your family's.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. and Merry Xmas to you old chap from us both and keep the blog coming.

    Love and Kisses

    George and Mildred

  2. Hmmmmmmmm Silent Night hey, you might just be lurking me thinks ;-)

    Have a goodun & keep off the net, tis the season of goodwill to ALL men dont you know.

  3. Here's to a very Merry Christmas for you and yours Monty, thanks for the teasing, mocking and humour displayed.

    Immus, frozen solid!!

  4. Best carol ever, it that doesn't resonate the spine, nothing will.

    Sod the blog-knockers Monty, it's a good job well done.

    Now do what Mrs. Monty tells you and have a good Christmas and I'll save you some cake. As long as you don't want it after January 5th.

    (Because I'll have eaten it).

  5. Aaaaaawwwww! That's so fucking sweet I now have a tear in my eye.

  6. He's lovely really, ain't he ! Happy Christmas from the arse end of nowhere, see.

  7. And to you gent's.That's it from me now for a few days.Be lucky.;-0

  8. Enjoy yourself Monty, have a great time and we'll be looking in again next year.Thanks for a lot of laughs, amusing stories and an insight into your fishing skills


  9. Good blog and slightly different to the normal angling blogs that you read so often.Merry Xmas to you.

  10. Have a Great New Year Monty. A cracking Spurs win, a dominating Test performance and a West Ham win. Can it get any better for the run in???

    (ps. I posted nothing about your spelling on here - honest)


  11. Cracking Spurs win ? Why what was the score :-).I watched our game in a pub near the Mother in Laws gaff and Fulham slaughtered us for 30 minutes.I shall be at UP for the Everton game on Tuesday,and hopefully we can bowl the Aussies out as well.

    And finally get out on the bank on Wednesday.As for the spelling I've a good idea who it really is ;-)

  12. It's not going so well for Ponting now eh Mont?

  13. Simply wonderful Montgomery, simply wonderful.

    One shall not be leaving Patagonia to come home until Burn's night, enjoy the hullabaloo on the Hogmanay and receive your 'first footer' well for they will bring you luck for the forth coming year.

    As ever yours, A D-S.

    Marooned on the Gallegos!

  14. Cricket ? What ? Been football today and a bit pissed.Need to get the kettle on and get my tackle ready for a trip out for Pike or Perch.Though the rivers down here are chocolate coloured.May wait until New Years Eve ? Hic ;-0

  15. Celebrating the cricket win and the Spurs (yet another) win

    Thu or Friday for a bit of winter chubbing methinks and here's hoping the silly old Boy recovers from his "Arithmetic" attack.