Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Soon Be Summer

Anyone else totally fed up with this weather ? And it's not even January yet,it does seem as though this horrendous cold spell has gone on for an incredibly long time.Most rivers that I fish are full of snow melt at present and look in piss poor condition.But I will cast a line on Friday come what may,as I need too like many I guess.Though in truth I do not expect a vast improvement in conditions as the ground is sodden.Still If I blank I'll not blame "Road Salt",just put it down to poor angling.

I've even phoned up and whisper this........A couple of commercial fisheries,I know I need a good whipping.To maybe try for some Perch but they are still frozen over and they look set to stay that way for a while yet.So here's looking forward to the summer and I'll not next season moan about it being to hot. But I will be looking to keep away from the rivers until the Autumn and just float fish for Tench and other species on a couple of club lakes that I'm looking to join, watching a float around some Lilly pads is something I've missed.Though it's pretty tough to find waters that are not aiming mostly to Carp anglers.Here is a nice summer weir pool on a syndicate I belong to.

What did you get for Christmas from your beloved ? I got the usual,a nice bag of goodies from Clarins.And two books one the latest CSG book and the other by John Gierach,entitled Trout Bum.I like John's books as he writes well.Many compare him to Yates but from across the pond and I'd heartily recommend him to you all.I did not get any angling clothing though and I would have liked some thermals to keep away the chill,though I've always believed you should dress the part when your fishing.Baseball caps and the like are just not cricket in Monty's eyes,it's just so unseemly.I found this today and this chap bares and uncanny resemblance to the "Yorkshire Ninja",Hobby.They could be brothers ;-)That man has the cut and dash of an angling dandy.Now quickly to the Ashes,it has been said elsewhere recently that it's a brave man to back against Australia in their own back yard.But as you know I did,a 2-1 win to England at a nice 9/1.So I hope we draw the next Test.That will pay all next years angling subs,so here's hoping as I've always said........ Fortune favours the brave. I do hope Ricky Ponting has a good match as I like the guy.His a pugnacious and proud man and I'd like to see him go out with a bang,as opposed to the various barbs he is getting at present.Easy to say though,from the position we are in now.I think I'll slip out for a pint or two now as the girls are at the sales, I had a late one last night and I'm still suffering.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. No point texting you at 01:00 about the last wicket was there?

  2. I have a good selection of John Geriach's books Monty, i think you will enjoy them.

    Good luck on Friday.

  3. Otter,

    I was still up mate,but turned the phone off as the phone was going mad.Got your last text of....."Got the C..t".Mrs Monty was none to impressed when I waltzed up the stairs at 03.00,mash up dread.


    His books are good,makes you wish we were young and care free again.

  4. JG's books are on my "to read" list I must admit, I have one it's cracking.

    Not very sympathetic with Ponting, how many careers has he/his team ended? Live by the sword etc...

  5. You are a hard,hard man JAA in regards to Ponting.But I like a character,who is feisty and in your face.As opposed to those who wither and die so easy.But it matters not now,as he misses the last Test.;-0