Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Fish Of The Decade

I was going to fish today,then I was not.Gruff popped around to Chez Monty's yesterday to have a look at a little plumbing job he is going to do for me,in the next couple of weeks.He also had his stunning six month old Ridgeback "Puppy" with him.And what a lovely dog she is to,made me realise how much I miss the old boy who was put to sleep in April.We, I think are ready soon for another dog.

Gruff had done the rounds and most rivers were still high,cold and just full of crap.So I thought I'd not bother.But I got a call around noon yesterday from a mate who had caught two Barbel from a river near us.It's a chalk stream,that runs off quickly and is normally a fair few degrees warmer than most rivers, owing to warm water that gets pumped in. So I nipped out and bought two pints of gentiles.

Not a real early start today,and I was only going to stay for around three hours.I rigged up with a small feeder,six pound hook length and a size 14 'ook.I had a couple of small Dace early on then it went quiet.I was on the verge of packing up when the quiver tip,jagged around a little then went right round.And I had a fairly spirited scrap from this very silvery,winter conditioned Barbel.I even popped her on the scales and she went 8lbs exactly and to be honest I'm pleased as punch.Bloody muddy out though as you can see from the photo and I hate getting caked in mud,really do.

So that is my last fish,from this decade.What will the next ten years bring ?I will not ask for the earth but just to keep fit and keep fishing.But I've a long standing invitation to go and fish in Montana(Or is that the Montana of my youth),but we will see how the money goes first.I'm also looking to get a light lure outfit in the next month or so,to use on a couple of Crayfish infested rivers.Look's like Lumby will be getting a phone call next week.

And now to a little music to see us into the New Year.Now I understand my musical tastes are not everyone's glass of Malibu (Remember that ?),god what an Essex drink that was/is. But I was very lucky to have been brought up in a home of music.So I like lot's of different genres ,though lean towards my Reggae and Soul.

Now Mrs Monty loves the reality music shows.Where as I do not,being a miserable old sort at times.And we had a right old heated discussion over Christmas about lady soul and jazz performers.For my Mary -J,she loves Angie Stone.To my Aretha,she loves Betty Jackson.Holiday for me,Ella for her.I'm sure you can understand this scenario as you discuss your musical favourites at home.But one thing we both agree on is this lady here.........The late,great and somewhat awkward Nina Simone.I know my parents where at Ronnie Scotts in 1984 when she recorded a live Album.And this song is our all time favourite and as the year passes I think it's very fitting.If your out tonight take care,I'm at home as I will be at Upton Park tomorrow for our game against Wolves.I'm sure Stevo,Jez and Rich know how important the game is. Surprised though that the Yam Yam massive are not making the trip down ;-).

So until next year,I will leave you with this sublime piece of music.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nina Simone, Feeling Good. One of my favourites. Nice kipper Monty.

  2. Good on yer , Monty, nice fish to end the first year of the second decade of the Millenium lol.

    Wot abaht the lovely Cleo Laine then, even tho' Miss Nina is also a favourite I did so enjoy the recent BBC programmes about Cleo & (Sir) Johnny's musical life. She aslo did him proud the day he died, keeping the planned concert 'on' and telling 'em all that he had shed the mortal coil when it was completed.

    A happy, healthy & prosperous New Year to you and yours, Monty.

  3. Otter,

    Not a "Dub" though ;-).


    When "Johnny" died I thought what Cleo and the family done was great.Very brave indeed.Now for once I'll be sensible and grown up.I hope you and the family have a great 2011 and many more to come.You and yours deserve it,more than most.From the heart bud.;-)

  4. Happy New Year all, be lucky.

  5. JAA,

    And to you mate.I'm now off to football,breakfast in Plaistow first.Then in the boozer for eleven ;-)

  6. I'ii warrant you weren't too sensible and grown-up when the second one went in today, Monty! Nice to see that Noble is back again, at last. Wolves Hammered.......... reads well dunnit?

    Ruddy icey blast has started up here again this afternoon, can't imagine when I'll get Mr. biggun 'out' on the banks again, or mesel' for all that.

  7. I was the model of restraint,as I thought of those poor inbred "Dogs Head" fans and there trip back to the Midlands ;-)And so to bed.......

  8. Just a bit of a warning Monty.

    Four generations of Spurs Fans my family. My two lads likewise.

    Daughter goes of to Uni, hitches up with a Scouser and now supports Liverpool.

    Keep tabs on your Lass.

    5 hours on the Kennet today after Chub. Not a touch on mashed bread and flake! Amazed


  9. Graham,

    I was kind of hoping that she would make an informed choice and meet someone,who was minted and who's family were into "Field Sports".

    It would be like the "Trotters" when they went to the country,only with the "Dalrymples". ;-)