Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Doppelgängers of the Angling World Part IV

Have you ever seen these two fine fellows below on the bank at the same time ? The chances are very,very slim that you will to be honest.

This here is intergalactic star force one,saving the world to infinity and beyond Mr.Buzz Light Year.And can the man do the Tango,what a pair of swivel hips.

And this fine fellow is all round specimen hunter Mr.Chris "The Pons" Ponsford.Often found creeping about on the Teme,playing Barbel on Youtube and managing to take product placement to a whole new level,by mentioning Korum every second breath ;-)

Anyway now the important stuff........

Upton Park last night was absolutely freezing and to be honest I did not fancy us to get a result.But old Red Nose decided to rest a good few players and in truth we totally deserved to win as comfortable as we did.

The atmosphere was like the night games of old.And it will be a huge mistake to move to the Olympic Stadium,it's just to large for a medium size club like us.Even if we were "flying",we would never really top 45,000 and that's being optimistic.Move the pitch over towards the West Side,and redevelop the East Stand and keep "The Chicken Run" in some guise.

I'm glad Spector had a blinder last night and he should have got MOTM,in my eyes as the lad has never scored prior to last night in 189 games and then get's two.I just hope we avoid Arsenal in the Semi-Finals as we will struggle to beat them over two legs.But in a one off game,then who knows ?

I still do not think it will "Kick Start" our season though as we are a poor side.And last night is best stored in the memory bank,as one to look back on.We play Man U at our gaff on the 11th of December and I'm sure it will be a totally different game.But today I'll just gloat,very softly as is my way ;-)

Getting home was a royal pain in the 'arris because of the huge amount of snow that has fallen near Chez Monty.A whole five inches and the South East comes to a standstill.And EVERYONE knew it was on it's way.

Still I'll not grumble today.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Forget the 11th Monty that was a great result, and who knows it may be at Wembley this time round.


  2. y'know, it's almost as if everyone beleived ll the global warming waffle and forgot it's cold in the winter.

  3. Well done to the 'ammers.We played a good team,Fletcher,giggs and the boy hernandez were all present.Your lads really wanted it,i hope they translate this result into a goood league run.I'll just have to settle for us knocking the scousers off their "perch" (god willing)

  4. As for the snow,it's been snowing all night again so we have around ten to twelve inches now.But I'm going to yomp to the station to see If I can get a train into London Waterloo and onwards to Berkeley Square.

    Mrs Monty things I need to be sectioned under the mental health act.But frankly the thought of being snowed in with her all day,chills the blood.

    Tally Hoooooooo

  5. Good draw for you guy's Monty, although the Blue noses will be no push over!

    It think it was a result that showed just who wanted to win the game more, Utd where totally out played and got exactly what they deserved!

  6. Monty you need to get out mo...oh wait.

  7. Birmingham City in the semi. How do you fancy your chances?

  8. Not a bad draw to be honest but it will be close.We play Barnsley in the FA Cup a few days before the first leg.Tight in both I reckon.

  9. So OZ batting, just me in the virtual Barmy Army then?

  10. I'm stunned, Katich run out for 0, Ponting a goldie, glad I stayed up now...

  11. Made me smile a whole load.
    May be short lived but hope not.

  12. Going well gent's.I'm now off to trott a float for a couple of hours.;-0