Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Beautiful South

It's not often in the South we get a good dollop on snow in a few hours.We had some yesterday and then today around 09.30 this little lot came down and it's still snowing now,so after we decked the halls of Chez Monty in it's fine festive colours,claret and blue naturally.I took a stroll to a local stream I fish every now and then to grab a few photo's.

I know it's not the best weather for casting a line,but it does make for some good photo opportunities.I do though fancy a few hours trotting in the morning if the snow abates a little,just to see If I can get that Chub in the snow photo that has always alluded me.But for now I'll make do with keeping warm and radio 4.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Snow is pretty, as long as it's in photos and in someone else's area :)

    I spent four hours today building a decking walkway to the outside loo for Mother-in-Law who's just come out of hospital and cannot get upstairs - I had a tarp up to try to keep the snow off. Manage to finish, and like normal, wasn't too cold.

    Our council gritted the main roads, of course but side roads have to fend for themselves, a particular problem in my road which is a crescent and drops downhill at both ends, where last snowtime we had to clear the ice ourselves else we couldn't get in or out. But the council have done something unusual - that is putting some grit in "strategic" places for residents to do-it-themselves. I just looked up the locations on their website and there's THREE in the whole of our area and would you believe this quote from them ...........

    "The salt sacks have been placed at strategic points on the highway to allow residents to help themselves to grit untreated roads and pavements.

    The sacks are not intended for use anywhere other than public roads and paths.

    The locations of the sacks are obvious to local residents and it is not intended that the public travel to retrieve salt from these bags."

    So it's chaos as usual then.


  2. Popsy,

    "Deep Breaths,Deep Breaths".Though I dare say that the blog title may go over over your head.It's a music thing,my friend ;-)

  3. Music? pah. Beautiful South, born out of 'Ull, thence simply "South"

    Prefer snow, pah. Curry house couldn't deliver so met them round the corner on the hill. Lovely. Warmed me through.


  4. Monty next time let me know you are coming and we can have tea.You of all people are always welcome in Narnia.

  5. That looks lovely Monty................ more forecast to come to the South around Wednesday evening!

  6. I did have two hours out this morning,not on the float but a small feeder and a flake hook bait.

    Not a touch,but nice to fish in such conditions.The snow masks the world in a stillness that is unsurpassed.

    I loved the Narnia tales as a kid,actually still do.Not to fond of Turkish Delight though ;-0

  7. Never got the Narnia thing myself (but a good film), alway preferred LOTR. Still each to their etc.

    Froze nuts orf yesterday, never even had a bite. Ill today, just deserts...

  8. JAA,

    Cold sweats ? Hacking cough ?Aches all other the body ?Had it for four days last week.About time you learnt to "Man Up" ;-0.All jokes aside it is going back around again.

    Snowing like hell here again.