Saturday, 4 December 2010

96 Degrees In The Shade

Well not quite to be honest but the temperature has turned much milder over night and the snow has started to melt.I decided yesterday I would have a couple of hours trotting for Dace today and bought some gentiles on the way home.

A little stream I can walk to was the venue,as I did not want to venture far as the snow is much deeper at a couple of my more regular venues.And with the words of Arthur Daley ringing in my ears "Monty,the world is your lobster my son" I set off just before first light.

And you can say my lobster was well and truly cooked.Not a bite to be had and in truth did not really expect much action.But like many other anglers we all need our weekly fix or we get damn right miserable.Well I do anyhow and I only saw one other angler and that was a Heron,who every time I crept near with a camera,flew away laughing.

Just a couple of little photo's from this morning.

With the snow melt under way,at least in the south you can in the coming week look forward to a couple of threads you know where,like this............"Does road salt put off the Boris" or "Will the Boris now start to feed" and maybe "Am I a sad twat for sitting at home".

Now to the real 96 Degrees in the Shade....

I love this song,very political and inspired by the Morant Bay Rebellion from 1865,that led to the hanging of Paul Bogle.It has a thumping base line to.With a little luck I'll be back in Jamaica next year visiting some of Mrs Monty's family.Not been over for a few years now and I love the place and the people.Her family reside in Manderville in the middle of the island,it's very lush and steamy.It's not known as the land of wood and water for nothing,away from the tourists also.

I'll now best get my self together and go and do some Christmas shopping for my girls.May even have a couple of pints of Old Peculiar while I'm out to warm the soul.Enjoy your weekend what ever you do.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Great choon that Monty, great harmonies, bass line and the guitar solo surprised me a bit. Can't believe that one passed me by, I must have been napping. Know Try Jah Love and Now that we found love though.

    Getting cabin fever here, van is stuck fast and other than a few short walks I've been stuck in the house since Wednesday.

    As soon as the roads clear the rivers will be un-fishable for 3 or 4 days as well. Next weekend maybe. Supposed to be going grayling fishing tomorrow but don't hold much hope of getting there.

  2. I've sent you a live version Con.Bob "Biggy" Gill may appreciate the guitar playing to ;-)

  3. Nice post Mont. Off tomorrow to freeze me chads off with a pint of mixed and bag of macaroni.

    Nice choon also, not my normal thing to be sure, but enjoyed it.

    ...and we're stuffing the convicts at cricket and Ponting's whining like a Pom. All I need now is a 1lb Rudd on the morrow....

  4. JAA,

    Good luck on Sunday mate and all being well will see you on the 16th.I'm going to get some shut eye and set the alarm for the next days cricket ;-0

  5. bring on those road salt threads fella !

  6. Hmm, guitar playing good.
    Try this for a LP, drums and double base - superb. Real music isn't dead.