Sunday, 28 November 2010

We're Spamming

Blimey I see the AoBF(Association of Barbel Fishers) may have ruffled a few feathers ? Firstly dear old Fred gets reprimanded about "Spamming Up" Barbel Fatwa World.Then good lord the big guns are out on parade offering confessional,at the Papal throne.What do I think? Do you really care ?

If you put a gun to my head(I'm sure one or two would like to) and asked me who should you join I would suggest if you want to fish the Trent.Then join the BS for it's lovely and gorgeous, intimate stretch of the Trent at Sutton-On- Sea.Lovely place not to far removed from "Dungy" on the Kent coast and similar tactics needed.

If you feel the need to just dip your toe in, in these heady days of Barbel groups try the AoBF.Some good guys and very little in the way of "Plug my Guiding" or "Book a day out with me".Or just go fishing and forget the single species myopia that seems so prevalent today .

"Oh we're Spamming,Spamming in the name of my lord"
"Oh we're Spamming and I hope you like Spamming to"
"His rule will not last,times going very fast"
"I and I will see it through"....

With apologies to Robert Nesta Marley for the above.

Lord a mercy,what a ting a 'gwan in Internet land again.

Monty D


  1. Hard Hat from Notts28 November 2010 at 19:22

    Any truth in the rumour Monty, that the BFW boys have had enough and are passing the lot over to another group?

  2. Are you sure your not Fred ?Very similar to what I was told he posted on his blog ? ;-)

  3. Neve mind all that shite. Did you have owt today me ole cockernee scribe?

  4. Hard hat of Notts29 November 2010 at 00:49

    That's where I read it Monty

  5. (1) Great result, a draw for England at the Gabba is like a win.
    (2) Went out yesterday to a small Heath pond and spent 4 hours chipping ice out of the tip ring and watching the margins freeze.
    (3) As a non Basrbel fisherman can you imagine how silly this all looks from the otuside?

  6. Aah but JAA
    You haven't seen the size of some of the ego's on display in certain quarters of barbeldom these days, or the desperation some will go to so as to protect a little income from guiding and the mags.

    Shame really as most of us realise that it's ONLY FISHING and NOT real life.

  7. You should know better than to believe Freds shite Will.

  8. And as they say that is that on this blog.I see Fred,Rich and Mr.Pope are no longer welcome on Barbel Fatwa World.Been banned or so I am told.

    It's a shame as it gave me such mirth.But time moves on and times waits for no man.So,let us put November to bed.And hope for some nice days ahead in December.

  9. Anonymous wrote: You should know better than to believe Freds shite Will.

    Firstly I ain't a clue wot yer gowin on about!

    Secondly, at least have the balls to use yower real name, I do!


  10. ...and the ashes in the bag by Xmas.

  11. What ho Willaim, that's 'Shanghai Lily' yes?

  12. JAA,

    Nope not Shangahi.Off to UP now for our game against the Mancs -)

  13. Good luck Monty,although i am a Manc and a red one at that, my Mrs is an Hammer.I hope you win,if only for the sake of domestic harmony.

  14. Must be only one Will in the world then.

    How Strange.

  15. Monty! You mullered the Mancs!

  16. Mullered ? So am I mate,did not get home till nearly 00.30 because of the poxy snow.I'll now try and get a train to work,so I'll come back to last night later and another Doppelgänger also ;-)

    I'm lucky my 'ol lady was born in East Ham so she knows the score ;-0

  17. Nice result Monty, i take it you are a happyhammer this morning.