Friday, 12 November 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

Good lord there is some major moaning going on in "Forum Land" at present over Robson Green and his so called angling programme.Now I'll be honest I have never seen Robson's angling show as he is one of those actors I do not enjoy watching.Remember Soldier,Soldier ? Yes it was the absolute pits in my eyes. So I avoid anything with him in at all costs.

But people I assume do have an on/off button on their huge plasma screens,so why watch it, if it offends your sensibilities so much, you have a choice.A bit like reading most of the drivel I post up on here.No one makes you read it.

Some class comments...."His a knobba who can't fish"."Mr.Green cast like a ponce",obviously never seen Conrad then ;-).No lads turn it off I beseech thee and stop getting hot under the collar so much on the forums.

Only one Geordie would do a good angling show and it is this legend here.The man broke the mould in so many ways.Least of all how some of us of a certain age should act around women.I for one have not looked back since.

Also today I spotted this........A naked man arrested breaking into a house had a computer mouse stuck up his backside.Noah Smith,25,was taken to hospital after cops used a Taser gun,pepper spray and a baton to restrain him.Shocked docs who X-rayed him found the mouse lodged in his rectum.Smith,of Sencea,South Carolina,told them he had no idea how it got there ?

Which begs the question "How many Arseholes out their are wielding a mouse ?"I of course include myself in that.

Well it's Friday I'm now off for a cupla pints.So if you are out on the bank this weekend may you catch the fish of your dreams.I'll be at the Rugby on Saturday and paying my respects at Whitehall on Sunday.So no fishing for me until next week.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. Class Monty, lmfco see !

  2. You are honestly daft as a brush monty you really are where you get it from i do not the way i see mr pope has posted on his blog about floopy hate wearing folk i guess he backtracked after jons e-mail pulling him to bits about floppy folk and how they fish.

  3. Anon,

    I assume you mean "Floppy Hat" and not "Floopy Hate".And no I've not read it,but I did know that Jon had,had some contact with Steve.

  4. Hard Hat from Notts13 November 2010 at 12:51

    Some only read what they want to see anyway Monty.
    I heard there was a toys out of the pram episode fro a Floppy Hat!

  5. If I were a betting man I would wager that it's dear old Fred.Masquerading as HHFN.;-)

  6. I can't prove it, but I suppose that wouldn't matter to some anyway.So I won't try.
    But,I do know who it is.

    If you were a betting man J; how much? ;o)

  7. The use of the exclamation mark,is one of your favourites.And one other,you know the bloke in the Mid Shires.

    But as you say you can't prove owt.And nor can I,just a feeling.:-)

    Must dash the joy of the train calls.

  8. If you continue telling the shit stirrers that,it'll turn up won't it?

  9. Sir Frederick,

    On Saturday you said it was not you,but you know who it is.So why worry ?

    And would you kindly refrain in future from using profanities on here.It is not the place for it.;-)