Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Poor Old Obama

I reckon Mr.Obama may have his work cut out in the next two years or so,just trying to get anything done in Congress after the hiding his party have just taken in the midterm elections.

The Americans I work with all voted "For Change" two years ago.Not to many did this time round and they come from various places in the states,Virginia,Oregon,New York and Seattle.But some of these Tea Party guys and gals are not the full ticket either.The far right and the far left are all mad,but can you imagine Sarah Palin as the President ?I doubt the Republican party would like her to get a sniff at running for 2012.But can you stop the groundswell of opinion that is gaining momentum.

So when you come to write your tome on how you were stiffed at every turn as you surely will ? And you need a few bucks as your on skid row,you can always blame this guy.

He felt no shame in blaming you.

Monty D


  1. That's bang on Mont, but Obama doesn't seem to be able to build any rapport either, so it was always a big ask.

    The US is fundementally right wing and will be for along time. The big question is do we stick with our special realtionship or submerge under the welter of authoritarian left-of-centre-dictact out of Brussels.

    Or...we can team up with the French who have a long record of not doing what they're told...

  2. All politicians are pompous oily crooks.The French are no good and the French resistance was a lie made up to give them some face.Pah!

    Brussels do not make me laugh.We are an Island so they can get stuffed.

    America,If you have people trying to get into Congress who want to outlaw abortion,even in the case of incest or rape.You can really go fourth.

    I'd put my trust in Hazel and El-ahrairah.They would see us all right.

  3. I must admit it'd be nice to see a UK politician with a pair, metaphorically speaking.

  4. "The French are no good and the French resistance was a lie made up to give them some face."

    How can you say that Monty, have you never seen Allo Allo?

  5. JAA
    and exactly what was wrong with Maggie !

    Martin :-)

  6. Allo Allo was OK but I could not really see the humour.But Dads Army still makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it.

    And of course the last series of Black Adder was sheer class.

  7. Got to quibble there. Dad's Army was good of course, but "Allo Allo" was also good, just different, and let's be fair it took the pi$$ out of everyone. Mostly the French perhaps.

    Maggie? I did say "metaphorically" ;-)

    Yep the Last b'Adder, very very good and funny. Not a million miles off the mark either.