Monday, 1 November 2010


I've never been one to ram my views down any one's throat as I'll always listen to a reasoned argument.Even if I disagree with your view point and we can agree to disagree.

But today in work we have a young intern with us until Christmas.I suggested he may want to pop a few bob in the Poppy collection box that goes towards the British Legion.He declined on the grounds that and I quote "It will not go with the colour of my coat so no thank you all the same"

Not often I'm lost for words but this time I am, well fuck me.What next in this land of ours ?Not sure what to make of the lad as his a nicely spoken middle class kid.Perhaps his parents are middle class,left wing vegans who reckon The Guardian newspaper is the cutting edge of journalism.

Wear you Poppy with pride is Monty's mantra.I'll try and get some photo's up later in the month from Whitehall,from the annual march past.If you have never been you really should,it makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

Monty D


  1. Well said Monty. It's important to remember and doubly so for those younger than you or I.

  2. I have been looking Monty but there are very few selling poppies........................... but i will find one.

  3. Might not match his jacket colour but would admirably suit a bloody nose, Monty.

  4. Makes you wonder how many would pull a sickie if we had to fight for our lives ever again


  5. Pleased to hear you managed to acquire one, Tom. You would be hard pressed to find anyone offering selling services (OK, donations in exchange for a poppy) around these parts, unfortunately.

    There have been three separate reports this last 2-3 days of British Legion sellers held up at knife point for the money cans... one in Carlisle, one in Silloth and another location not specified. All by young toerags, probably for 'easy' booze or drug money!! Makes one despair of portions of this human race; bring back the bloody birch!!!

  6. Scum like that Mike need "Topping".