Saturday, 27 November 2010

Minus Four

That was the air temperature when the Gruff and I arrived at the river today at first light for a few hours Perch fishing.Wrapped up like a good'un to keep out the cold and off we went me upstream and Gruff downstream.

I tackled up and settled in a swim I've caught from before and sat on the mat and cast out.Then the phone went and it was Gruff.

"I've forget me landing net"So back I traipse a good mile or so from where I started and we had no choice but to fish near each other.It happens to us all I suppose when you get as old as Gruff.I fished a link ledger with lob worms and Gruff used a float and tried out his new 'Pin a wide drum Speedia he got for a very good price.Nice reel that and it would have looked better on the bit of cane I was using,as opposed to his carbon contraception ;-)

Now even though it was minus four,it did not feel really cold as there was not a breath of wind.Though the line was freezing in the rings all the time. Apologies for the slight blurry image but I got a new camera in the week and did not have time to read the instructions,though "techy" stuff makes my mind boggle being so 'fick

But the fish as I expected decided not to play today,so it was a blank for us both.The Crayfish were mostly on good behaviour and with the cold spell in for a while hopefully they will stop all together,and the fish begin to get used to these conditions and come back on the feed.We did though have this little chap on the bank.

Gruff and I had a little word in his shell like,and then Gruff walked his new found friend downstream and let him go.We packed up a little before noon as by now the wind had picked up and it was colder than at first light.And with no bites between us we headed for home.

Nice few hours though,always is when your fishing.

Monty D


  1. My turn tomorrow Monty, with the threat of snow i will be staying local.

    I love this time of year, as long as the cold does not seep into my bones, it takes to eye away form the barbel and gets you to look at other species, roach and perch are in my sights tomorrow.

  2. "Gruff walked his new found friend downstream and let him go"

    With a bit of effort and some size nines he could have covered a whole square yard.