Friday, 26 November 2010

Doppelgängers of the Angling World Part Three

Ever seen these two people on the bank side together ?I doubt you will to be honest.

Two Fridays back I was in the local,the Yat Rock Arms having a few pints of Butty Bach and just relaxing with a couple of non angling mates, after another week of hard graft.Talking as you do about this and that when I took a call on the Yat Phone.........

YY"Mate I think your on the BFW home page Monts"

MD"Bollocks am I,your mad"

YY" No honest mate I think it's you"

So I whipped out the I-phone that I carry for emergencies and came across this photo below entitled "Mark Coles Kennet PB of 12.6"By now the text messages had also been coming through thick and fast.

The top one is apparently Mark Coles.

And this one here is actually Monty D.
I had been royally stitched up by my friends at BFAMWE.My head has been photo shopped onto the body of "Howsie" and tweaked a bit.This fish is not mine and it is not from the Kennet at all.But an old Great Ouse fish from some years back,before the Otters.I'd also point out I do not wear eye shadow,well only at home xx.

Now some phone calls were made by me over the weekend,and behind stifled laughs the guys denied all knowledge.So these people are now on my hit list.........

Yesling Ying
Le Otterman
Bard of Bridgenorth.

If you look at the hands on the photo at the head end,you can see It's been photo shopped and the silly hat.But it stayed on the Fatwa World homepage all week.A great coup for the lads at BFWAMWE.I doff my cap as I was royally stitched up,but you lot know you will get it back and double ;-).What next I ask myself ?

I'll be out on the river in the morning from first light until about noon after a few Perch,I hope the cold has slowed the Crayfish right down.I'm not to expectant on the catching front though as it has got bloody cold.But fortune favours the brave etc etc.

As it's Friday I'm now off for a cupla pints.And if you are out on the bank wrap up warm kiddywinks,but you never know you may catch the fish of your dreams.

Be lucky

Monty D

PS Le Otterman is on the piss already and some of us remember the conversations we had with him last Friday night.Turn your phones off guys,you know it makes sense.


  1. Mate im printing this off and takeing it to football in the morning.i will see you at the game against the mancs in the week still think you are a freak for fishing instead of football,


  2. Bard of bridgnorth26 November 2010 at 18:57

    Ok OK it was me monty, bostin wun it arr. ta ra a bit ! ;)

  3. Monty, you must be slowing down in your old age mate............... they done you good and proper.

    Looking forward to your future blogs mate, they are a beacon too us lost souls of the barbel.

    I hope you have a great day on the river mate.

  4. He saw this and his gondola sunk!

  5. Done up just like a kipper...

    And without help from The Otter. The Bard, it would seem, has practised his Corel PSP.

    Fook me, I laughed.

    Yes, I was on the HPA yesterday. A mighty fine pint. There was also a pint of Witch Otter. I laughed at that too.

  6. It's all a laugh though lads.Anglers,well some have got there heads so far up their arse holes they forget to laugh.

    It's a pastime to most of us,a great one too.But you have to have a laugh,or reading some of the stuff you would cry.