Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part Deux

Has anyone ever seen these two gents on the river bank at the same time ?

The one below is Tom H,all round Barbel nut case who was out earlier in the week at night when it was -4.Fair play to you mate,but in the words of Stef Horak,bollocks to that. But I'll be back out after work tomorrow as well as the weekend as it's now ten days without casting a line,and I'm getting grouchy.But I have to admire your drive.;-)

This chap below is Phil Jupitas,not as funny as he thinks he is, a little like me to be honest.But as he is a season ticket holder at Upton Park he 'aint a bad lad.

Lastly a shame it was a poor turn out at the Wilts BS meeting last night,with Martin Bowler giving a talk.I've spotted from Yat Rock only around 28 stout fellows turned out.That's not good enough guy's,as Martins talks are really good.

Monty D.


  1. Hope Tom does a good Wookie 'roar' like old Jupitas does !

  2. Chris Yates and Wurzel Gummidge...never see them fishing together...suspicious that.