Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part 1

Being that it's a little quiet on the angling front from me,I thought I would start a little section on Doppelgängers in the angling world.Well I say quiet but the lads on Barbel Fatwa World are moaning about the cold rain going into their beloved rivers,and if you read the threads you would think it has come as a surprise ?But as Pooh Bear said the other day and I quote...."It's the winter,what do they fooking expect it happens every year".Spot on mate ;-)

So here we go, has anyone ever seen these two gents in the same room at the same time ?

This is my mate Mick "The Duke" Brown.

And this chap here is "Paul 4" all round centerpin guru.And a lover of all things sheds.

Separated at birth maybe ? Well who knows to be honest but both I've been told are lovely blokes.Though I can only vouch for one.I'll chuck a few more in over the coming weeks as there are some real good ones about.

As ever It's only my view from Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. What about Matt Hayes and Roland Rat? Never see them in the same room do ya?

  2. Hey Up Monty,

    I would check your annotations, 'cos I think maybe 'Pops' & Mick might have a fright if they attempt to gain access to the beds assigned to the ladys of the named above!
    For one 'orrble minute I thought there maight be an alternate pic' to Mick's, 'til I scrolled down.

  3. no, that's part of the joke michael you twit.

  4. They're both the bastard offspring of Jack the Hargreaves.

  5. I see myself in a mirror now and again, but I can't remember my name - this will cause confusion on the river banks. Anyway, you're welcome in my shed when you've got your new slippers, so's you don't spoil my bit of carpet. Cocoa suit you?

  6. Pops,

    Told a few people about that today, including my Mum and Dad.They said I have to face facts at 40 I'm middle age :-(

  7. FORTY? that old? Oh well, it's slippers, cardigans, soft fruits, bedsocks, willy warmers, and it's all downhill now :-)

  8. LOL................... i am dreading mine

  9. Monty, at forty you're five years in chap.

  10. Montgomery,
    Not quite in your 'angling dopplegangers' ethic, but nearly with one of them, how about 'Sir' Mick's angling buddy Matt Hayes & and the Canadian rubber-faced Jim Carey??

    Archi Pellago