Saturday, 20 November 2010

Damp November

Had a nice day today on the river even though the sky was leaden and everything was shrouded in what seemed an Autumn gloom.A typical damp November day that seems to seep right into me.Stopped on route and popped into Tadley Angling Center and picked up a few bits and also this new book out by Martin James.Only a "Pony" that's twenty five pounds sterling for those of you who do not know.

Now I've obviously not read it but had a quick flick through and it's not short on pages.367 to be precise and Martin makes a donation on every book sold to the ABF the soldiers charity.Nice touch that and I'll have a little look later,as the PAC magazine arrived in the post today and that needs reading too.Quickly back to Tadley Angling,now I'm sure many of us use this shop at various times ?But I've yet to meet a more pleasant tackle shop owner,and his bait is always spot on.Compared to some of my more local shops.If you are over that way and have never made a visit,please do so.You will be offered a cup of tea also or if you are from "Yam Land" like the Bard,it will be a "Kippa Tie".

The river was low and clear today,as the recent frosts had knocked all the colour out of it so I decided to roam about for Chub. Noting fancy or technical at all to be fair,lob worms or crust fished on link ledger weighted with two,three SSG weights.Size 8 hook and a 6lb pound hook length.Quiver tip rod made by Mark Tunley and that was it.

Looking at the river you could be forgiven to think it was devoid of fish, nothing showed at all.So I just dropped baits into various holes near any cover I could find.I ended up with a few Chub to about 4lbs and plenty of these little devils.I did have a couple taken off by Pike in two swims that I fished.And that's one in the memory bank for maybe next week.I don't know about you but with the weather being so changeable of late,I cannot even begin to think about starting a proper CAMPAIGN for one species.

I still can't find those large Chub yet though ,but I can't complain today really as I got the rod bent and I've been on the bank and only saw one other angler.To me that's a good day to be honest,and roll on next Saturday.

Monty D


  1. And what a fantastic job the AFB does and great to see that Mr.James is continuing his sterling work to help them.
    What a shame that there is something else now using the same abreviation!!

  2. Rich,

    I am surprised at you,my little rig hooked you first time. ;-)

  3. Sounds like a nice day out Monty, well done mate.

  4. Maybe those with the BS abbreviation shouldn't be throwing stones in glasshouses !

  5. Oh Rich do grow up young man and stop behaving like some spoilt child stamping his feet and shouting teacher teacher look what ****** is doing.

    Nice story Monty. Autumn/Winter sure is a great time to be out and about.


  6. Rich

    The end is nigh and some of it is down to your inane postings on behalf of the Poodle master!


  7. Right you little tinkers,play nice please.I'm just about to leave work and have a cupla pints on the way home.

    I'd like to think Rich posted after a couple of Saturday night tots of the hard stuff to.As it's not like him to not think before he posts.

    "Benefit of the doubt face"

  8. poodle doodle doo21 November 2010 at 15:38

    ruff ruff ruff bark bark snarl sniff sniff

  9. Enough now lads,the blog entry had nothing to do with the BS or the newly formed ABF(Association of Barbel Fishers).Good luck gent's.

    It's a shame some folk took it upon themselves to think that.But if you are of an one track mind then that's your look out.It's a huge angling world out there,and yes I take the piss and will continue to do so.But not today thank you very much :-)

  10. Darling Montague, who on earth is that cretin Frampton, can he not see a coch y bonddu when one is cast in his general direction?

    Tut tut, the man is a simpleton.

    Yours as always A D-S.
    (Bone fishing the flats)

  11. Even a cock cant make itself look as big a cock as the Poodle does. He has a talent for it that we may never see surpassed, we should relish in these times.

  12. Leave him alone now please.He is not a bad lad so the lads from the Midlands tell me.At least he 'aint been ringing Mike Oz all the time like.......;-)

  13. Jason,

    I know you like a laugh and a joke and thats fair enough but some of the comments on here say rather more about the posters and you than they do about Rich, bear that in mind.
    And yes I have rung Mike Osborne, always considered him a friend, in light of your remark above, calls are likely to cease.
    It cuts all ways Jason.

  14. ringing Mike Oz all yje time Monty. Is that somewhat rude? Kindly Explain.

    I agree with anon above re Frampton. A total idiot!

    Kind regards


  15. c'mon Monty spill the beans


    Rich may not be a bad lad but he really does need to question those who ask him to post what and like he does

  16. Steve,

    Sorry mate,but trust me a hell of a lot of people have a very,very low view of Rich.Yes his your friend and all that.But he does really polarise people to be honest.

    And his post on Saturday night on here and elsewhere made him look a little daft.As for the guys who post the comments on here,well I did ask them to stop.

    Have a good day.

  17. As an after thought,your more than welcome to phone me Steve to discuss a few things if you would like ?Rich has my number,as you know.

    Mornings would be better,say between 07.15 and noon.It's up to you.

    Off to get my train.TTFN

  18. post on Saturday simply stated what I can only imagine to Mike Oz is an unfortunate over sight.He knows it too.
    As far as a hell of a lot of people not liking me...well George has the balls to us his name and thank you for that but all the anons are nobodies to me so if that is what you are talking about then I can live with that. :)
    Hope you had a good day at the office.

  19. Jason,

    Let me turn it around, knowing Rich as I do I could say to you that those "hell of a lot of people who have such a low opinion of Rich" are almost certainly not people I would have a particularly high opinion of myself.
    Especially reading the diabolical mails that he receives from people who make me ashamed to think they are fellow anglers.
    Remember, like you I know an awful lot of people.
    The difference is the people who react without knowing in such an abrasive fashion, it isn't humour, leave me cold and to be honest almost feeling sorry for them at their obvious lack of intellect.
    With regard to his post referring to the ABF I would just say this.
    I would feel terribly uncomfortable about using those initials in our current climate, if I was sitting at a table discussing a new organisation and this came up I would most definitely want to see it changed.
    Now you might say thats over reaction, I would say its common sense.
    And before anyone wants to jump all over that point I would suggest taking a deep breath and think about it.

    If I wanted to be cynical which isn't in my nature but I'm a Londoner too, I could say the name was deliberately provocative but being of generous nature I'll give the benefit of the doubt.
    You like to come across as a sort of cockney scribe, street wise with a brain, a lot of the time it works and may even appeal to me seeing as my roots are not that far removed from your own.
    However trying to distance yourself from lets just say less gifted posters doesn't wash with me. Its your board and you set the tone and you cannot escape that, you would not see messages like that on my website.
    And inviting me to phone you is all very well and I may well take you up on it, probably have your home number somewhere, but not really sure theres anything to gain for either of us.
    You are happy in your place and I'm more than happy in mine.
    All the best.

  20. The name of said new organisation is "The Association of Barbel Fishers" so if anyone feels the need to shorten it then its AOBF anyway, not that it matters at all.

    And Monty, you never mentioned who the calls to Mike OZ were from so how come Mr Pope feels the calls to his "friend" will stop due to you. made yourself look a fool there Mr pope.

    Mr Pope needs to worry about the crumbling Barbel Society rather than what others do. That both his 'current' sidekicks are viewed by the internet fishing masses as idiots of the highest order says everything about his standing in barbel fishing today.

  21. Steve,

    Our blogs will always differ in a large way.You have a product to sell.Where I do not and In a nutshell people know that.I also wish you well.


    I agree with people who have a "pop" they will in furture need to use a "name"

    Off out now,so will not be back online until this evening.

  22. Amazed so many brownies being caught Monty. Only managed the Kennet bit 4 times so far! Not good value.

    Actually I have always found Rich to be a good person. I think he sometimes needs to be honest about things when they are just not right rather than blindly follow. I do however, remember him telling a fat bearded bloke off once about his blog posts, and I appreciated him for that.

    Fact is, the website was purchased initially be the new Alternative BS (ABS) but quite rightly the name/web address was ammended to ABF.

    The ABS - thence ABF, was initiated directly because of Fred Bonneys BFW inept actions and the outcomes of his BS website rulebreaking and Steve Popes lack of honour to those that had supported him in the past. The two Mikes and myself. (echos of Paul Owen, Keith Truscott etc etc.)

    Fred has certainly brought the BS to its knees in a very short time. It's quite an achievement!
    If Pete Reading wasn't there it would collapse overnight

    I wish the ABF all success in the future - it offers a real democratic alternative to the failing BS.

    So no nastiness, just facts and a name.


  23. Thanks Jason.
    I appreciate that.

  24. Hard Hat from Notts24 November 2010 at 15:45

    Welcome to the homepage of the ABF – The Association of Barbel Fishers.

  25. Monty,Rich, his Holyness and all

    Strange how the papal one is noticeable by his absense and doesn't utter a word whilst his lackies post against the ABF yet the minute someone questions not only their motives for doing so but also their ability to raise any issues in a rational manner he comes across all indignant and hurt.
    The angling world, and in particular the barbel world, is getting a little tired of his self righteous protestations and indignation.
    Steve, you are NOT a big "name" in the angling world and the sooner you come to accept that the better.
    Because of your leadership and the rantings of messrs Bonney and Frampton you have driven away many long and short term members bringing the BS to its present state.I plead with you please do the honourable thing and step aside and let those good guys on the committee who remain try to rescue the situation.


  26. "The angling world, and in particular the barbel world" your having a laugh martin whomever you are.I bet it was you who wrote "the internet fishing masses" you're 'avin' a larf matey.

    Oh and Graham another convenient lie, you bought the name to profit from the BS membership just as you have always done, the facts are out there for all to see, especialy as somebody has enlightened them.
    As even you must be able to tell, your lies have cut no ice with those that you think are listening

    Fat Fred

  27. Thanks Graham.
    Martin...I can tell you that I get more positive pms and emails than I do the crap from the nutters.The one I recieved over the weekend was particulary offensive....similar to the text messages I got back in the summer.But I suppose that when you are involved in trying to drive something forward you have these characters trying to drag you down.It's the same in anything you do in life and if you have had any success in your career or business then you would know.......or maybe you haven't??
    So if Gordon is reading this then I sincerely hope that he starts to act his age.Thank god he is one of a minority of sorry souls.

  28. Steve Pope
    The chances of you still being around the table when the name ABF came up for discussion would have been very very slim, you'd have left the minute "democracy" was mentioned.

    Offensive mails, as are postings, are well out of order but may I suggest you and Fred look at yourselves before casting the first stone. If you play with fire then you get burnt every now and then.
    As for career and business. If I had staff such as yourselves who were costing me customers I would not hesitate to get rid of.


  29. Gent's,

    I'm off to bed shortly,so If you comments do not show until the morning do not fret.No need to send a text message,the phone will be off ;-0

  30. Martin....please show me where I have been the FIRST to post anything that is offensive?
    If people slagg off what well meaning people are doing for the betterment of the whole then I for one get a tad ticked off with it.
    Anyway....enough has been said now so that is it from me.


  31. Sleep well Monty. a few pints of Loddon brewery specials keeping me up!

    If Steve had sorted Fat Fred out when he was advised to by many people including those of his close JF, just think how things would have turned out.

    Talking of Profit Fred?

    I don't promote Reels, Holiday stays, BFisher (from the unrecorded stock) sales to keep me in money. But I do profit from my Guiding (though not bait sponsorship). That's why I would not do your job when asked. It was the potential for a conflict of interest.

  32. Lifted straight of the Illustrious BF Editors blog.

    I purposly aimed at retireing

    Yes I know................they have to correct the Donkey before any publication...........

  33. Martin whomever you are, I and I'm certain Rich, only issue abuse to abusers, and customers who abuse the staff don't get looked after, or any respect.
    The customer in this particular instance is always wrong.

  34. I think everyone has said enough now.It's a shame that a blog entry about a days fishing,was hijacked by people with maybe an agenda ?

    It would have been nice though,to have seen the hand of friendship offered to the newly formed AoBF,by the hierarchy of the BS.On a certain well known Barbel angling forum.Maybe it still will be ?

    Worried ? Why should they be it's not a competition.Maybe I'll come back to that in the future.

    A good day from Yat Rock,one must now catch the Yat Rock Express into London,to help solve another sovereign debt crisis.

    Tally Ho........