Saturday, 6 November 2010

Change Of Plan

Gruff and I were today going to fish a different river to the one I Pike fished last Saturday.But when the poor old boy turned up he looked like death,and those who know Gruff will know he has a face only a mother could love and then only at a distance.The dreaded man-flu had claimed another victim so we decided on a short session on a club ticket we both have that is local.

We arrived at the river around 07.00,Gruff set himself up for Barbel and got comfortable in a swim he fancied.Slinging tablets down his neck like a real old trooper that he is, I did though expect to see him waving some glow sticks in the air at one point all loved up.I left him in peace and went a few hundred yards downstream to an area I've not fished for nearly two years.I've never Pike fished here but had some nice fish of other species.

It's a large pool at the end of some shallows and the main flow comes in under the near bank leaving a large area of dead water on the far side.It looked good and while I got the rod out of the holdall Pike were striking into prey fish on the far bank,I had a quick plumb around and it was around four feet deep.So I set up with a float that would just drift around about a foot of the bottom,with a small dead bait.

I had two Jacks in the first couple of hours and dropped what felt like a decent fish soon after.It then went very quiet until around 11.00 when the Pike were again harrying the silver fish.I picked up another two fish, in fact all the fish were of the same stamp as this one here.Real good bites to with the float tearing off across the river.What rod did I use you may want to know ?Well some folk like to know just look at the forums.A rod made by Dave Lumb for river Piking,the P2 lovely little rod of 11 feet with a 2.5 test curve.Nice rod for stalking Carp with to.

We packed up a little after noon,as by now the Gruff was feeling the effects.And it's no fun If you are on the bank feeling dog rough to be honest.Gruff well done for getting out anyway mate.

That's it on the fishing front now for a couple of weeks unless I can get out after work ? I'll be at Twickenham next Saturday for our game against the Wallaby's.A nice appetiser prior to the first Ashes test on the 25th.

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D


  1. Thanks Mont, siting in Tiapei, jet-lagged to buggery, (don't ask) and it's good to get a scent of Blighty. Might bring my pike rod on the 16th.

  2. That Gruff's a miserable gobshite when he's happy. Must have been a real trial for you Monty.

  3. I'll be polite as he is giving a Scotties MIKV some TLC for me.

    But yeah his a grumpy "Donnie" git ;-)