Thursday, 11 November 2010

Blog Wars Mark Three

Lads been looking around today and seen a few blogs and some things do not change eh ?

It's about time things were left do you not think ? Piss takes and humour yes,but its' getting all rather silly gain.Listen to the words if you can.

"Cha,if you wan fe go check it,ago check it.If not na badda wid it and just res up"Though it does make me laugh to a degree and I do not need to name the blogs.You know who you are.You are all alot better than that,well most of you give or take the odd blood clart bwoy.;-)

Monty "Fred Locks" D


  1. Bless you Monts after all "Blessed are the cheesemakers".
    However, some personages have delusions of adequacy and just can't help themselves.

  2. Monty,i fear for old Bonney.The poor old fool has lost the plot.His blog is dreadful and he is becoming more delusional daily.Shouldn't be long before Popey ditches him.

  3. Our old butler "Yorkie" used to say....."Sir if you cannot say anything nice about people,then I bid you do not say anything at all"

    I have tried to live my life by this doctrine and I suggest others should too.It may enrich them some what.

  4. Montgomery................. you still remember dear old Yorkie, such a wise man.

    As for Bonnet, well i am afraid he may well have lost his head.

    Toodle pip for now dear brother.

    A D-S (from the shores of Cuba, bone fishing this week).

  5. You lot leave poor ol Freddy alone, he had over 30 new viewers the other day dont ya know.
    Spam robots of course but they all count.

  6. Tony,

    You and Fred love each other really ;-)

  7. Ah! Rocca...

    The next contender for looky-likeys I reckon.

  8. Old Fred's off again...

    Reminds me of a mad uncle we had,he'd be upstairs in the spare room shouting out of the window at some imaginary intruder in the garden.

    Everyone else was downstairs looking at each other with that embarrassed look and just ignoring him.