Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Ashes

Well in a little under eight hours the 2010/2011 Ashes contest starts between two great sporting rivals.I love any sporting contest when we play the Aussies.Sport has to elate and deflate in equal measure in my eyes or there is no point.And there is little better than beating Australia in there own country.

I've backed England to retain the Ashes 2-1 at a price of 9/1 for a little additional flavour.Not a big bet though as maybe my heart is ruling my head.

Some great Ashes quotes......."Hey Tufnell lend us your brain I'm building and idiot".This from a Aussie spectator.And one of my favourites from the 1922/23 Body Line Tour, English skipper Douglas Jardine claimed he was being sworn at.Aussie Skipper Bill Woodfull"Which of you bastards,called this bastard a bastard ?" I'm sure only a few of us remember the infamous Body Line Tour. Messrs Truscott and Osbourne I reckon.

So I'll have to set the alarm for around 04.00 for the next few days prior to going to work to catch some of the Test Match Special,on the wireless .Test Match Special is superb and "Tuffers and Aggers" are a great double act.In the spring I was listening to England and Bangladesh from Lords and Tuffers was heard to say...."Mike Gatting has just walked into the commentary box,someone lock the fridge quick"

You do not get that on Sky!.

Good luck England and bring 'em home.

Monty D


  1. My favourite (OK not Ashes)

    McGrath to Brandes: "Why are you so fat?"
    Brandes: "Because every time I fuck your wife, she gives me a biscuit."

    I fancy England, but we've got to get a good start and if KP fires on all four, then we'll take 'em home again for sure.

  2. How come they never get offside?

  3. Ah something good to listen too, and maybe read on here...I hope ;o)

    Never heard so many excuses before the Ashes from The Aussies though, are they playing a game, unlike them to winge so much?

  4. I think as Botham was going to the crease

    Chapple to Botham How's your wife and my kids, Botham, the wife is fine the kids are retards

  5. Chaps,

    I know JAA is a huge cricket fan(God he makes Fallstaff look anorexic),and doth still play for the Bland Forum,old guard ;-).

    Something worth reading on here,perish the thought.Would not want to let the side down ;-0.

    Le Otter your just a mug,but you know that mate.As for the quotes fill your boots,very little censorship on here.Though certain things may not appear ;-)

  6. Do any of you remember Brian Johnson and the cake eating incident?

    I cannot remember if i was listening to the radio at the time or if i heard it after the event but i will try and describe what happened.........

    Brian Johnson was commentating with someone else who was at the time eating a rather large piece of cake, just as he took a large bite Brian Johnson turned and said ' i will now hand you over to my colleague" to much mirth and merriment of those sat in the commentary box!

    Good luck to the English, the Aussies will be hard to beat.

  7. An Ashes series is one of the highlights of the sporting calendar for me. Remember well the nights laid in bed with the radio next to my ear tuned into TMS.I've got the next couple of days booked off work so I can take in the action, and catch up on my sleep during the day!

    For sport to be truly watchable there has to be some form of controlled aggression/rivalry for me. England/Australia always gets the heart pumping in that respect for that very reason.

    Can't wait


  8. Ah, so its the sledging that makes cricket interesting. I'd often wondered what there was in it ;-)

    Footy on the telly tonight - yipee!

  9. Can't wait for the Radio 4 commentary.......a classic comes out every time. :)Fantastic!


  10. Pah. Falstaff? A bit off the mark Monty. Havn't played since '98 the year of the double hernia, yes it did hurt.

    Sorry and all that, still got my bat though.

  11. You just HAVE to listen to this.

    Laughed my bollocks off!

  12. I'll go 3-1 to England Monty.

    Might see the pice and have a tickle.


  13. Looking a tad fragile at close of play.

  14. Stayed up for the first session, great stuff. I think the side that bats last has the biggest problem and Oz will need more than 70-80 runs first innings to feel at all safe...

    Note to self. Must get out more.

  15. The "Gabba" is always a tough place to play,I think out of twenty test matches,the Aussies have won 16 and drawn four.

    Faith lads,faith.

  16. They don't have Warne or McGrath now...

  17. "A good arm wrestling series" Justin Langer

  18. I think honours even after day 2 myself.