Sunday, 28 November 2010

We're Spamming

Blimey I see the AoBF(Association of Barbel Fishers) may have ruffled a few feathers ? Firstly dear old Fred gets reprimanded about "Spamming Up" Barbel Fatwa World.Then good lord the big guns are out on parade offering confessional,at the Papal throne.What do I think? Do you really care ?

If you put a gun to my head(I'm sure one or two would like to) and asked me who should you join I would suggest if you want to fish the Trent.Then join the BS for it's lovely and gorgeous, intimate stretch of the Trent at Sutton-On- Sea.Lovely place not to far removed from "Dungy" on the Kent coast and similar tactics needed.

If you feel the need to just dip your toe in, in these heady days of Barbel groups try the AoBF.Some good guys and very little in the way of "Plug my Guiding" or "Book a day out with me".Or just go fishing and forget the single species myopia that seems so prevalent today .

"Oh we're Spamming,Spamming in the name of my lord"
"Oh we're Spamming and I hope you like Spamming to"
"His rule will not last,times going very fast"
"I and I will see it through"....

With apologies to Robert Nesta Marley for the above.

Lord a mercy,what a ting a 'gwan in Internet land again.

Monty D

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Minus Four

That was the air temperature when the Gruff and I arrived at the river today at first light for a few hours Perch fishing.Wrapped up like a good'un to keep out the cold and off we went me upstream and Gruff downstream.

I tackled up and settled in a swim I've caught from before and sat on the mat and cast out.Then the phone went and it was Gruff.

"I've forget me landing net"So back I traipse a good mile or so from where I started and we had no choice but to fish near each other.It happens to us all I suppose when you get as old as Gruff.I fished a link ledger with lob worms and Gruff used a float and tried out his new 'Pin a wide drum Speedia he got for a very good price.Nice reel that and it would have looked better on the bit of cane I was using,as opposed to his carbon contraception ;-)

Now even though it was minus four,it did not feel really cold as there was not a breath of wind.Though the line was freezing in the rings all the time. Apologies for the slight blurry image but I got a new camera in the week and did not have time to read the instructions,though "techy" stuff makes my mind boggle being so 'fick

But the fish as I expected decided not to play today,so it was a blank for us both.The Crayfish were mostly on good behaviour and with the cold spell in for a while hopefully they will stop all together,and the fish begin to get used to these conditions and come back on the feed.We did though have this little chap on the bank.

Gruff and I had a little word in his shell like,and then Gruff walked his new found friend downstream and let him go.We packed up a little before noon as by now the wind had picked up and it was colder than at first light.And with no bites between us we headed for home.

Nice few hours though,always is when your fishing.

Monty D

Friday, 26 November 2010

Doppelgängers of the Angling World Part Three

Ever seen these two people on the bank side together ?I doubt you will to be honest.

Two Fridays back I was in the local,the Yat Rock Arms having a few pints of Butty Bach and just relaxing with a couple of non angling mates, after another week of hard graft.Talking as you do about this and that when I took a call on the Yat Phone.........

YY"Mate I think your on the BFW home page Monts"

MD"Bollocks am I,your mad"

YY" No honest mate I think it's you"

So I whipped out the I-phone that I carry for emergencies and came across this photo below entitled "Mark Coles Kennet PB of 12.6"By now the text messages had also been coming through thick and fast.

The top one is apparently Mark Coles.

And this one here is actually Monty D.
I had been royally stitched up by my friends at BFAMWE.My head has been photo shopped onto the body of "Howsie" and tweaked a bit.This fish is not mine and it is not from the Kennet at all.But an old Great Ouse fish from some years back,before the Otters.I'd also point out I do not wear eye shadow,well only at home xx.

Now some phone calls were made by me over the weekend,and behind stifled laughs the guys denied all knowledge.So these people are now on my hit list.........

Yesling Ying
Le Otterman
Bard of Bridgenorth.

If you look at the hands on the photo at the head end,you can see It's been photo shopped and the silly hat.But it stayed on the Fatwa World homepage all week.A great coup for the lads at BFWAMWE.I doff my cap as I was royally stitched up,but you lot know you will get it back and double ;-).What next I ask myself ?

I'll be out on the river in the morning from first light until about noon after a few Perch,I hope the cold has slowed the Crayfish right down.I'm not to expectant on the catching front though as it has got bloody cold.But fortune favours the brave etc etc.

As it's Friday I'm now off for a cupla pints.And if you are out on the bank wrap up warm kiddywinks,but you never know you may catch the fish of your dreams.

Be lucky

Monty D

PS Le Otterman is on the piss already and some of us remember the conversations we had with him last Friday night.Turn your phones off guys,you know it makes sense.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Ashes

Well in a little under eight hours the 2010/2011 Ashes contest starts between two great sporting rivals.I love any sporting contest when we play the Aussies.Sport has to elate and deflate in equal measure in my eyes or there is no point.And there is little better than beating Australia in there own country.

I've backed England to retain the Ashes 2-1 at a price of 9/1 for a little additional flavour.Not a big bet though as maybe my heart is ruling my head.

Some great Ashes quotes......."Hey Tufnell lend us your brain I'm building and idiot".This from a Aussie spectator.And one of my favourites from the 1922/23 Body Line Tour, English skipper Douglas Jardine claimed he was being sworn at.Aussie Skipper Bill Woodfull"Which of you bastards,called this bastard a bastard ?" I'm sure only a few of us remember the infamous Body Line Tour. Messrs Truscott and Osbourne I reckon.

So I'll have to set the alarm for around 04.00 for the next few days prior to going to work to catch some of the Test Match Special,on the wireless .Test Match Special is superb and "Tuffers and Aggers" are a great double act.In the spring I was listening to England and Bangladesh from Lords and Tuffers was heard to say...."Mike Gatting has just walked into the commentary box,someone lock the fridge quick"

You do not get that on Sky!.

Good luck England and bring 'em home.

Monty D

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Damp November

Had a nice day today on the river even though the sky was leaden and everything was shrouded in what seemed an Autumn gloom.A typical damp November day that seems to seep right into me.Stopped on route and popped into Tadley Angling Center and picked up a few bits and also this new book out by Martin James.Only a "Pony" that's twenty five pounds sterling for those of you who do not know.

Now I've obviously not read it but had a quick flick through and it's not short on pages.367 to be precise and Martin makes a donation on every book sold to the ABF the soldiers charity.Nice touch that and I'll have a little look later,as the PAC magazine arrived in the post today and that needs reading too.Quickly back to Tadley Angling,now I'm sure many of us use this shop at various times ?But I've yet to meet a more pleasant tackle shop owner,and his bait is always spot on.Compared to some of my more local shops.If you are over that way and have never made a visit,please do so.You will be offered a cup of tea also or if you are from "Yam Land" like the Bard,it will be a "Kippa Tie".

The river was low and clear today,as the recent frosts had knocked all the colour out of it so I decided to roam about for Chub. Noting fancy or technical at all to be fair,lob worms or crust fished on link ledger weighted with two,three SSG weights.Size 8 hook and a 6lb pound hook length.Quiver tip rod made by Mark Tunley and that was it.

Looking at the river you could be forgiven to think it was devoid of fish, nothing showed at all.So I just dropped baits into various holes near any cover I could find.I ended up with a few Chub to about 4lbs and plenty of these little devils.I did have a couple taken off by Pike in two swims that I fished.And that's one in the memory bank for maybe next week.I don't know about you but with the weather being so changeable of late,I cannot even begin to think about starting a proper CAMPAIGN for one species.

I still can't find those large Chub yet though ,but I can't complain today really as I got the rod bent and I've been on the bank and only saw one other angler.To me that's a good day to be honest,and roll on next Saturday.

Monty D

Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Already

Grabbed a few hours on the river after work yesterday,as it's got fairly mild over the last few days. Hoping for a Barbel to come along and take a bit of interest,but I only managed one small Chub.Even though I was on the bank at around 16.00 and fished through until about 19.30.Most of the trees have shed their leaves now,so that was a pain in the 'Arris,not sure what to fish for on Saturday ?The rivers are carrying a some fair colour so I may try a different river for Barbel,though it's frosty outside Chez Monty as I type this.Still as the Gruff once said"You'll catch nowt sat at 'ome ya miserable bugger".Quick photo of yesterday's swim,as you can see I've tweaked it a little.

Moving on swiftly make sure you seek out Novembers Coarse Angling Today,as Monty and his mate Yessling Ying,tell a few tales from this season.The jobs a good 'un as they say.

Well It's Friday and as ever I'm off for a cupla pints.Well not really as I'm off to work but you can pretend I've done this blog entry in the afternoon,OK ?So if you are on the bank over the weekend take care.Looking again at forum land,folk are even asking what Gloves to buy for the winter.So people like that may need telling it's slippery and unsafe at times.How about though you really go wild guys and walk into a tackle shop and make an informed decision ?I mean what Gloves,FFS.

Oh and the BS Auction has just started again and it's a great cause.The lads have had a large "Whip 'raand" and got enough cash together so a BS member can bid for a day out with Steve Pope,for both Mike Oz and Mike Berridge.I know,I know guy's I can see the tears in your eyes from Yat Rock.But we feel your worth every penny.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part Deux

Has anyone ever seen these two gents on the river bank at the same time ?

The one below is Tom H,all round Barbel nut case who was out earlier in the week at night when it was -4.Fair play to you mate,but in the words of Stef Horak,bollocks to that. But I'll be back out after work tomorrow as well as the weekend as it's now ten days without casting a line,and I'm getting grouchy.But I have to admire your drive.;-)

This chap below is Phil Jupitas,not as funny as he thinks he is, a little like me to be honest.But as he is a season ticket holder at Upton Park he 'aint a bad lad.

Lastly a shame it was a poor turn out at the Wilts BS meeting last night,with Martin Bowler giving a talk.I've spotted from Yat Rock only around 28 stout fellows turned out.That's not good enough guy's,as Martins talks are really good.

Monty D.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Whitehall Today

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses,row on row,
That mark our place out;in the sky,
The larks,still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below

We are the Dead.Shot Days ago
We lived,felt dawn,sawn sunset glow,
Loved,and were loved,and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with our foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch,be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep,though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

The garden of remembrance at Westminster Abbey where I put two crosses one for my Great Grandfather who fought at the Somme and Ypres in the first world war.And also for my Grandfather who was in the second world war.John Johnson 1895-1994 and Johnny Johnson 1922-1999.

I've been going for years now and it's a very special and moving day.The masses start to fall silent around 10.50 and when the guns go off and Big Ben Chimes you can hear a pin drop.I could not get any photos today of the guys and gals marching past, as my normal vantage point just by Churchill's statue in Parliament Square has been fenced off.As the tent city that homes the anti war folk has been moved near by.Who coincidently did not mutter a word during the two minutes silence.

It's one of the things this country does so well.The "Pomp and Circumstance" and I'm sure everyone who attended there local war memorials felt the same.

Monty D

Friday, 12 November 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

Good lord there is some major moaning going on in "Forum Land" at present over Robson Green and his so called angling programme.Now I'll be honest I have never seen Robson's angling show as he is one of those actors I do not enjoy watching.Remember Soldier,Soldier ? Yes it was the absolute pits in my eyes. So I avoid anything with him in at all costs.

But people I assume do have an on/off button on their huge plasma screens,so why watch it, if it offends your sensibilities so much, you have a choice.A bit like reading most of the drivel I post up on here.No one makes you read it.

Some class comments...."His a knobba who can't fish"."Mr.Green cast like a ponce",obviously never seen Conrad then ;-).No lads turn it off I beseech thee and stop getting hot under the collar so much on the forums.

Only one Geordie would do a good angling show and it is this legend here.The man broke the mould in so many ways.Least of all how some of us of a certain age should act around women.I for one have not looked back since.

Also today I spotted this........A naked man arrested breaking into a house had a computer mouse stuck up his backside.Noah Smith,25,was taken to hospital after cops used a Taser gun,pepper spray and a baton to restrain him.Shocked docs who X-rayed him found the mouse lodged in his rectum.Smith,of Sencea,South Carolina,told them he had no idea how it got there ?

Which begs the question "How many Arseholes out their are wielding a mouse ?"I of course include myself in that.

Well it's Friday I'm now off for a cupla pints.So if you are out on the bank this weekend may you catch the fish of your dreams.I'll be at the Rugby on Saturday and paying my respects at Whitehall on Sunday.So no fishing for me until next week.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Blog Wars Mark Three

Lads been looking around today and seen a few blogs and some things do not change eh ?

It's about time things were left do you not think ? Piss takes and humour yes,but its' getting all rather silly gain.Listen to the words if you can.

"Cha,if you wan fe go check it,ago check it.If not na badda wid it and just res up"Though it does make me laugh to a degree and I do not need to name the blogs.You know who you are.You are all alot better than that,well most of you give or take the odd blood clart bwoy.;-)

Monty "Fred Locks" D

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Doppelgängers Of The Angling World Part 1

Being that it's a little quiet on the angling front from me,I thought I would start a little section on Doppelgängers in the angling world.Well I say quiet but the lads on Barbel Fatwa World are moaning about the cold rain going into their beloved rivers,and if you read the threads you would think it has come as a surprise ?But as Pooh Bear said the other day and I quote...."It's the winter,what do they fooking expect it happens every year".Spot on mate ;-)

So here we go, has anyone ever seen these two gents in the same room at the same time ?

This is my mate Mick "The Duke" Brown.

And this chap here is "Paul 4" all round centerpin guru.And a lover of all things sheds.

Separated at birth maybe ? Well who knows to be honest but both I've been told are lovely blokes.Though I can only vouch for one.I'll chuck a few more in over the coming weeks as there are some real good ones about.

As ever It's only my view from Yat Rock.

Monty D

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Change Of Plan

Gruff and I were today going to fish a different river to the one I Pike fished last Saturday.But when the poor old boy turned up he looked like death,and those who know Gruff will know he has a face only a mother could love and then only at a distance.The dreaded man-flu had claimed another victim so we decided on a short session on a club ticket we both have that is local.

We arrived at the river around 07.00,Gruff set himself up for Barbel and got comfortable in a swim he fancied.Slinging tablets down his neck like a real old trooper that he is, I did though expect to see him waving some glow sticks in the air at one point all loved up.I left him in peace and went a few hundred yards downstream to an area I've not fished for nearly two years.I've never Pike fished here but had some nice fish of other species.

It's a large pool at the end of some shallows and the main flow comes in under the near bank leaving a large area of dead water on the far side.It looked good and while I got the rod out of the holdall Pike were striking into prey fish on the far bank,I had a quick plumb around and it was around four feet deep.So I set up with a float that would just drift around about a foot of the bottom,with a small dead bait.

I had two Jacks in the first couple of hours and dropped what felt like a decent fish soon after.It then went very quiet until around 11.00 when the Pike were again harrying the silver fish.I picked up another two fish, in fact all the fish were of the same stamp as this one here.Real good bites to with the float tearing off across the river.What rod did I use you may want to know ?Well some folk like to know just look at the forums.A rod made by Dave Lumb for river Piking,the P2 lovely little rod of 11 feet with a 2.5 test curve.Nice rod for stalking Carp with to.

We packed up a little after noon,as by now the Gruff was feeling the effects.And it's no fun If you are on the bank feeling dog rough to be honest.Gruff well done for getting out anyway mate.

That's it on the fishing front now for a couple of weeks unless I can get out after work ? I'll be at Twickenham next Saturday for our game against the Wallaby's.A nice appetiser prior to the first Ashes test on the 25th.

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Poor Old Obama

I reckon Mr.Obama may have his work cut out in the next two years or so,just trying to get anything done in Congress after the hiding his party have just taken in the midterm elections.

The Americans I work with all voted "For Change" two years ago.Not to many did this time round and they come from various places in the states,Virginia,Oregon,New York and Seattle.But some of these Tea Party guys and gals are not the full ticket either.The far right and the far left are all mad,but can you imagine Sarah Palin as the President ?I doubt the Republican party would like her to get a sniff at running for 2012.But can you stop the groundswell of opinion that is gaining momentum.

So when you come to write your tome on how you were stiffed at every turn as you surely will ? And you need a few bucks as your on skid row,you can always blame this guy.

He felt no shame in blaming you.

Monty D

Monday, 1 November 2010


I've never been one to ram my views down any one's throat as I'll always listen to a reasoned argument.Even if I disagree with your view point and we can agree to disagree.

But today in work we have a young intern with us until Christmas.I suggested he may want to pop a few bob in the Poppy collection box that goes towards the British Legion.He declined on the grounds that and I quote "It will not go with the colour of my coat so no thank you all the same"

Not often I'm lost for words but this time I am, well fuck me.What next in this land of ours ?Not sure what to make of the lad as his a nicely spoken middle class kid.Perhaps his parents are middle class,left wing vegans who reckon The Guardian newspaper is the cutting edge of journalism.

Wear you Poppy with pride is Monty's mantra.I'll try and get some photo's up later in the month from Whitehall,from the annual march past.If you have never been you really should,it makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

Monty D