Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Warm 'Aint It

What is going on with this weather ? Sunday and Monday I woke to frost and clear sky's and the last two days are totally different.Warm and almost humid with a fair amount of rain yesterday and this morning.It's puts the fishing up in the air to be honest.

But I decided to leave work early today and grab a short two hour session on the river.Paste wrapped boiled baits as ever for me,can't stand the smell of Pellets and though they may catch me more fish ? I enjoy catching on bait I've made at myself.I arrived on the river at 16.30 and fished through until 19.00.

Picked a swim that has a deep undercut,with a willow tree at one end as it drops into a hole.No loose feed as such just a small PVA bag with crumbled bait.First put and within 20 minutes or so few taps then it slowed down.Changed to a longer hook length and a size ten hook and Wham"Bad boys stick together" the rod went round and had a nice Barbel of around 8lbs.That will do for me I thought "Tommy".Fish rested and back she went to grow into a double,Otters considered.

Next cast and straight away this little scamp of a Chub hooked itself.Now I'm not one for normally taking photographs of small fish,but it was pristine I thought why not.

I fished on but no more action into dark and being a school night I thought time to pack up and walked home,so here I am.Though I do know someone who has had a proper Barbel from the Royalty today,eh Tom ;-).

Now back to Chub.I love Chub but like many I want to catch them on "proper" tackle and not Barbel gear like I did today.A mate of mine,let's call him "Yessling Ying" has been having a torrid time on his local river,touch ledgering with Cheese Paste.And his is failing has reached my eyes here at Yat Rock.May I suggest you come into the 21'st century dear boy.

This Rig here.

Plus a paste made out of this,will see far more Chub on the bank.

I'm sure he will not mind this little prompt or two ?

So for me I'm pleased for a few short hours after work.It beats watching the box does it not ?

Monty D


  1. Never...... traditional baits for me whilst angling for the chevin.

    As Otto from The Simpsons said "Zeppelin ruuuuuuule..."

  2. Not when the MIGHTY GUNNERS are on it's not!

  3. I have a task for you.Will bell you in the morning mate,your skills are needed........again ;-)

  4. Nice going Monty, well done matey.

    The weather is a touch unpredictable at the moment but it adds to the fun.