Saturday, 30 October 2010

Time To Say Goodbye ?

I'd been looking forward to today's Pike session all week.I sorted my tackle out on Thursday and tied a few new traces.Scaled down the amount of tackle I was going to take as I had a fair old walk ahead of me.

I arrived on the river just as it was getting light.A very damp morning with an awful lot of mist over the surrounding meadows.

And this view was about as good as it got to be honest.I was destroyed by Crayfish over and over.Now it seems that these little sods have had an absolute field day in the last two seasons and have spread on mass.Two seasons back you could have half a dozen Pike with the odd low double thrown in each session.And if the angling gods were kind the odd mid double.

Last winter was a chore for many anglers who fish for Pike,on their rivers.Owing to the amount of snow melt and cold rain that kept the rivers cold and coloured for so long ?So you put that down to experience.

This seasons Pike fishing thus far has been for me very trying.I'd not fished this particular river for a few weeks.But I reckon it is about a foot and a half down on normal Autumn/Winter levels.The normal depth is a consistent five feet or so with the obvious deep holes.So in essence I was fishing in around of three feet of water.

I trotted Sprats down about a foot above the bottom that has worked in the past.But the Crayfish still managed to intercept these.A bottom bait was a complete no go as the mackerel baits were stripped down very quickly.A paternoster was a no good also with the river being so low at present the Crayfish got hold of these too.

I was fine trotting a bait down shallow,but the Pike if they were feeding were not in the upper layers.As I covered over a mile of water but did not see any fry scatter once.I did see some nice Roach roll and a couple of small Carp on the top in the late Autumn sun.

The recruitment levels with the silver fish population are at present very good.So plenty of food for the Pike.So what do you do ? I'm not a fan of lure fishing as to me it's all about watching the float go.Like Barbel anglers who are so beloved with the "Three Foot Twitch"

Will some nice cold weather put the Crayfish down ? I do hope so to be honest,as I love this stretch of river as it has been good to me over the years.It's stunning to look at and be on.And you may only see one angler a season,so far this year I've seen just the one who was trotting.

But it does beg the question when is it time to say goodbye ?I'm now going to open a bottle of Red and think about what next Saturday will bring.I'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet.

Monty D


  1. you should do more entry's like this as most people who read angling blogs like to read about angling.some of the stuff that you do i do not have the foggiest what you are on about this is not a moan just an observation.

  2. The cold weather should slow the little lobsters down a bit mate so stick at it.

    Why not do some wobbling and lure fishing in the mean time? I know what you mean about the pike float sliding away but there's also a great buzz to be had when you feel your wobbled smelt grabbed and chewed by a pike.

  3. You can never say good bye Monty, not completely, look at me good self the river i fish :)

    Wait until the crays get their heads down for the colder months and i am sure the pike fishing will come into its own.

  4. Lads things now look a little rosier after a cupla of lunchtime pints of Old P.But yesterday left me scratching my head to be honest.

    I spoke to the BardofBridgeNorth yesterday evening and he suggested as you have Dave wobbling dead baits.But Smelt ? Dear god at the price they sell for ?no wonder Nev Fickling has upgraded his caravan ;-)Na it will have to be something else.

    And as for walking away well not yet Tom.I'll get my head around it,have to.Or how can I look myself in the face after being defeated by a non native crustacean ?

    Oh and "Anon" nice bait,poor rig ;-)

    Monty D

  5. Monty, try cooking them and or using the tails as bait...

    I did hear that the little bleeders don't like spicy stuff so much, alothugh I don't know how pike will take to Tikka Sprat.

  6. Stop whinging and get on with it you big girls blouse, and stop putting poxy question marks all over the place? where they aint needed? its driving me mad?


  7. Dave,

    Just had a chat with the club Secretary,and they have about 30 Crayfish traps to put in.


    My very own pedant,how nice ;-0

  8. If yow is too tight to by Smelt, what about sprats Monty.
    Cheap as chips and nice and silvery......

    Either wobble, or rig them up under a light float, head up the trace and trot em down....holding back every now and again...


  9. Bard,

    Smelt,not got room in the freezer at present as it's full of Mackerel and Sardines. Getting them in bulk is good value.But they sell for £3.50 for two in the local tackle shop."Robbing gits face"

    I did if you read the above :-) have a load of Sprats with me on Saturday but the Crayfish still intercepted these on a slow trot.I will be back for another bash on Saturday.

    He who dares and all that.

  10. Take a trip to Walton-on-the-Naze and fish for smelt between the pier piles. Small pieces of ragworm on a 16 do the trick.